10 Best Belgian Chocolates

When people think of high-quality artisan chocolates, Belgian chocolates are nearly always going to be one of the top choices. The Belgians are famous for their hand-crafted chocolates that feature only high-quality ingredients and closely guarded recipes. Many chocolate enthusiasts know that Belgian chocolate is some of the best but some are unsure of just which brands or products truly represent that ideal. If that sounds like you, don’t worry because we’re here to help. Our list of the ten best Belgian chocolates will bring you the best Belgium has to offer from their top brands, all based on taste, texture, and affordability.

10. Neuhaus Chocolate Dark Collection

Neuhaus is a company steeped in chocolate fame and it isn’t hard to see why. The founder’s grandson is actually widely recognized as the inventor of the bonbon.
With this collection of dark chocolate, you’ll get a wide assortment of twenty-five pieces of Neuhaus’s own premium dark chocolate recipe. The taste of the Belgian chocolate is smooth yet intense, and many consumers say it is hard to find elsewhere in stores. The price is likely a bit prohibitive for some consumers, but this is truly high-quality Belgian dark chocolate.

Neuhaus Dark Collection

9. Godiva Chocolatier Signature Chocolate Truffles

This is just one of many answers to “the truffle question” provided by Godiva. Each box comes ornately wrapped and is perfect for gift-giving or parties. You’ll receive twelve truffles with a variety of tried-and-true flavors such as regular milk chocolate or salted with almonds. And if that isn’t enough, some new, popular flavors like spiced Aztec or a nice crème brûlée appear as well. All of this Belgian variety can be had at a very affordable price point, too.

Godiva Truffles

8. Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: General Assortment

Leonidas is a notable company not only for their dedication to producing exceptional Belgian chocolates. While that is certainly a reason to buy from them, we also like the fact that one of their goals is providing high-quality Belgian chocolates at a price that tends to be more affordable than some of their competitors. This allows Leonidas to bring a wider variety of some of the best Belgian chocolates to a greater number of chocolate enthusiasts. Most consumers really enjoy the decadent tastes and textures of these chocolates and we’re confident you will, too.

Leonidas General Assortment

7. Guylian Belgian Chocolates

The beauty of a Guylian product lies not only in the exquisite tastes and textures provided in their chocolates but in the presentation as well. When you get something like their artisanal Seashell chocolates, you’re getting not only some of the best-tasting Belgian chocolates out there, but also a product that is truly made as a work of art. These seashell chocolates taste and look great and are a perfect addition to your next dinner party. We’re sure your guests will appreciate the taste and aesthetic appeal of these chocolates in equal measure.

Gyulian Belgian

6. Cote D’Or Belgian Milk Chocolate

Cote D’or is your answer for Belgian chocolate that is understated yet still high in quality. This is their version of milk chocolate and it arrives in simple, no frills packaging. The smooth textures and mild tastes of the chocolate are anything but simple, however. The complex notes combine on the taste buds to make this some of the best Belgian chocolate you are likely to find anywhere. In rare cases, some consumers found the taste to be slightly bitter for a milk chocolate bar. However, the price is very affordable at only a few cents per gram.

Cote D'or

5. Dolfin Dark Chocolate Bar with Earl Grey Tea

Dolfin might not be as well-known as some other Belgian chocolate brands on this list but they’ve earned a place here, nonetheless. This bar features high-quality dark chocolate with an intense and somewhat bitter taste, making it a perfect option for anyone who likes a very strong dark chocolate. To top things off, hints of Earl Grey will round out the flavor and appeal to any strong tea lovers in your group. We find the price for these bars to be reasonable, too.

Dolfin Dark Earl Tea

4. Bruyerre Finest Belgian Chocolates Gift Box

Another famous company, Bruyerre excels at provided aesthetically appealing and expertly crafted gift boxes of some of the best Belgian chocolates. Note that while the packaging may vary, you’ll always receive a beautiful box of thirteen chocolates. The range of flavors and textures should appeal to a variety of chocolate lovers. Whatever your taste preferences are, there’s no denying the high quality of this chocolate, and it’s all available at a reasonable price.

Bruyerre Finest

3. The Neuhaus Collection Milk Chocolate

If you’re strictly into milk chocolate, this collection is for you. It’s another product from famed Belgian chocolatiers Neuhaus and features twenty-five pieces of some of the best Belgian chocolate available. Consumers really enjoy the mild taste and smooth texture that seems to be quite consistent throughout the entire box. The chocolate not only has flavors that appeal to a wide variety of chocolate lovers, but also very pleasant aromas that linger long after the chocolate is gone. The price for these premium chocolates is average, but the quality is exceptional.

Neuhaus Collection

2. Godiva Chocolatier Classic Chocolate Bar Gift Set

This set of bars from Godiva still provide the same high-quality Belgian chocolates you know and love, but in bar form. If you feel like indulging in some classic Belgian chocolate flavors but you don’t wish to open a whole box of truffles and risk overindulging, this is your answer. These bars feature a variety of flavors and textures from milk chocolate to dark and everything in between but are a bit easier on the waistline. The experience of tastes and textures is still everything you could want in a Belgian chocolate bar though, and at a price to match.

Godiva Classic

1. Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: Chocolate Bars – Variety Pack

The price plus shipping costs for these bars is a bit prohibitive for some consumers. However, you’re getting twelve bars of some of the best Belgian chocolate out there from one of the best Belgian chocolatiers around. Not only that, but you get a variety of pretty much every chocolate flavor and intensity level you could desire. From pure white chocolate on the sweet end of the spectrum to dark chocolate on the bitter end, Leonidas provides it all. The order contains two of each bar to keep the fine Belgian chocolate experience going even when the first bars are gone.

Leonidas Belgian

Belgian chocolate makers are some of the finest in the world. While it’s easy to say you can’t go wrong with any Belgian chocolates, finding the right assortment that works for you is not quite so simple. That’s why we invite you to peruse our list of the ten best Belgian chocolates. We’re certain that any one item will meet your needs for high-quality Belgian chocolate products that taste fantastic.

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