10 Best Brie Cheeses

Experts sometimes disagree on whether brie is the king of cheeses or the queen, but they always agree brie is cheese royalty. In fact, its popularity really boomed in the U.S. during the 70s and 80s and became practically a staple that guests expected at any dinner party. Dueto a variety of factors, the way brie is produced has changed somewhat over the years but it remains a popular choice among cheese enthusiasts, nonetheless. We’ll take you through our list of best brie cheeses based on texture, flavor, appearance, and value. And if you’d like to know more about which wines go with brie, we’ve got you covered!

10. Brie Notre Dame

This wheel of brie looks good on any cheese plate, and appearance is just as important as taste when it comes to brie. The texture is an ideal mix of soft and smooth and many users appreciate the strong, rich taste. Many users appreciate that the product ships quickly and that the richness increases longevity.
The price is somewhat high for a two-pound cheese wheel.

Brie Notre Dame

9. French Brie Eiffel Tower

One of the things we like most about this brie is its classic aesthetic. It will look good on any cheese plate or paired with some fruit of your choice. The other high point for us is the price, which is quite affordable for a two-pound rind of brie. There is scant information available on taste and texture, but consumers seem to love it, with very few exceptions. The product has expedited shipping and comes complete with a reusable cooler, so we’re confident it will arrive fresh right to your door.

French Brie Eiffel

8. Notre Dame Baby Brie

This item is an excellent choice for those who are just entering the world of cheeses and want to try a little brie. It’s smaller than other brie products but still looks great, allowing consumers to feel comfortable with the purchase even if they’re not sure about brie yet. There’s a blooming, soft rind just as one would expect from brie, giving it a pleasant aroma and strong, quality taste.
We like that the purchase price and shipping costs are very economical and set with the consumer in mind.

Notre Dame Baby Brie

7. La Bonne Vie Brie

This brie is made and packaged to aethetic perfection and has a very rich, creamy texture. The rind is edible just as it should be in all good brie and the taste is said to be deliciously buttery. This is definitely a premium brie but even so, the price could be better; we’ve seen brie wheels of identical weight at better prices.

La Bonne Vie Brie

6. Woolwich Triple Creme Goat Cheese Brie

An interesting take on the traditional Brie, this goat cheese Brie has a creamier texture and spicier flavor. It’s a great Brie alternative for those who are not fond of cow milk cheeses, or those who would like to experiment a little with their Brie. If you enjoy the rich, smooth texture of Brie but would like something with a stronger flavor, this goat cheese Brie is definetely worth trying. It also goes well on a cheese platter, alongside traditional Bries.

Woolwich Triple Creme

5. Dairy Food Brie

Many users praise this brie for its creamy and smooth texture and what they describe as a strong, high-quality flavor. The wheel also looks great, which is a consideration when one is deciding on the best brie cheese. The price plus shipping for this brie is somewhat high in our opinion, though that is likely because it ships overnight to ensure consumers receive it with maximum freshness and quality.

Dairy Food Brie

4. Creme de Brie Plain

This cheese offers consumers something a bit different but is still classic brie. This product is actually made without the rind and ready to spread on your favorite crackers or enhance any party appetizers. The creme has a mild, fresh taste that perfectly complements things like French bread. Of course, it doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal of a brie wheel, but the convenience and taste make up for this. The price is great but the shipping is somewhat prohibitive here.

Creme de Brie Plain

3. President Brie Plain

This brand of brie may not be as well-known as some competitors, but we like it for a variety of reasons. For one, it gives a pleasant aroma and has a mild taste combined with a smooth texture. Another big plus for this cheese is that although the price might be a little high, the shipping weight is quite heavy. The result is a large amount of some of the best brie cheese you can get that should last for quite some time. One downside that may be serious for some consumers depending on location is the packing method for the cheese. Some users report that it was shipped in a padded envelope, causing it to be spoiled on arrival. We recommend planning your ordering and shipping times carefully.

President Brie Plain

2. French Cheese Brie ‘Mon Sire’

We like this brie from Mon Sire because it is usually available within one day of ordering and ships overnight to ensure the highest quality and freshest brie possible. It has a wonderfully creamy and smooth flavor that is sure to please any cheese enthusiasts at the party.
Our one criticism would be that shipping prices can vary greatly depending on the vendor. Some offer high shipping prices while others give you free shipping but raise the product price by quite a bit. We recommend checking vendors carefully prior to placing an order.

French Cheese Brie

1. Fromager D’affinois

Our top choice for best brie cheese is something a little different from the other products here. We’ve chosen a cheese that is similar to more traditional brie, but for one aspect of the production process. This cheese undergoes ultrafiltration to remove excess water from the cheese, resulting in a stronger taste than other cheeses. This effect also allows the cheese to be made much quicker than other brie while maintaining the same quality and texture. This brie also has an edible rind and is sold per pound, with a decent product and shipping price.

Fromager D'affinois

Brie became popular here some decades ago and although the manufacturing has changed a little over the years that popularity has remained strong. Brie is still a great addition to any dinner party or a versatile choice to enhance any snack. We’re confident that you can find some of the best brie cheeses using our list.

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  1. Tom says:

    You guys don’t know what you’re talking about. President Brie is mediocre at best, while you skipped Rouge Et Noir (made in California) completely, which is far superior. You also skipped Louis VI (available at Trader Joe’s), which is better than all of these brands.

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