10 Best Milk Chocolates

Milk chocolate is perhaps the most ubiquitous of the range of chocolates. It’s useful for nearly every chocolate baking project in the kitchen and of course, it’s the go-to chocolate for many of us when we need a dose of the good stuff. That’s obviously great for chocolate lovers in terms of variety. But that same wide range of choices can often leave consumers practically paralyzed when trying to choose the best milk chocolate. If you’re truly searching for the best of the best milk chocolates around, we’ll give you our top picks based on their taste and textures and ranked according to unique aspects.

10. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars

This milk chocolate from Cadbury is one of the best in terms of sweetness. We actually consider one of the best chocolates overall. It has what can be described as a “super sweet” taste that is ideal who like their milk chocolate to taste like the richness of an Easter candy basket. Many consumers appreciate the intense yet satisfying flavor although, for some, the texture proved to be a bit chalky or grainy at times. However, the price for an order of twelve bars is nothing short of excellent.

Cadbury Chocolate Bar

9. Dagoba Organic Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

Dagoba milk chocolate is a fairly interesting and unique choice of milk chocolate bar. It isn’t as sweet as most other milk chocolate bars out there, featuring a taste that is more bitter and similar to dark chocolate, as well as a texture that is less creamy. While that might not make it a favorite with everyone, it does make it an ideal choice for those who prefer dark chocolate but are trying to appreciate milk chocolate. The price is somewhat higher than other brands but it’s a gluten-free fair trade product.

Dogoba Chocolate Bar

8. Theo Classic Organic Milk Chocolate

If our entry for Dagoba organic chocolate is for dark chocolate enthusiasts moving towards the milky side, this one is the opposite. This bar from Theo is the one milk chocolate lovers will want if they’re interested in trying darker chocolate. While it is certainly still milk chocolate, it features a relatively low percentage of cocoa for a somewhat bitter taste but one that is rich and smokey. It’s a chocolate you can savor, featuring slight hints of red wine. However, the price may be a bit prohibitive for some consumers.

Theo Chocolate

7. Dove Silky Promises Milk Chocolate

Dove milk chocolate gets high marks as one of the best milk chocolate bars available. This is primarily because of its high-quality taste at such a great value. These ten-ounce bars are very affordable, yet consumers often say they taste like a much more expensive bar of artisanal chocolate instead. The one drawback is perhaps the texture, which some consumers think tastes a bit too waxy instead of smooth. Still, most users are happy with decadent milk chocolate at a great price.

Dove Chocolate

6. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

Hershey’s may not be fancy but its tried-and-true taste earn it a place on most lists for best milk chocolate bars. Some of its popularity is thanks to riding a wave of nostalgia but there’s also an undeniably smooth and creamy texture to this milk chocolate favorite. It isn’t as fat-free or organic as some other bars but it provides a consistently rich taste and texture every time, and at a very affordable price point. These are just some of reasons why we’ve included it in our top of best chocolate bars, not just milk chocolates.

Hershey's Chocolate Bar

5. Godiva Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Tablet Bar

Godiva’s milk chocolate earns its place on our list thanks primarily to its overall richness. Many consumers tend to agree that the texture is smooth and buttery with a strong, milky flavor. Some find it to be the perfect complement to hot chocolate and say that it is hot chocolate in bar form. That said, some consumers find that the taste lacks anything particularly outstanding, finding it rather average for a milk chocolate. However, it is a pleasantly mild chocolate bar overall with an average price point to match.

Godiva Chocolate Bar

4. Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate Bar

If you like milk chocolate and also love the taste of s’mores over a roaring campfire, we can bring the best of both worlds right to you. This unique blend from Chuao gives you a rich and creamy milk chocolate combined with an infusion of mini marshmallows. It’s all topped off by crushed honey graham crackers to complete the authentic and delicious s’mores experience. The price is a bit steep for four bars but shipping is free and you get a lot of flavors packed into each bar.

Chuao Chocolate Bar

3. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Bar

Our next entry is another that manages to have a decidedly decadent and rich taste without needing a lot of cocoa mixture to do it. With only about forty percent cocoa, many consumers are surprised at the intense flavors and rich textures packed into a bar of Scharffen’s milk chocolate. It features hints of caramel at the edges of the chocolate for a little kick to the flavor. It might be a bit expensive for some consumers but is about average for an artisanal bar.

Scharffen Chocolate Bar

2. Snickers Milk Chocolate

Snickers bars may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but this one is a pound of chocolate, ideal for sharing or just for getting your chocolate fix with plenty to spare for next time. As many consumers know it also features a great combination of caramel and nougat pieces for a one-of-a-kind flavor experience and a rich, creamy texture. And at less than a dollar per ounce of chocolate, the value for all of these flavors is quite high too.

Snickers Chocolate bar

1. Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar

Lindt makes one of the best milk chocolate bars out there for a variety of reasons. It has a silky texture that can be described as extra-smooth, combined with a satisfying crunch in every bite. The taste is both pleasantly familiar and much richer than one might expect for a bar of milk chocolate in this price range. Lindt milk chocolate hits all the right notes for gourmet flavor and texture without needing to pay gourmet chocolate prices. The combination of these factors makes it one of the best milk chocolate bars around. We would also count Lindt milk chocolate as one of the best Swiss chocolates on the market.

Lindt Chocolate Bar


Milk chocolate is enjoyed the world over by just about everyone. So much popularity means a ton of different recipes and a variety of bars. If you want the very best in milk chocolate but are not sure where to turn, or even if you just want to check out different top brands, our list of the best milk chocolate bars can provide you with options.

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