10 Best Wheat Beers For Picky Drinkers

Wheat beers are popular for their light taste, pleasant aroma, and versatility. They’re easy to pair with various foods and appeal to a range of drinkers with beers ranging from fruity undertones to hoppy finishes. Some common types of wheat beer include witbier, hefeweizen, American pale wheat ale, and gose. These beers are quite often based on Belgian or German styles of brewing beer. We’ve found the best wheat beer out there, and highlighted each beer based on flavor profiles, ABV, cost, and suggested pairings. Each best wheat beer is ranked according to its user ratings and popularity.

10. Schneider Adventinus Wheat Doppel

Our first pick for the best wheat beer is unique among the other beers on this list since it’s dark in both color and taste. In that way, it’s more complex than many other wheat beers and will satisfy those who like their beer to have a bit of heft to it. Schneider Adventinus Wheat Doppel is a Weizenbock, a German style of wheat beer that’s dark and rich. This beer has chocolate flavors as well as banana and raisins. It’s not very bitter and will pair well with chicken and dumplings or banana-flavored desserts. This beer is 8% ABV, and you can buy it online.

best Schneider Adventinus wheat beer

9. Hofbrau Hefeweizen

Hofbrau Hefeweizen is brewed in the traditional German style by the German brewery Hofbrau, but is made locally in their Pittsburgh brewery. The brewery makes several different wheat beers, and all of them are delicious. This hefeweizen is the most popular, perhaps because of its drinkability and subtle flavors. It’s almost orange in color with a foamy white head, and tastes of fruits like orange and banana.The texture is smooth and creamy. It’s 5.4% ABV and is typically paired with seafood or fruity desserts. You can find in online for under $10 for a six-pack.

best hofbrau hefeweizen wheat beer

8. Paulaner Hefeweizen

Unlike many of the best wheat beers on this list, Paulaner Hefeweizen is brewed in New York rather than across the pond. It’s one of the most popular hefeweizens in the U.S. and is a delicious take on this popular German style of beer. It’s unfiltered, with a pronounced head and golden color. It has a classic hefeweizen flavor profile — citrusy, wheaty, with hints of banana and clove — but also has a bit of bitterness. Lovers of this beer say it just has a certain character to it that distinguishes it from other hefeweizens. It would pair well with pannacotta or mascarpone cheese. It’s 5.6% ABV and available online as a six-pack.

best paulaner hefeweizen wheat beer

7. Cigar City Florida Cracker Belgian-style White Ale

This Florida-brewed white ale is made in a Belgian style as a witbier or “white beer.” Cigar City Florida Cracker Belgian-style White Ale’s straw-colored and tastes of citrus, coriander, flowers, and vanilla. It’s light-bodied and is a highly drinkable interpretation of this classic Belgian style of beer. Try this beer with mussels and fries for a traditional Belgian meal. It’s 5.5% ABV, and a six-pack comes at an affordable price.

best cigar city florida cracker belgian wheat beer

6. Erdinger Weissbier

This wheat beer from Erdinger, a German brewery, is one of those beers that’s cheap, dependable and easy on the mouth. Erdinger Weissbier pairs well with a variety of foods, but we recommend drinking it alongside traditional German foods like sausages and pretzels, preferably under the spring sun in a spacious beer garden. This beer is 5.6% ABV and tastes of yeast, wheat and the tiniest hint of banana. It’s a pure, plain hefeweizen with not many other outstanding flavors.

best wheat beer Erdinger Weissbier

5. Hoegaarden Wit Blanche

This Belgian ale is a classic, commonly available as the resident wheat beer on bar draft menus. Hoegaarden Wit Blanche is light-bodied, light golden in color, and almost sweet in taste. It has fruity flavors, reminiscent of orange peel, along with some coriander. Hoegaarden is named for the Belgian village with a long history of brewing wheat beer, and it shows in the quality of this simple but delicious beer. It’s 4.9% ABV, and you can order a pack of six online.

best hoegaarden wit blacnhe wheat beer

4. Schofferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit

This popular fruity German hefeweizen is just 2.5 ABV, making it probably the easiest beer to drink out of anything on this list. Schofferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit is actually a shandy, mixing a wheat beer with grapefruit juice for a balanced fruity flavor. It’s great for mixing into cocktails, enjoying on a hot day, or serving to those who don’t like to drink regular beer. This beer would pair wonderfully with brunch or with dessert. You can order your own twelve-pack online.

best Schofferhofer hefeweizen grapefruit wheat beer

3. Spaten Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

This German-style wheat beer is a true classic. This brewery has been in existence for hundreds of years, and this traditional hefeweizen beer is consistent, well-crafted and easy to drink. Spaten Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse is light golden in color with abundant creamy foam. It smells and tastes of cloves and bananas. It’s medium-bodied. This beer goes well with seafood and is delicious any time of year. It’s 5% ABV and it comes as a six pack.

best Spaten Franziskaner wheat beer

2. Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’

A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ from the Californian brewery Lagunitas is a great example of an American pale wheat ale. It’s dark golden in color and smooth on the palate. It has the delightful hoppiness of an IPA along with the smooth drinkability and sweetness of a wheat beer. A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ ale is citrusy and piney. This is hardly your typical wheat beer, as it is 7.5% ABV. It pairs well with roasted meat or cheddar cheese.

best lagunitas a little sumpin sumpin wheat beer

1. Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Our number one pick for the best wheat beer is golden yellow and full-bodied. Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier is incredibly smooth and easy to drink; while its suggested pairings are fish, seafood, sausage or spicy cheese, it would go with a variety of meals. This is a German beer. Its aroma is reminiscent of cloves, while the taste has a slight hint of banana along with other fruits and spices. This beer is 5.4% ABV, and you can buy a six-pack for less than $15. Pair it with seafood or goat cheese chèvre.

best Weihenstephaner Hefe weissbier wheat beer


The main takeaway from our picks for the best wheat beer? There’s no right way to make one. Many of these are popular because they’re purist, classic takes on German or Belgian-style white ales, but other styles infuse fruit flavors, are darker and richer, or have a hoppy flavor profile. What’s the best wheat beer you’ve ever had?

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