10 Best White Chocolates

White chocolate has often been the so-called underdog of the pastry world. But that’s okay because white chocolate can be a true boon to those who prefer their chocolate to be extra-sweet.
If that describes you, we invite you to read on as we compile a list of the best white chocolate creations out there today. Some of the most obvious criteria that go into making a good white chocolate are the sweetness level and the textures. We’ll also judge each one based on its overall value to bring you the most affordable white chocolate.

10. Amedei Toscano White Chocolate Bar

An excellent starter is this white chocolate artisan bar from Amedei. The price may prove to be a bit high for some consumers as it is per bar, but many will find this chocolate to be worth it. It features a very rich and incredibly smooth taste and a texture that is often described as velvety in nature. It is very creamy and will provide hints of vanilla at the edges of the chocolate that really help to round out the overall flavor combinations.

Amedei Toscano

9. Philadelphia Candies White Chocolate Bar

This white chocolate bar is ideal for those who are searching for the most classic tastes in their white chocolate experience. It features natural vanilla flavoring without being artificial for an intense and satisfying white chocolate taste. In addition to its rich flavors, it has a smooth texture thanks to some added cocoa butter, which of course also improves the sweetness factor. The delicate aromas of white chocolate top off the list of pros for this bar, which we find to be a quite affordable to a premium bar of white chocolate.


8. Green & Black’s Organic White Chocolate Bar

No list of modern chocolate, from white to dark, is truly complete without a few of the healthier options. This white chocolate bar from Green & Black’s is one such option and features fully USDA Fair Trade white chocolate. The bold and rich sweetness of this bar comes from the cocoa beans sourced from Madagascan vanilla. An extra helping of organic cocoa butter improves the taste and sweetness of this bar even further. It’s also a relatively affordable white chocolate bar, especially given its organic source.

Green and Black

7. Scott’s Cakes Pound Block White Chocolate

Much like bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate that is primed for baking is also great for eating. This block of white chocolate is notably not only for its luxuriant taste but its affordability. Shipping may be a bit much for some but the chocolate is of high quality and inexpensive. Most consumers speak very highly of the very smooth and creamy textures of this chocolate. While baking chocolate sometimes lacks the same level of sweetness as other types, such is not the case here—it’s still some of the sweetest white chocolate you can buy.

Scotts Cakes

6. Nestle Tollhouse Premier White Morsels

Not all the best white chocolate comes in chunk or bar form. Many chocolate enthusiasts enjoy the taste of chocolate morsels or chips straight from the bag. Tollhouse understand that the same is true for those who love white chocolate and this product is made just for them. Whether you need some white chocolate for your next baking project or just your next snack, these chips will provide high-quality rich and creamy sweetness that can only come from the best white chocolate. Even better, the price per ounce is also very reasonable.

Nestle Tollhouse

5. M&M’s White Chocolate Singles Size Candy

M&M’s brings you the timeless classic candy shell as always, this time covering white chocolate. You can expect the same creamy and smooth textures that you’ve come to know and love from your classic M&Ms, but this time it’s combined with the rich sweetness that can only come from some of the best white chocolate out there. It’s also a very affordable choice for your white chocolate needs, giving you several bags in each order for less than a dollar per ounce.

M & M's

4. Kit Kat Crisp Wafers in White Chocolate Candy Bar

We think it’s only fair to bring you all the white chocolate options from some of the most popular chocolatiers that you know and love already. These Kit Kat bars still offer you the same crunchy textures of a crisp wafer bar but they’re now wrapped in a very smooth dark chocolate shell for a big upgrade to the sweetness factor. In particular, many consumers enjoyed not only the rich taste but the high value and professional shipping procedures. Many buyers appreciate that the product is packed well to avoid melting during shipment.

Kit Kat

3. Schogetten German White Chocolate

We noticed the price right away as it is somewhat higher than other white chocolate bars and candies out there. However, it is also a high-quality artisanal item made with some premium ingredients. Each bar has eighteen breakable pieces and most consumers note that the intensely sweet flavor means that they only need one or two squares per sitting, thus increasing the value of this chocolate. The texture is also said to be very smooth and satisfying and you can look forward to a creamy strawberry filling at the center of each bite.


2. Twix Bar White Limited Edition

It’s always nice to have a limited edition chocolate on hand, especially if there are any candy-centric holidays around the corner. The white chocolate bars from Twix will not disappoint. In fact, many consumers claim that Twix white chocolate has helped friends to appreciate this type of chocolate more. You’ll get the same sweet caramel combined with an even sweeter white chocolate coating. We also found them to be quite affordable with six packs in each order and two bars in each pack.


1. Milka White Chocolate

Milka excels at making not only pure chocolates but is also well-known for some of the best chocolates with added flavors. This bar is their take on white chocolate and is sure to be a favorite among many consumers. The texture is very creamy and smooth, so much so that many chocolate lovers have commented on how it practically melts in the mouth. Milka doesn’t skimp on the sweetness either, making this some of the best white chocolate for your money.



White chocolate may not get the level of attention it deserves among chocolate fans, leaving you wondering whether there is really any best white chocolate to be had out there. We’re here to prove that there certainly is with our list that brings you the best in white chocolate. If you’re looking for the sweetest chocolate experience, we can help.

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