10 Best Gluten Free Beer Options that Taste Great

People who are gluten intolerant and need to respect a strict diet shouldn’t have to give up the pleasure of drinking beer. We have put together a list of the best gluten free beer options you should definitely try right now. Created from cereals such as rice, buckwheat, corn or millet, gluten-free beers do not trigger the autoimmune response in celiacs, being safe for any beer lover.

The best gluten free beers can be just as delicious as regular beers, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing taste and flavor. If you find yourself wondering what is the best gluten free beer, just read our article, and you will find ten different options that can easily compete for the title of the best gluten free beer.

We have included a variety of beers from all over the world to make sure you can easily find your favorite. Check out our list of the best gluten-free beer options available and head on to the nearest store to get your own delicious, no gluten beer.

Whistler Brewing Forager Gluten Free Lager

Forager Lager gluten free

This lager beer could not be excluded from our top 10 gluten free beer options, as it is tasty and healthy. Whistler Brewing Forager Gluten Free Lager is a delicious, flavored and well-balanced option for all gluten-intolerant beer lovers. It maintains the freshness and beloved taste of regular beer, without any added gluten, which makes it an ideal candidate for the title of the best gluten free beer in the world.

New Planet Belgian Ale

New Planet Belgian Ale gluten free

This Belgian Ale produced by Green’s has a slightly sour tang that most people seemed to enjoy. It is a classic ale that will satisfy the taste buds of any beer lover. This popular gluten free beer can easily replace your regular favorite beer, and you won’t notice the difference. New Planet Belgian Ale is a fresh, crisp beer that earned its place on our list of gluten-free beer options that taste great.

Stone Delicious IPA

Stone Delicious IPA

Stone Brewing Co.’s first attempt to tackle the market of reduced gluten beers is a success! Stone Delicious IPA is a dry-hopped beer that packs a strong citrus taste and a bitter end note. It is well balanced, and it is one of the best gluten free beer 2014 option. It is considered and marketed as gluten-reduced, but with a tested value of less than ten parts/ million it ranks under FDA’s bar of twenty 20 ppm. As a result of this, it is  highly recommended for everyone who has gluten intolerance.

Omission Lager

Omission Lager

This American Lager produced in Portland; Oregon is an impressive gluten free beer. It is a light beer that could easily replace your regular options, being ideal for anyone. Omission lager is light-bodied, and it has a pleasant lemon taste which gives it personality. Well-brewed, balanced and delicious, Omission Lager is always found on any gluten free beer brands list. Appreciated by consumers, this American Lager is among the most popular gluten free beers available on the market.

Joseph James Brewing Fox Tail

Joseph James Brewing Fox Tail best gluten free beer

This fruity gluten free beer is crisp and savory, being often compared to cider. With a mix of strawberry and citric taste, the Joseph James Brewing Fox Tail is a sweet and perfect for summer parties. You can take it along at your next barbecue and enjoy it cold to experience its great, refreshing taste. Well-balanced and crisp, this gluten free beer will not make you feel like you’ve sacrificed anything. Try it now and discover the pleasure of enjoying a fruity beer without added gluten.

Neumarkter Lammsbräu Pure Lager

Coming from the motherland of beer, this German Lager tastes exactly like regular beer. Produced in Overpfalz, Germany, Neumarketer Lammsbräu Pure Lager is a delightfully rich beer, so you should definitely try it. After all, the Germans never compromise on quality when it comes to beers. This is also the case with this well-crafted gluten free product. Obtained by using specific techniques for removing gluten, this all malt brew is a tasty pure lager you will fall in love with.

Short’s Brewing Space Rock

Short's Brewing Space rock gluten free beer

If you are wondering what beer is gluten free, this American Pale Ale is a great answer. It has a pleasant, refreshing taste that doesn’t feel like gluten-free. Space Rock has a resinous aroma, as well as a discrete malt character. Tasters were impressed by the citrusy notes mixed with a grassy finish note that work perfectly together. Our gluten free beer list could not be complete without Short’s Brewing Space Rock as it is a high-quality beer created for gluten-intolerant beer lovers. You will never go wrong with this tasty pale ale!

Ipswich Ale Brewery: Celia Saison

Celia Saison Gluten Free beer

Although this beer comes from a brewery in Eastern Massachusetts, Celia Saison was created to taste as close as possible to the rustic Belgium ales. The Ipswich Ale Brewery managed to deliver on their promise, and the result is a spicy beer that will take you to the rustic areas of Belgium. Its special taste comes as a result of the added sorghum syrup which makes it great to combine with Curacao orange and Celeia hops. Additionally, you can add this beer to your shopping list if you are ready for a unique flavor.

Green’s Gluten Free Beers: Enterprise Dry-Hopped Lager

Green's gluten free beer

Gluten free beers are usually accused of a lack of taste and blandness. However, this is not the case with this dry-hopped lager which packs a strong fruity flavor. Pineapple and mango, with a dose of characteristic bitterness, make this gluten free beer an ideal solution to your problem. If you were asking yourself if is there gluten free beer, the answer is yes, and you have a great choice right here. Green’s Gluten Free Beers: Enterprise Dry-Hopped Lager is a delicious beer that you will certainly appreciate.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales: Tweason’ale

Tweasen'ale bet gluten free beer

Dogfish is famous for their regular beers, but the gluten-free varieties should not be ignored. They maintain the same high-quality standards, delivering a flavored, sweet beer which is also gluten free. With a mix of strawberry and honey flavors, this beer has a mild, fruity taste. Among the best beers without gluten, Dogfish Ale was brewed to satisfy the requirements of any beer enthusiast, so try it right now.

Now that you know what beers are gluten free, it is high time for you to head to the shop and find your favorite. Luckily, you have plenty of options to choose from, and our list of gluten free beers will help you find your favorite. Remember that the best gluten free beer can taste just as delicious as the regular ones, and you shouldn’t skip the pleasure of enjoying your favorite summer beverage.

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