10 Best Cheeses for Pizza Other Than Mozzarella

Forget the usual plain mozzarella that some people are accustomed to. Take your pizza to the next level by stepping away from the comfort zone that using only mozzarella limits you to. Instead, try coupling it with other cheeses, or ditch it all together and try a new bold flavor for your pizza. The best cheese for pizza on our list that could change the way you think of this classic meal altogether.

This best cheese for pizza list is provided in order of taste and versatility, for your convenience.

10. Appenzeller

If you love creamy cheese, Appenzeller is a must try for your next pizza. A member of the Swiss cheese family, this soft melting cheese offers a lasting flavor that is sure to make a noticeable difference in your pizza. For a relatively high price per pound online, this cheese could a dash of strong flavor to your pizza.

Appenzeller Switerland Cheese

9. Manchego

Another flavor lasting cheese, Manchego has been a feature in many chefs pizzas for some time now. This best cheese for pizza option has a uniquely sweet nutty taste that will leave your taste buds delighted. Similar to mozzarella, this cheese melts ideally for pizza. That being said, be sure you do not select aged Manchego cheese for pizza. Aged Manchego is much drier and would be more suitable for a grating cheese.

igourmet Manchego

8. Gjetost

If you want to try something new but do not want to get too bold with flavor, try using Gjetost on your pizza. Although the flavor will most likely be familiar to you, as it tastes similar to American cheese, this will still provide a new and unique taste to your dish. The melting and browning of this firm and naturally sweet cheese will satisfy any pizza lover.

Gjetost Cheese

7. Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio

Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio can be paired with another cheese on your pizza by grating it on top before serving, to provide a nice pop of robust flavor. On the other hand, if you want to try using only this strong cheese, pair it with a mild sauce and light toppings for a positive change in your pizza experience.

The more aged Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio you get the stronger the flavor, and the more crystallization you get. To get one pound of Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio that has been aged 3 years, it will cost you a pretty penny. However, as Italy is the birthplace of pizza, true pizza lovers should take the time to experience the richness of Italian cuisine and the taste of traditional Parmigiano at least once in their life.

Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio

6. French Raclette

Widely known for its melting capabilities, French Raclette offers a couple of pizza opportunities. Use the French Raclette with other more dry cheeses to top your pizza to provide a wonderful flurry of flavor while helping to soften the more dry cheese. Another great option would be to melt it and use it as a dipping sauce for your pizza.

French Raclette Cheese

5. Montasio

Used correctly this hard and dry cheese can be the best cheese for a pizza. Of course, you can enjoy this grated on top of your dish. However, if you are looking to make a bigger change and love a good crunch, you should really try putting Montasio on your pizza to bake.

With or without the addition of another cheese, Montasio can provide a unique crispy cheese that will really alter your recipe for the better.

Agriform Montasio Cheese

4. French Port Salut

This aromatic cheese will leave your kitchen smelling delicious. Port Salut will behave similarly to mozzarella on a pizza but will provide a much more noticeable, but mild flavor. If you like the texture of mozzarella but are looking for something bolder, then Port Salut is for you. For a modest price, you can try this semi-soft cheese for yourself.

louis m martini sonoma county cabernet sauvignon

3. Prairie Breeze Cheddar

Of course, any cheddar could have been mentioned, but Prairie Breeze Cheddar is worthy of special recognition. It stands out with a delicious nutty, yet smooth taste; which will be the feature of your pizza. This cheddar will also make your dish look appealing since it browns beautifully.

If you would like to accent your pizza with the savory taste that Prairie Breeze Cheddar has to offer, then you can purchase it online and enjoy.

Prairie Breeze Cheddar

2. Limburger

Limburger is often eaten with bread, so it is no surprise that it is delicious on pizza. This cheese is also known for its strong smell, but do not let that stop you from trying this beloved ingredient. If you enjoy a pizza with different sauces than the typical tomato, Limburger would be a great addition to your recipe.

Limburger can stand on its own in the flavor spectrum, so be sure that it will taste compatible with your other ingredients. If done right this could become your new favorite pizza cheese.

Brick Limburger Cheese

1. Wisconsin Mild Brick

Last but certainly not least, Wisconsin Mild Brick cheese is a very versatile cheese that could not escape this list. This best cheese for pizza is for those who want something different than mozzarella, but want to stay with a traditional and familiar palate.

Even though Wisconsin Mild Brick cheese does have a familiar taste it also has its own mild undertones and slight nutty taste that makes it unique. Also, this cheese is almost error free for the less experienced cook, and the more adventurous cook alike. Make this your new go-to cheese for the next pizzas you decide to make. You won’t regret it!

Wisconsin Country Cheese Brick Cheese

Final Word

You choose different toppings, so why not choose a different cheese? Opting for a new cheese could make your next dish stand out. Or you can mix some of the cheeses on this list to obtain the best cheese combination for pizza. And if you like stringy pizza see which are the best melting cheeses out there.

In your opinion, what is the best cheese for pizza you have tried? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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