11 Best Havarti Cheese Options

Havarti cheese is a deliciously creamy specialty that melts into delightful dips and sauces. Ideal for many pasta, pizza and meat recipes, the Havarti taste is buttery and sharp. Its sweetness varies depending on the type you choose, but it typically resembles Swiss cheese.

With a delicate aroma of hazelnut and slightly acidic hints, this product is perfect for many Havarti cheese recipes. Below you can find the best ten cheese Havarti products you can order online and enjoy as a delicious snack.

What Is Havarti Cheese?

Havarti cheese was born in the mid-1800s in a Danish farm named “Havarthi”. The Havarti you enjoy today is a direct descendant of that inspired Danish, 19th-century creation. A luxury product in the U.S, Havarti is a semi-firm cheese, with a cream to pale yellow flesh, pocked with small, irregular holes. Its mild flavor is similar to Monterey Jack, and the taste is buttery. If aged, Havarti becomes stronger in flavor, slightly resembling Swiss cheese.

Havarti Cheese Recipes

Due to its semi-firm texture, Havarti cheese is ideal for slicing and using on sandwiches or in salads. Very versatile, Havarti can take the central stage on cheese and fruit platters. It pairs well with red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Pinot Noir, but also with white wines such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. When you want a milder flavor in your dish, you can successfully use Havarti instead of Gouda and Emmentaler. Havarti melts well, so you can also use it in a variety of recipes, in sauces, on potatoes or in hamburgers.

Without further intro, below you can find our selection for the best Havarti cheese that you can buy online.

11. Cheese Creamy Havarti

This super delicious, super creamy Havarti cheese from Denmark has a smooth texture, and a mild, sweet, buttery taste. Produced by Denmarks Finest, Cheese Creamy Havarti goes perfectly in fondue, sandwiches, and salads. You can also serve it with fruit and crackers. Pair it with a Danish pilsner for added crispiness and yumminess.

Cheese creamy havarti cheese

10. Cream Havarti Caraway

Caraway Havarti cheese is creamy and soft, being ideal for delicious Havarti mac and cheese recipes. This high-quality product is imported from Denmark, and it is made from pasteurized cow milk. Easy to serve on mixed cheese platters along with nuts and fresh fruits, Havarti Caraway is delightful and filling on its own. Moreover, you can also add it to your next baked chicken recipe to create a gooey, soft Harvati cheese sauce everyone will enjoy.

Cream Havarti Caraway Cheese Pack

9. Castello Reserve Aged Havarti

The Castello Reserve Aged Havarti is a gourmet product appreciated by cheese lovers from all over the world. Aged for 9 months, this full-bodied and buttery cheese can be served on its own as a snack, or included in Havarti cheese pizza recipes. In addition, you can also use this textured and rich cheese in fondue recipes, mixing it with your favorite varieties.

The nutty aftertaste creates a well-balanced product that can be enjoyed by everyone.

igourmet Castello Reserve Havarti Cheese Pack

8. Creamy Havarti Dill Cheese

Made in Denmark from cow’s milk, this delicious product is fully equipped to provide the answer to this pressing question: what is Havarti cheese? As you will discover if you choose the creamy Havarti Dill, this cheese is semi-soft, creamy and smooth in taste. This natural product is versatile, and you can serve it on sandwiches or party platters. Furthermore, you can also prepare some delicious Havarti grilled cheese to enjoy at the next barbecue party! It pairs well with figs and lighter wines.

Creamy havarti dill cheese

7. Denmarks Finest Danish Havarti Dill Cheese Loaf

Havarti dill cheese is a popular specialty, due to its complex and satisfying taste. As a result, the softness of the cheese works perfectly with the fresh herbs included in its making. Produced respecting cheesemaking traditions, this finest Havarti cheese is a delight for any foodie out there. If you want to enjoy the perfect mix of creamy texture and a smooth finish, choose the Denmarks finest Danish Havarti dill cheese! It is perfect for sandwiches, and the taste is similar to Monterey Jack.

Denmarks finest danish havarti cheese

6. Creamy Havarti Cheese

This creamy Havarti cheese has a mild flavor that will appeal to kids and adults alike. Ideal for hamburgers, sandwiches and fondue recipes, the Creamy Havarti cheese is utterly delicious. If you are concerned about Havarti cheese nutrition facts, here are the most important values per 30g. This cheese packs 120 calories, 6.0 g proteins, and 190mg Sodium, making it a healthy option. The Creamy Havarti cheese pairs perfectly with Burgundy wine, so enjoy it at your next family celebration.

Creamy Havarti Cheese Saint Clemens Cheese Pack

5. igourmet Cream Havarti – Jalapeno

igourmet Havarti jalapeno cheese is the answer for all spicy food aficionados out there! Packed with slices of hot jalapeno, this cheese specialty is a creamy delight. We recommend serving it on a mixed cheeses platter or as a delicious filling for your favorite burger. igourmet Havarti Cheese with jalapeno will add a dash of spiciness to your favorite sandwich as well, so experiment with this delicious cheese.

iGourmet cream havarti jalapeno cheese

4. Havarti Horseradish

If you want to enjoy the unique taste of the horseradish Havarti, Roth Kase is the manufacturer to look for. Their horseradish Havarti cheese is carefully crafted from natural ingredients to meet the requirements of cheese lovers. The product is different from other Havarti varieties due to the process of adding horseradish but still maintains the characteristic Havarti creamy texture. Intensely flavored and pleasantly colored, this product is a great choice as it doesn’t contain any added hormones or preservatives.

Dofino Hickory Smoked Havarti Cheese

3. Herb Havarti Cheese

This artisan cheese produced in Wisconsin mixes the rich taste of Havarti cheese with the freshness of herbs. Mixed with a savory and fresh blend of herbs, this cheese has a unique and surprising taste. In addition, the Herb Havarti cheese is firmer than other Havarti specialties, while also maintaining its pleasant delicate taste. Also, opt for this cheese if you are looking for a substitute for regular Havarti cheese and enjoy the fresh mix of herbs and buttery taste.

Havarti Herb Havarti Cheese Package

2. igourmet Cream Havarti – Plain

Add decadence to your cheese platter with this delicious product by igourmet. This Havarti cheese packs all the great flavors and textures with yummy freshness. This product is usually enjoyed as a snack, or in your favorite pasta or meat recipe. We also recommend serving the igourmet plain Havarti cheese with fresh fruits and nuts to enjoy a quick, healthy, and low-calorie snack. However, as with any dairy product, we recommend that pregnant women check safety indications first before making a purchase.

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1. Danish Havarti Cheese

Danish Havarti is a classic choice for sandwiches and burgers, with its mild flavor and smooth texture. Havarti is similar to Monterey Jack and Swiss cheese, which makes it ideal as a substitute for these specialties. Also, include it in your next fondue or mac and cheese recipe to enjoy a unique take on a classic dish.

Danish Havarti Cheese


We encourage any cheese lover to try Havarti cheese as it is a delicious and creamy delight. Find your favorite specialty on our list and order it online. Serve your favorite Havarti on crackers and pair it with a red Shiraz wine that beautifully complements the creamy Havarti cheese.

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