10 Best Non Alcoholic Wines

When consumed in moderation, wine is considered to be very healthy for your heart and can also help prevent cancer. But many people have issues drinking wine due to the alcohol content. The best non alcoholic wine offers a nice alternative in this case. It is ordinary wine with all the alcohol content removed. This means that it provides almost the same health benefits of regular wine, without the ill effects of alcohol. This review looks at some of the best non-alcoholic wine available online. The products were chosen based on their overall quality, sales, and taste.

10. Welch’s Sparkling Cocktail, White Grape

best Welchs sparkling non alcoholic wine

The Welch’s Cocktail is a non alcoholic sparkling drink for kids and adults alike. It has zero alcohol content and is quite similar to a sparkling white wine. The bottle comes in a premium packaging and is great for the festive season. This is a non-alcoholic wine substitute, so it only occupies the last place on our shortlist of the best non alcoholic wine. However, it has a fresh taste, with just the right amounts of sweetness and sparkle.

9. Sutter Home Fre Brut Non Alcoholic Champagne


Non alcoholic wines have a tendency to be on the sweeter side. A Brut is a solid choice if you do not like your drinks sweet. This alcohol free Brut Wine from Sutter Home could be a great pick for those who like their wines on the drier side. Brut wines are well known for extreme fizziness due to the extra dose of CO2 they have. The Sutter version of Brut Champagne is quite dry and has a crisp flavor of apples and pears. It is a great sparkling drink for festive occasions. It should also be a great addition to fruit cocktails.

8. St. Regis Reserve Non Alcoholic Chardonnay

best st regis reserve non alcoholic wine

This is a 100% halal certified alcohol free version of the famous white wine. Real Chardonnay grapes go into its composition. The wine has a characteristic crisp fruity flavor highly reminiscent of apples and pears. The overall feel and flavor is enhanced by the woody notes of oak which give it a more premium quality. This is a perfect wine for dinner and will go fabulously with sea food or pasta dishes. It does not contain any additional sugars. This is a product of the California wine country and it is available online.

7. Lancer’s Alcohol Free White Wine

best Lancers Alcohol free white non alcoholic wine

This is white wine with a marked pinkish hue. Lancers is a brand with decades old experience in making high quality Portuguese wines. Lancers Free is in fact the first non-alcoholic Portuguese wine in the market. True to its origins, this wine has a very light and pleasant finish. The flavors are quite tropical, with hints of pineapple. Roses and red berries dominate the floral accents. This is a slightly carbonated drink that goes well with light dishes like salads and chicken. It is probably the best non alcoholic wine when paired with Mexican and Italian dishes.

6. Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Non Alcoholic Wine

best Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon non alcoholic wine

This Cabernet Sauvignon is a very dry wine that goes exceedingly well with Mexican and Italian cuisine. The non-alcoholic version is still rich in beneficial polyphenols and tannins. The wine has been aged in oak barrels giving it a distinctive woody aroma. The fruity notes are mainly reminiscent of cherries, blueberries and black currants. There is even a pleasant hint of chocolates in the mix. Along with other wines in our shortlist of the best non alcoholic wine, this one also has a marked sweeter taste.

5. Sutter Home Fre Moscato Non Alcoholic Wine

best sutter home fre moscato non alcoholic wine

Moscato is a recent entry into the world of white wines from Italy. The Sutter alcohol free edition carries all the hallmarks of this sweet and light wine made from the Muscat variety of grapes. You can drink Moscato on its own or as an aperitif. This is a very fragrant wine with fruit flavors of white peaches, and has a very crisp finish. It pairs exceedingly well with chicken and seafood. This best non alcoholic wine should be ideally paired with Spanish and Italian cuisine.

4. Grandpa Lundquist Glogg Winter Beverage

best grandpa lundquist glogg winter non alcoholic wine

Glogg is a kind of traditional mulled wine made in Scandinavian nations like Sweden. It combines the flavor of strong red wine, the sweet French wine Sauternes, and a traditional Scandinavian drink – Akvavit. Spices, raisins and almonds enhance the flavor. This is a drink best consumed during winter holidays like Christmas. It is best served warm with an accompaniment of raisins and dry fruits in the cup. The Grandpa Lundquist version is totally alcohol free and ready to drink.

3. Chateau De Fleur Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

best chateau de fleur non alcoholic wine

Enrich your celebrations with this sparkling non alcoholic Champagne from Weibel Vineyards in California.The dominant flavors of this fully flavored sparkling wine are crisp apples and peach. The bubbles are suitable for festive occasions. The wine is very crisp, yet has an exceedingly sweet taste. It is best to serve it chilled and on its own. This option for the best non alcoholic wine can also be mixed with fruit juices to create enticing virgin cocktails like Mimosas.

2. Lancers Alcohol-Free Blush Wine

best lancers alcohol free blush non alcoholic wine

Another great Portuguese wine from Lancers, this time with an exceedingly vibrant pink hue. This rose wine is lightly carbonated and works well on its own or as a part of many virgin cocktails. The flavor of this sparkling wine reminds one of Chardonnay grapes. Apples, cherries, red berries and a hint of more tropical fruits dominate the fruity flavors. There are also floral hints from rose petals in this great party drink.

1. Sutter Home Fre Premium Red Blend Non Alcoholic Wine

best sutter home fre premium red blend non alcoholic wine

This is a deep and flavorful red wine with an enticing ruby red color. It is quite bold in its flavor profile and manages to retain the identity of a full bodied Merlot despite having no alcohol. A hint of black cherries dominates the smooth flavors. A touch of green pepper and a smoky and woody finish enhance the overall taste. This is simply the best non alcoholic wine that tastes great on its own. But in terms of food pairings, it works best with grilled meats and fish, like turkey, salmon, chicken, and pork.

Final Word

Our shortlist of the best non alcoholic wine includes a choice selection of red and white wines which are healthy and safe. They are also the ideal consolation for the designated driver! In regards to food pairing, pair each of these wines with a dish made from the best cheddar cheese. So, which one of the wines above do you like? Please add your comments below.

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6 responses to “10 Best Non Alcoholic Wines”

  1. Christopher Anthony says:

    I know wine is said to have some great health benefits, but I never knew you could get some of the benefits from non-alcoholic wine. I’m not a big drinker but I like the flavor of some wines, whether it’s for something different from soda or just to celebrate a special occasion. I’ve had Welch’s Sparkling Cocktail and it’s good. If it’s on this assembly of the best non alcoholic wines, it means the other ones are worth your time as Welch’s makes a good product.

    • Freddy Diaz says:

      Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for your feedback! If you liked Welch’s Sparkling Cocktail, we also recommend you Chateau De Fleur and Lancers, equally delicious non-alcoholic sparkling wines.

  2. Sonny K. says:

    The best non-alcoholic wines mentioned here should be a treat for my friends who are driving or don’t want the alcohol. I have a question, can you cook with these or do you need the alcohol for the cooking benefits?

    • Freddy Diaz says:

      Hi Sonny,

      You can definitely use these non-alcoholic wines to cook, just like you would use apple/lemon juice or even water. While flavors are enhanced by alcohol, these alcohol-free wines work just well for those who want to avoid alcohol for various reasons. Let us know what you cooked with non-alcoholic wine and how you liked it.

  3. Sonny K. says:

    Cool. Can’t wait to use these non-alcoholic wines in my cooking!

  4. santi says:

    i have try sutter home moscato california wine and love it .beside the sutter fre premiun red blend is there another non free alcohol to eat with meat and fish

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