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Today Top Reviews is an amazing platform that features reviews focused on three specific niches: beers, wines and cheeses. We have dedicated our time to this website in order to provide users all over the world curated information about the best possible options from these categories of interest.

The Today Top Reviews team is comprised of bloggers, savvy cheese lovers, online media aficionados and beer lovers who have a knack for writing and sharing their opinion with the world. Our common aim is to provide you with focused descriptions of various items and to compare and contrast them so that you can find the best choice for your own needs.

We endeavor to offer you sufficient information so you can choose your own favorite products according to your own criteria. Our choices for these tops are always chosen to serve a wide range of needs and preferences so that they may serve as many readers as possible.

Information You Will Find on TodayTopReviews:

  • Introductions to each niche and best products.
  • Detailed reviews of the featured items as well as relevant information and unique facts about them.
  • Purchase links for all items.
  • Useful information that will hopefully be useful to our readers to create their own top 10s.

Take a look at TodayTopReviews to find useful and entertaining tops about the best beers, wines and cheeses. We provide you with the finest choices, as well as provide links to websites where you can purchase them on your own terms.

We note that the main reason we offer these links is to help you offer access to these items quickly and efficiently. We are not affiliated with these websites, but we want you to be able to find complete information about the products we describe so that you can make your choice on your terms.

If you have any requests for future topics feel free to write to us at info@todaytopreviews.com and we will do our best to cover them in the future. If you have any comments don’t hesitate to drop us a line! We would appreciate your input about your experience on our platform, which would help us make Today Top Reviews better for you.

Meet the Team

Linda Hartman

Linda Hartman authorA mother of one, Linda regularly cooks for her husband and teenage son. Passionate about Italian cuisine after spending ten years living in Naples; she is a self-proclaimed gourmand. When she is not traveling through Italy to discover the traditional ways of producing cheese and wine, Linda spends her time organizing and managing a local book club. Her love for food and the healthiest recipes is evident in every one of her articles!

Edward M. Welch

Edward M. Welch authorEdward is our own beer specialist, having dedicated a lot of his time to exploring the most delicious beers in the world. As a result, it shouldn’t surprise you that his favorite holiday took place in Ireland and included a visit to the world famous Guinness brewery. A young product designer, Edward makes time for his passion, contributing his experience and insight by curating the Best Beer section on our website. When he is not enjoying a cold glass of Kriek, Edward spends his time gardening.

Freddy Diaz

Freddy Diaz authorFreddy dreams of the day when he will be able to establish his own winery in his native state of California. His passion for wines runs in the family as his father was a respected sommelier in Spain before moving to the United States. Although not professionally trained, Freddy knows all there is to know about Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and all the greatest wines. He is generously sharing his knowledge with all our wine-addicted readers.

Selena Bates

Selena Bates authorSelena literally grew up in the kitchen of the restaurant her parents still own in Vermont. With such a background there is no wonder that she is currently pursuing a career as a professional chef. Her passions range from swimming, taking care of her three rescue cats to reading and occasionally playing guitar. Currently working as a sous chef in a Mexican style restaurant, Selena makes time to write helpful articles for our readers who share her passion for food.

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