10 Best Wines With Chocolate

Wine and chocolate have a lot of things in common. Both are delicious, both can be decadent, and both are certainly associated with love. It only makes sense that many people would want to merge the two, particularly for various romantic occasions. However, it’s not quite so simple as just picking your favorite wine and chocolate. Both of these items can be rather intense and flavorful and the last thing you want is for them to cancel each other out. To save you some time and worry, we’ve compiled a list of the best wines with chocolate. While tastes are important, our main goal here was to bring you wines that work well with a variety of chocolates.

10. 2014 Castoro Cellars Paso Robles Estate White Zinfandel Wine

This vintage of White Zinfandel wine brings you a rich bouquet of fruity flavors with a rather light and crisp texture. The taste is somewhat sweeter in tone than one would ordinarily expect of a drier wine such as White Zinfandel. This makes it a good companion to chocolate as it can work to bring out the natural sweetness in most chocolate types. Chocolate works best if it is part of the main dish for something like Zinfandel, but it can still be paired with milk chocolate.

Castoro Cellars

9. NV Catherman’s Port

Ports like this one from Catherman’s are famous for their quality as dessert wines. Wines such as these pop up a few times on any list because of their overall textures and very sweet tastes. Catherman’s Port manufacturing processes tend to leave behind extra sugar for a very sweet taste. This is ideal for those who wish to pair wine with chocolate as your wine generally needs to be sweeter than the chocolate of your choice. This port is full-bodied and fruity and will complement most milk chocolates.

NV Catermans

8. ONEHOPE California Reds Wine Mixed Pack

This product provides a nice variety of red wines and is perfect for those who want to cover all the bases. If your goal is to be able to pair some wine with a large variety of chocolate types and flavors, consider this convenient three-pack. You’ll receive a bottle each of Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon, all with very pleasant tastes and textures. This will expand your wine and chocolate options to cover everything from dark to bittersweet chocolate.


7. NV Candy Babee California Riesling

Most Riesling wines are a safe bet if your goal is to pair wine with chocolate. Many consumers describe this particular Riesling as very light, fresh, and airy. They also like the mild aromas and tastes of citrus and apple that are at the edges of this wine. In addition, the acidity is very well-balanced in this wine, making it a good choice to combine with most mild milk chocolates.

NV candy babee

6. 2015 Carnivor California Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon can also complement certain chocolate candies quite well. This particular vintage from Carnivor is known for its bold, rich flavors and very dark, almost black colors. This intense wine is greatly enhanced thanks to the aromatic scents of toasty oak and red cherry that blend within its body. In addition, it’s been enhanced with a bit of Petit Syrah for a richer color and sharper finish. This wine pairs well with darker, bittersweet chocolates.

Carnivor California

5. 2015 Black Oak Pinot Noir

There’s a lot to appreciate in this Pinot Noir from Black Oak. We particularly like the taste of the spices on the edges of the wine, and those same spices really help to enhance the natural aromas of the wine, too. Nutmeg and cinnamon flavors are lightly dusted into the wine for a sweet and nutty flavor, along with the velvety textures of ripened black cherries. This wine pairs best with darker, mild chocolates.

Black Oak

4. Childress Vineyards Southern Sipper Muscadine Mixed Pack

This product provides a nice option for anyone who likes dessert wines with their chocolate. You’ll get three bottles of a premium dessert wine for one low price, all of which can be paired with some of your favorite chocolate pieces. Depending on your preference you’ll have aromas and flavors of grapes and berries at your disposal, which complement most milk chocolates very well. You can also try some of these wines with a sweeter chocolate such as white chocolate.

Childress Vineyards

3. Stella Rosa Moscato

This sparkling wine is just slightly sweet and carries hints of both apples and apricots to tease the flavor palate. The textures are bold and crisp, and many consumers prefer this even as a dessert wine to some of the other wines in that category. Although sparkling wine is rarely paired with chocolate, it can be done successfully. If you do, we recommend choosing darker or bitter chocolate so that the bubbling sweetness of this wine doesn’t stand in stark contrast to the chocolate.

Stella Rosa

2. 2015 The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon will make one of the best drinking companions to any bittersweet chocolates you have on hand. It features a pleasant mixture of cherry, blueberries, and plum flavors for a delightfully fruity taste that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. The barest essence of dried herbs help to round out the fullness of the flavors of this wine. The finish is smooth and lingers on the tongue, a perfect way to take your next bite of bittersweet chocolate.

Bachelor Fantasy

1. Cupcake Vineyards Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir from Cupcake Vineyards has a rather unique darkly pink hue with a medley of tastes to match. Cherry, strawberry, and raspberry all combine to complement one another in what is practically an explosion of fruity berries. The accompanying aromas serve to enhance the experience of savoring this wine and the creamy texture brings everything together. Most consumers find this wine to be smooth and refreshing though perhaps not as rich as some other Pinot Noirs. This wine goes well with milder, bittersweet chocolates.

Cupcake Vineyards


Merging wine and chocolate can be tricky or lead to disaster if you aren’t careful. You don’t want to have two naturally rich and sweet things fighting for attention on your taste buds. Luckily, we can help you make the most of any romantic occasion or sophisticated party with our list of the best wines with chocolates. Simply choose from among the wine types we’ve provided here and grab some chocolate that goes well with your favorite wine.

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