10 Best Wines With Brie

Brie is one of the world’s most popular cheeses, and with good reason. It’s not only delicious but versatile as well. Some Brie can be mild with a bit of a chalky texture whilst others can have a creamier consistency and be quite strong. There’s a lot of variety to Brie. It’s this knack for versatility that makes Brie a fun cheese to pair with good wine. But if you’re not sure what the best wines to pair with Brie are, we’ve got that covered. We’ll take you through our top picks for best wines with Brie based on the tastes of the wine and how well they complement different flavors and strengths of the cheese.

10. Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is an excellent companion to your next block of Brie. It features apricot, apple and peach flavors for a very crisp and refreshing taste. In addition, the wine has pleasant aromas of almond and vanilla, and is well-balanced for nearly perfect acidity content. The texture is smooth and creamy and really cleanses the palate. This wine is perfect to chase down the next bite of Brie cheese.


9. Naked Winery Pinot Gris

With this order, you’ll get three bottles of a premium Pinot Gris wine at an affordable price. The aroma of orange blossoms tease the senses and you’ll definitely notice subtle hints of both pear and lime in this wine. The texture is light, crisp and refreshing, making a perfect balance to some of the richer or heavier Bries out there. We recommend trying this wine with a creamy-textured Brie or one that perhaps has a stronger smell, as the wine will help to balance these aspects nicely.


8. 2016 ONEHOPE California Sauvignon Blanc

You’ll hear many experts extoll the virtues of Sauvignon Blanc when it is paired with a nice goat cheese. But, just as many wine connoisseurs will tell you that Sauvignon Blanc is also one of the best wines to pair with a good Brie as well.
This particular vintage features high-quality grapes taken from select California vineyards. You’ll notice the attractive golden hue of the wine coupled with delicious notes of grapefruit and topped off with a light, crisp texture. It’s a wonderful choice if you need something light and refreshing to cleanse the palate after you’ve enjoyed a particularly rich and creamy Brie.


7. Barefoot Bubbly California Pink Moscato Sparkling Wine

The beauty of sparkling wines is that pretty much any of them will pair exceptionally well with a good Brie. For starters, we’ve chosen this one because we were attracting to the striking pink hue as soon as we saw it. It’s a sparkling wine that invites more attention and makes you want to sample the bubbly flavors inside. And fortunately, those flavors are not lacking, as this wine has a great combination of oranges, raspberries, and some strawberries. All the flavors in this wine come together in a nice, creamy finish.

Barefoot Bubbly

6. 2005 Jana Winery Napa Valley Cathedral Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is similar to Sauvignon Blanc as it comes partially from that grape. But, this wine is also crossed with another grape and the mixture results in a different type of red wine altogether, hence the new name. That said, Cabernet Sauvignon is a fine choice of wine for pairing with your next wheel of Brie. This particular vintage is well-structured and features aromas of violet flowers. The taste of the wine is very fruity and refreshing, with hints of mint at the edges of the palate.

Jana Winery

5. Barefoot Cellars California Pinot Grigio Wine

A nice Pinot Grigio wine is a good choice to pair with a young Brie. The relative softness of the cheese and the rind will blend well with the fresh, crisp textures that you’ll find in most bottles of Pinot Grigio. This particular vintage provides you with a strong though not overpowering taste of apples. The apple taste is combined with various tropical flavors for a unique blend of fruit and the texture is often described by many fans as bold and vibrant.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio

4. 2016 Wagner Vineyards Riesling Ice

Riesling is a wine that is almost as versatile as the Brie with which you might pair it. It’s a wine that works in a variety of situations and certain makes are used as dessert wines. This vintage is one such Riesling and is a great choice if you’re having some particularly rich and creamy after-dinner Brie. This is a full-bodied Riesling that is extremely crisp and refreshing. The taste and textures of the wine will really perk up your taste buds and linger on the palate long after you’ve taken that last sip. These qualities make this wine a great companion to a heavier, aged Brie cheese.


3. 2013 Barrel Sample Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir may not always be the first wine that comes to mind for a Brie pairing but it is perfectly suitable. The full-bodied, bold nature of most Pinot Noirs coupled with the relatively high acidity content makes them ideal companions to Brie.
Wine enthusiasts really enjoy the smooth, refreshing textures of this particular Pinot Noir, and the way the fruit flavors, particularly cherry, come to the forefront of the taste buds without any coaxing.

Barrel Sample

2. Barefoot Cellars California Chardonnay Wine

Another entry for Chardonnay as it pairs so well with various types of Brie. Green apples mix pleasantly with notes of pineapple in this wine, while rich French oak adds a pleasant aroma and really helps to bring out the full complexity of the fruit flavors. You’ll definitely appreciate the crisp, refreshing taste of this high-quality Chardonnay alongside your next wheel of Brie.

Barefoot chardonnay

1. NV Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

Yes, the ultimate party drink is one of the best wines to pair with Brie cheese. This champagne is very strong, with bubbles that will really get in and stick with you. Notes of fruit eventually give way to mild, smooth hints of vanilla throughout. This combination of flavors creates an intense yet smooth texture in the body of the champagne. Light and bubbly drinks such as champagne tend to pair best with young Brie cheeses with bloomy rinds.

NV Venue Clicquot


Brie is certainly one of the best known “party” cheeses. Its overall versatility and ability to acquire new textures as it ripens make it a popular choice among many cheese enthusiasts. There are quite a few wines that pair nicely with Brie but that means it is also easy for many people to misstep and choose a wine that does not go well with it. That’s why we’ve provided you with our handy list of the ten best wines that go with Brie cheese.

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