10 Best Goat Cheeses

Goat cheese is a delicious member of the cheese family, but you may not know that. Many times, this type of cheese goes to the bottom of the list for a lot of people. This is usually because they haven’t had the pleasure of trying quality goat cheese, and they’ve formed opinions based on the bad experiences. We’re here to set the goat cheese record straight with our list of the best goat cheeses. We’ve chosen to judge these cheeses based on their pleasant taste, quality, and value for the price.

10. igourmet Goat Gouda

This goat cheese ships in a reusable cooler straight from Holland, to ensuring maximum freshness and bold taste. It uses only the freshest local goat’s milk in the production process. Like many goat cheeses on the market, this one is great for anyone who is lactose intolerant but doesn’t want to give up the taste of cheese.
The price per pound for this goat cheese is very reasonable, although like many food items delivered internationally, the shipping costs can be prohibitive for some users. We find that this product is still an excellent buy overall.

iGourmet Goat Gouda

9. Ski Queen Gjetost Original Goat Cheese

This product is a premium goat cheese that comes from Norway in block form. It has a pleasantly mild flavor and smooth texture. While we agree with many users that this is truly a queen of Norwegian cheeses, it does contain some cow’s milk in addition to goat’s milk. This may factor into some consumers’ buying choices. The price per ounce is reasonable but as another authentic interational product, shipping might be high for some.

Ski Queen

8. Drunken Goat by Gourmet-Food

This is a high-quality imported goat cheese from Spain. It has a firm texture and a rich, spicy flavor thanks to being soaked in wine and aged for a few months. The wine adds a great touch to the already delicious cheese without being overpowering.
While the price per unit may seem high to some consumers, the free shipping actually makes this goat cheese very affordable, and is definitely one of the best goat cheeses out there.

Drunken Goat

7. Montchevre Organic Goat Cheese Plain

This goat cheese is wholly organic, meaning there is no pasteurization process before shipment. It’s packed fresh in ice to keep things cool during shipment. Most consumers really enjoy the sharp taste and smooth texture that comes with this cheese.
Our only real complaint is that while the price is reasonable, shipping costs can quickly add up if you want to have several ounces of this goat cheese on hand. There is also pasteurized milk listed on the label which is generally not the case with organic cheese products.

Montchevre Organic

6. Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Milk Cheddar Cheese

These cheese provides a nice raw cheddar option for those consumers looking for it. It is aged for a minimum of two months for added quality and has a delicious mild taste without a strong aftertaste.
The price price is good but shipping costs could be more affordable given that this is not an international product and the company only ships orders on Mondays, meaning you’ll have to plan if you want it for a party.

Mt Sterling

5. Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Cheese

This product is a true artisan goat cheese that is sure to be a hit at any party or simply paired with a good wine. It has a pleasant, mild flavor and unlike some quality cheeses, can be hand cut to order specifications.
The cheese is cut the day it ships and comes in gel packs for added freshness.
The price may seem high but considering this is a high-quality cheese with free shipping, it’s actually quite reasonable.

Cypress Grove

4. Great Goat Cheeses of the World by Cypress Grove

This set is a great option for those who wish to sample a wide variety of delicious goat cheeses from around the world. It features many kinds of cheese that each provide you with earthy, nutty, sharp or tangy flavors and you can pick one for any occasion.
The price plus shipping is a little high but you’re also getting thirty ounces of cheese from various regions of the world, right to your door. The amount of goat cheese overall plus the variety of flavors and styles should make it well worth the price.

Great Goat

3. Montchevre Goat Milk Cheddar

Another great goat cheese from Montchevre, this one is a cheddar option. Consumers are particularly fond of the mild taste of the cheddar and the consistent, high-quality texture. This cheese tends to have a creamy consistency that one often finds in the best homemade goat cheeses.
To top things off, the price is reasonable and the shipping costs are average for what you’d expect in a cheese product.

Montchevre Goat

2. Murcia Al Vino (Drunken Goat) Goat Cheese

This cheese from Murcia Al Vino is the best choice for consumers who need a whole wheel of high-quality goat cheese for their next party or gathering. It has a semi-sharp flavor that builds up to a hint of spiciness at the end. It also features a consistent and rich texture.
This is an excellent artisan cheese that deserves its ranking, however, consumers report that actual product weight is three pounds rather than the stated five. This makes the price somewhat less appealing than it could be, though still a good deal.

Murcia Al Vino

1. igourmet Sunlight by Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy

This goat cheese gets our top spot for best goat cheese out there. It’s an artisan cheese that is aged for two months before shipment to ensure the strongest flavor ever. That flavor is both mild and a little sweet, so it offers something a bit different from many other goat cheese on the market. It’s made entirely raw for a wholly organic experience, and ships in a cooling package for maximum freshness.
We find that the price and shipping are both reasonable here, which pushes this product to the top.

iGourmet Sunlight

Goat cheese is often a great option for the dairy lover that is on a restrictive diet, or for those who have developed lactose intolerance but don’t want to give up cheese. Aside from that, goat cheese offers some variety in texture and consistency compared to cheeses made from other milk types, and just plain tastes great.
We’re confident you can find some of the best goat cheeses on the market in the list above.

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