10 Best Cheeses With Champagne

Cheese is an excellent food group to pair with Champagne and just as classic a choice as cheese with wine. This is because you won’t generally eat a whole meal with a bottle or glass of Champagne; it is meant to be sipped slowly and savored. As such, we will provide you with a list of the best cheeses with Champagne based on cheese taste and texture. We will offer a variety of cheese types to ensure you can use this list no matter what Champagne you choose.

10. Notre Dame French Baby Brie

The generally soft and creamy texture that is Brie cheese makes it one of the best cheeses for Champagne. While it could probably complement just about any Champagne you could think of, we recommend sipping on a fairly light Champagne with a strongly fruity taste to really bring out the best of both the brie cheese and the drink flavors. The lovely aromas of this brie will make it a particular favorite with your party guests. It is definetely one of the best Brie cheeses on the market. If Brie is your cheese of choice for a Champagne partner, be sure you choose very fresh cheese for the best results.

French Baby Brie

9. Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese & Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Although many people say that only a medium Cheddar should ever be paired with Champagne, just as many consumers say they prefer a sharper Cheddar cheese with their bottle of bubbly. We can offer you the best of both worlds with this convenient two-pack that gives you two baby loaves of both mild and sharp Cheddar. The mild Cheddar taste will go well with a bolder and brighter Champagne, while the sharp Cheddar will add some kick to the lighter Champagnes.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

8. Celebrity Fig Chevre

The term Chevre is French for goat cheese, and it makes an excellent companion to a variety of Champagnes. As a bonus, this one has the extra sweet taste of figs, but even plain Chevre will go well with Champagne. A good Chevre will have a mild taste but with a lot of added tangy hints as well. This one will also have great consistency and a creamy center. Chevre is best served along with strong Champagnes that have some kick.

Celebrity Fig Chevre

7. Wisconsin Cheese Mart Colby Cheese Longhorn

The best Colby cheeses will have a hard texture combined with a mild taste. Although Colby cheese is typically associated with various port wines, don’t let that fool you. This cheese is also an excellent nibbling companion to a nice glass of Champagne. We recommend choosing Colby cheese for any Champagne that has medium body.
This particular Colby has the traditional hard texture but is also more porous than some competitors and with a higher moisture content.

Colby Cheese Longhorn

6. Holandeli KoKos – Coconut Gouda Cheese 1lb by HolanDeli

Gouda is the best choice of cheese if the Champagne you have on hand has definite nutty tones and aromas. This is because a good wheel of Gouda is often nutty itself, with a hard yet smooth texture. this combination of features provides a nice palate contrast to Champagne as everything mixes together within the taste buds. This particular Gouda from Kokos is infused with a bit of coconut cream to enhance the flavor and creaminess of the cheese.

Coconut Gouda Cheese

5. Val de Soane Camembert

Camembert is another cheese type that has a predominantly nutty flavor that goes well with various Champagnes. We recommend that you get a nice Camembert that is not overly ripe, otherwise you risk overpowering the flavors and aromas of your Champagne of choice. Speaking of which, while a good Camembert such as this one will likely complement most Champagnes or similar bubbly drinks, it’s a cheese that tends to work best with fruity drinks.


4. Moliterno Black Truffle Pecorino

Truffle cheeses are often seen by many people as logical pairings to many Champagnes or bubbly drinks. Certainly, one reason for this is that both items have a sort of indulgent history about them, but that isn’t the only reason. The sweet truffle flavor of this cheese is infused throughout the entire body of the cheese and clearly visible within its veins. Truffle cheese is an excellent choice of food item to go with any affordable Champagne these days.

Truffle Pecorino

3. Epoisses de Burgundy Cheese

We’re happy to include at least one Epoisses cheese here because it can often be a very exciting pairing. This is partly due to the strong aromas associated with this particular cheese. It is a very full-flavored and salty cheese, which can often make pairing it with Champagne a bit trickier than with other cheeses. As such, we recommend an equally full-bodied and very fruity Champagne; the flavors should balance each other out very nicely. The Epoisses de Burgundy cheese works quite well with Pinot Noir as well.

Burgundy Cheese

2. Saint Andre Cheese

Yes, it is a rather expensive option, but a good triple creme cheese is an excellent pairing for Champagne. This particular cheese from St. Andre is extremely delicate and provides the smooth and rich buttery textures that make the triple creme cheeses so famous. Cheeses such as these are best some of the stronger Champagnes to balance the thick coating that will be left on the mouth and tongue.

Saint Andre

1. igourmet Gruyere AOC

Gruyere is a nice choice to pair with Champagne thanks largely to its versatile nature. While it has the same creamy and nutty flavors of many similar cheeses, it is also relatively mild. This combination makes it a decent jack-of-all-trades cheese that can serve as a companion to a wide variety of Champagnes. Guyere is truly one of the best cheeses for Champagne out there.

Gruyere AOC

Champagne and cheese go together as like few other historical pairs can. Even so, while there may not be a number one absolute best choice, there are still cheeses that complement certain Champagnes better than others. We invite you to use our handy list of best cheeses with Champagne to find one that is perfect for your next celebration.

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