10 Best Chardonnays

Chardonnay is a popular, versatile white wine that can be paired with a variety of foods and please a variety of palates. Typically full-bodied and creamy with flavors of oak, vanilla, and tropical fruit, chardonnays can also be crisp and medium bodied, tasting of apples and pears and giving a subtle floral scent. Chardonnays can be served with many foods, but are most popularly paired with grilled chicken, seafood, and creamy foods such as pasta, soup, or cheeses. Below, you’ll find the best chardonnays you can purchase online. The wines below were chosen to be the best chardonnays to buy online, most importantly, by their aroma and palate, but other factors considered included geographic location, production methods, price, and composition (all are 100% chardonnay).

10. 2015 Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Chardonnay

Kicking off the list of best chardonnay is the lovely yet affordable 2015 Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Chardonnay. It provides butterscotch and pineapple aromas with a full-bodied, tropical fruit flavor. This chardonnay is well-balanced while still having the richness of a good chardonnay. Retailing at $10-$20 per bottle, this wine pairs well with creamy pastas and seafood dishes.

Chateau Ste Michelle

9. 2014 Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay

A great wine for happy hour or a relaxing summer picnic, the 2014 Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay has bright aromas of fresh hazelnut, vanilla, and spice, accompanied with flavors of white peach, apricot, and sweet lemon. It maintains the creamy mouthfeel of a chardonnay while being light and bright enough to enjoy on a warm summer day. Pick up this wine for $10-$20 per bottle and pair it with a picnic of creamy brie, charcuterie or smoked fish, and fresh strawberries.

Cupcake Vineyards

8. 2015 Gordon Estate Chardonnay

Another Columbia Valley chardonnay making our list of best chardonnay s, the 2015 Gordon Estate Chardonnay balances stainless steel fermentation and barrel aging to provide a wine that is fresh and crisp, yet provides the full-body you’d expect from a good chardonnay. You’ll be treated with the scent of toasted marshmallow, peach, and pear, with subtle floral notes. The first sip brings bright yet soft citrus notes and a light oakiness. Pair this with seared scallops or shrimp scampi for an indulgent meal. Ranging in price from $10-$20, this is a great wine at a great price.

Gordon Estate

7. 2015 Rutherford Ranch Chardonnay, Napa Valley

The 2015 Rutherford Ranch Chardonnay is a wonderful wine to share over dinner with friends. Always a favorite no matter the vintage, the 2015 offers aromas of kumquat and lemongrass and flavors of Asian pear and vanilla. At $15-$25 per bottle, pair this wine with with grilled chicken or fish, creamy vegetable soups, or your favorite creamy cheese. This Napa Valley Chardonnay from Rutherford Ranch is complex, yet well balanced; a great addition to any dinner party.

Rutherford Ranch

6. 2013 Joseph Drouhin Macon Villages

A list of best chardonnay s could not be complete without a French chardonnay, or white burgundy. The 2013 Joseph Drouhin Macon Villages is floral and fruity, the palate reminiscent of biting into a fresh grape. At $10-$20 per bottle, consider sharing this wine over a delicious charcuterie board or by itself before dinner as an aperitif. Just remember to serve chilled but not cold!

Joseph Drouhin

5. 2015 Willamette Valley Vineyards Dijon Clone Chardonnay

The only Oregon wine on the list of best chardonnay s, the 2015 Willamette Valley Vineyards Dijon Clone Chardonnay is a beautiful lemon colored wine with scents of pineapple and peach, infused with hazelnut and lush vanilla bean. Medium bodied, it provides lovely flavors of apple and citrus, making it great for pairing with food. At $20-$30 a bottle, consider enjoying this wine over a meal of grilled fish, creamy pasta, or a warm bowl of creamy vegetable soup.

Willamette Valley

4. 2016 Peju Napa Valley Chardonnay

Born of a near-perfect growing season, the 2016 Peju Napa Valley Chardonnay offers aromas of vanilla, crisp apple, and orange blossom. White peach and pear flavors with a pop of citrus create smooth, well-layered wine that pairs well with a beautiful summer dinner of grilled chicken and summer vegetables, or a lush fish entree with a creamy sauce. At the higher end of the price range for this list, $25-$35 a bottle is still well worth it for this delectable, expertly made chardonnay.

Peju Napa Valley

3. 2016 Heringer Estates Chardonnay

If you’re looking for something a little different in your chardonnays, consider the 2016 Heringer Estates Chardonnay. Grown in Clarksburg just south of Sacramento, California, this wine is perfect for the person who shies away from the creamy, fuller-bodied chardonnays. Tropical fruit aromas give way to flavors of apple and banana cream pie. A perfect picnic wine, pair this with summer pasta salads, fresh cheeses, and a beautiful sunny day. At $10-$20 per bottle, this affordable chardonnay will be a unique and delicious addition to your next gathering.

Heringer Estates

2. 2015 Baer Winery “Shard” Stillwater Creek Vineyard Unoaked Chardonnay

No “best chardonnay” list can be complete without an unoaked version. The 2015 Baer Winery “Shard” Stillwater Creek Vineyard Unoaked Chardonnay is another great wine for those looking for something lighter and brighter than a typical chardonnay. Fermented in stainless steel tanks with no barrel aging, you’ll enjoy aromas of crisp nectarine followed by flavors of equally crisp apple, smooth pear, and bright lemon curd. Ranging from $20-$30 a bottle, pair this Washington white with an artisanal cheese board or fresh pasta dish.

Bear Winery Shard

1. 2014 Parker Chardonnay Duvarita Vineyard

We’re rounding out the list of best chardonnay s with a lovely wine from Southern California. The 2014 Parker Chardonnay is sustainably grown at their Duvarita Vineyard in Santa Barbara County. The 2014 vintage offers bright aromas of tropical fruit and green apple, with medium acidity and a little smoothness on the palate from 18 months in oak barrels. At $20-$30 per bottle (but on sale on a few sites right now), this chardonnay would pair well with fresh seafood or grilled chicken.

Duvarita Venyard


This list of the best chardonnays you can buy online provides a glimpse at the versatility and variety of this wine. With all the great chardonnays out there, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this list. Do you have a chardonnay you love that isn’t listed? Let us know why you think it deserves a spot on our list!

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