10 Best American Cheeses

It’s easy to overlook the various American cheeses in your search for the perfect one. We still tend to think of the best cheeses as coming from the Old World. But a surprising number of wholly American-made cheeses are gaining popularity with consumers. As such, we invite you to peruse our list of best American cheeses and find one that appeals to you. Our ranking is based on overall taste, quality, and value. When determining quality, we looked at factors such as the production process and aging.

10. Tillamook Cheese Baby Loaf

This item is available in various iterations, and our pick is the nice sharp flavor that adds great zip to any sandwich or dish. The cheese is high-quality as it is aged for at least nine months to produce a robust and full-bodied flavor. Many users are glad to have a premium cheese they can get right here in America. Although it is only made in certain parts of Oregon, it is readily available for purchase. One small caveat is the somewhat high price. This is a premium cheese and given the quality, packaging and shipping costs, it is not as inexpensive as some others. Tillamook cedar pairs surpringly well with champagne.

Tillamook Cheese

9. Land O Lakes American Extra Melt Yellow Cheese

This cheese loaf provides outstanding taste and performance in your cooking needs. It’s easy to work with and is a great choice for nearly any endeavor in the kitchen. In terms of quality there is almost no downside with this product. We should note that this cheese works best as an addition to other dishes or in cooking. Users love that it brings restaurant-style cheese to the kitchen table. Be aware that this product ships in large quantites with a relatively short shelf life. The price of the cheese may be prohibitive for some consumers though you do get a lot of cheese for what you pay.

Land O Lakes American Extra Melt

8. Cooper Brand Sharp American Cheese

This five-pound loaf from Cooper offers a rich, creamy texture combined with a sharp cheddar flavor for a truly indulgent experience. There is little information on aspects of the cheese such as aging. However, the many positive thoughts left by consumers speak to high quality on all levels. This cheese is typically shipped with ice packs to ensure proper delivery even in summer months. Most users are extremely happy with this one, with a very few comments complaining about the high price. However, given the quality, quantity, and the fact that you can freeze it for longevity, we find it to be an affordable option.

 Cooper Brand Sharp

7. Perfect Partners Wisconsin Colby Cheese Variety Box

Wisconsin is perhaps one of the most-recognized places for some of the best American cheese. And with products like this, it’s easy for cheese aficionados to see why. This variety box from Perfect Partners is hand-crafted and aged for the maximum in cheddar flavor and texture. We like that consumers get a large amount of variety in each box, with enough flavors and textures to please everyone. This cheese variety pack is great for parties where grilling and sandwiches are involved, and all flavors are of excellent quality. The cheese also keeps very well according to most users, further increasing its overall value.

Perfect Partners Wisconsin Colby Cheese

6. Tillamook Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese

Another great product from Tillamook, this cheese provides extra sharp flavor and is aged well like all Tillamook cheeses for a superior taste and texture.
Our only complaint is that although all consumers seem to love it, it comes at a premium price that may be a little steep for those just wanting a fine vintage cheese on their next sandwich. Having said that, it’s also a premium cheese that is aged no less than two years, giving it an outstanding flavor.

Tillamook Vintage Extra Sharp

5. igourmet Hoop Cheese

We like this one as it adds a bit of eccentricity to the list. Hoop cheese is commonly a hard cheese in the South, but has a consistency and texture similar to a mild cheddar cheese. It provides a hint of saltiness that is perfect for flavoring other dishes. Everything is aged, cut, wrapped and shipped by hand to ensure the highest standard of quality. We particularly like that the company goes the extra mile of shipping their cheese in a cooler for maximum freshness and you can even reuse the cooler. We do find shipping to be high, but this is truly a high-grade cheese.

igourmet Hoop Cheese

6. Beecher’s Handmade Flagship Cheese

This cheese loaf has what the manufacturer calls a robust, nutty flavor and a semi-hard texture. It’s made with cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of one year to ensure the best quality. Each wheel is hand-crafted, so you know the makers paid attention to the finer details. The price might be somewhat high for some users for only one pound of cheese.

Beecher's Handmade Flagship Cheese

4. Vella Sonoma County Dry Jack Cheese

This cheese is notable for having a cocoa and black pepper rub that the makers use to as a flavor enhancement. It also has a characteristic nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness.
The cheese is aged for quality, although the makers claim it is aged a “further” seven to ten months without qualifying this. However we can say that the cheese is aged for over half a year minimum. This is an excellent cheese with a slightly high price per pound.

Vella Sonoma County Dry Jack

3. Sartori Espresso BellaVitano Reserve Cheese

This reserve has a creamy texture combined with a high-quality taste thanks to both the aging process and a unique espresso rub. This cheese is a great option for a light breakfast cheese or as an after-dinner snack. The price can be somewhat prohibitive, but this is truly an artisan cheese.

Sartori Espresso BellaVitano

2. Perfect Partners Cheese

This entry is primarily for those who are looking for some of the best American cheese to pair with a good white wine. Here, you’ll get a random variety of cheddar, grana, and gouda cheese. The selections may be random, but the quality is anything but, and you can be sure that each piece will complement your wine selection. At twenty-four ounces total, this assortment is also a very affordable choice.

Perfect Partners Cheese

1. Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Milk Cheddar Cheese

Something a little different takes our top spot for best American cheese. This one is made from goat’s milk rather than cow’s milk, and has a mild, even flavor. Goat milk cheese is typically treated differently but still hand-made and aged for a fine cheese product. The cheese itself is affordable but some may find shipping costs to be prohibitive. Regardless, it is one of the best goat cheeses you can get.

Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Milk Cheddar

We’ve provided a great variety of cheeses here to show readers that yes, great cheese can indeed be found in America. If you’re looking to try something closer to home with flavors that are just as grand as those in Europe, look no further than our picks for best American cheeses.

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