Top Guinness Beer Types You Shouldn’t Miss

Guinness beer is among the best known and loved alcoholic beverages in the world. The famous Irish company has a long history of producing and selling some of the best beers in the world, but not many people know that Guinness beers come in a variety of different flavors and types.

With a variable alcohol and calorie content, there is certainly the right Guinness beer for anyone. From draught, lager to stout and classic, the offer you can choose from is varied and recently they have also included a light, non-alcoholic option.

Generally quite high in calories, Guinness beer is richly flavored and textured, fact that led people to introduce in in their favorite recipes. There are dark chocolate Guinness cake recipes, Guinness sauces for stew and beef dishes, and also Guinness cheese fondue to pair with your favorite healthy bread. Brewed to perfection and with a characteristic taste, any Guinness beer assortment is a delight that mixes good flavors with the perfect level of abv (alcohol by volume).

Guinness Original

Guinness Beer Original

The classic Guinness beer has a 4.1% abv and is one of the best-known and appreciated symbols of Ireland. Review writers can stop praising this dry stout beer made with care and respecting years of Irish tradition. This bottled drink can also be found on sale at the tap in most bars, so anyone can enjoy a large pint or glass of Guinness to see what we mean. If you still wonder what kind of beer is Guinness, you should begin by trying this classic recipe to get accustomed to its brilliant and unique taste.

Apparently adding important health benefits, a glass of Guinness can help with heart issues by preventing cholesterol deposits. These great nutritional facts are an extra reason to opt for Guinness.

Guinness Draught Bitter

Guinness Beer Draught Bitter

This draught beer has the regular Guinness beer calories (around 180 per pint) and an alcohol content percentage of 4.3. This bitter Guinness draught beer is sold in kegs, cans, and bottles and it has a rich, creamy and velvet-like texture. Its characteristic bitterness comes from the malt that perfectly mixes with the sweeter beginning notes. Ideal to enjoy straight from the bottle or even add it to your next delicious dish, this kind of high-quality beer can make a great gift for a fellow beer lover friend.

Usually, the price of Guinness is higher than that of other brands, but when you enjoy your glass of ice cold Guinness, it will not matter how much you spent for it.

Guinness Non-Alcoholic

Guinness Beer Non-Alcoholic

As we have mentioned already, the commercial release of a new, alcohol-free Guinness beer took the world by storm. Knowing that people generally regard non-alcoholic beer with suspicion, this product proves that you don’t need a high apv to create a delicious drink. The non-alcoholic option meets the standards of any beer lover, being just as good as any other traditional Guinness beer.

Fresh and light, but still rich in flavor, this type of beer makes no compromises when it comes to taste. Its great rating shows that the Irish factory can always deliver quality products, adapting the Guinness beer ingredients and recipe to the needs of their clients.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Guinness Beer Foreign Extra Stout


The Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is not your everyday pub beer. With an alcoholic content of 7.5%, this rich and delicately bitter beer is different than anything you have ever tasted before. Guinness Foreign is appreciated and enjoyed all over the world, and its dark cherry and roasted malt flavors make it unique.

A universal symbol for the Irish manufacturer, this stout is rich in carbs, and it packs many calories, but it is well worth a try!

Guinness Harp Lager

Guinness Beer Harp Lager

Harp Lager is a European-style pale lager that has an apv of 5%. Sold in bottles, you can buy this light lager almost anywhere. The famous Beer Advocate considers this assortment among the best produced by the Irish manufacturer, and quite similar to the regular Guinness beers. If you know someone who loves pale lager beer, you should think about a gift basket featuring this delicious treat. With its origin in Dundalk, Ireland, where it is currently produced from pure water and high-quality ingredients, this beer is an unmissable treat.

Guinness Kilkenny Draught Irish Cream Ale

As the name suggests, this Draught Irish Cream Ale is unlike any others. Rich, thick and delightfully creamy, Guinness Kilkenny is a mix of sweet and bitter, being all about using the best ingredients for a great value. Not so high in alcohol content compared to the others on our list, this variety is among the lowest alcohol content Guinness beers out there. Recommend for a balanced daily nutrition and appreciated all over the word, this Irish Cream Ale will certainly become your favorite.

You can find more information about prices, nutritional information and gluten content on the official Guinness website. Meanwhile, take out the glasses and share this savory treat with your family and friends.

Guinness Smithwick’s

Guinness beer Smithwick's

Stock up on this Irish red ale produced by Guinness if you want to discover an original and unique taste. This ruby red Guinness beer is one of the most appreciated products created by the world renown manufacturer. Not very easy to find, but well worth the effort, this delicious beer is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the real greatness of Irish beers.

Guinness beer review writers and specialists were impressed by the richness of this ale, and they recommend it to everyone who loves beer.

Guinness Special Export Stout

Guinness beer Guinness Special Export Stout

Last but not least on our list is Guinness Special Export Stout. Highly rated by specialists and beer amateurs alike, this stout does live up to its name. With a high percentage of alcohol (8%), this drink is a great choice to add to your shopping list. Strong, rich and dark in color, the Guinness Special Export Stout has a complex coffee and chocolate taste.

Easy to recognize by the famous harp sign that is the Guinness beer logo, this Special Stout will turn you into a beer lover, if you weren’t already!

Our list of the best Guinness beer options available aims to help you find the right option for you. You can choose from lager, ale, draught and even non-alcoholic beer, so there is no excuse to miss a chance to enjoy Guinness. Be adventurous and don’t stick to classic Guinness only, as there are plenty of other delicious options to try.

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