10 Best Cheeses With Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a popular type of white wine that is a blessing to cheese lovers as it tends to pair very well with it. Thanks to the wide varieties of both Chardonnay wines and cheeses, there are possibilities for pairing most any cheeses with your favorite types or brands of Chardonnay. While we will be focusing on cheese taste and texture to inform our choices here, it will also depend on whether the Chardonnay you choose is considered oak-like, or more fruity instead. Regardless, we’ll give you a nice variety of the best cheeses with Chardonnay.

10. Gourmet555 Garrotxa Goat Cheese

Garroxta cheese hails from Spain and is always made with high-quality goat’s milk. Its strength lies in its nearly universal appeal as it can often be a favorite even of party guests that claim goat cheese just isn’t for them. It is typically aged for several months prior to shipment. This creates a cheese with a nice semi-firm texture and a buttery, nutty flavor that is strong without being overpowering. Chardonnay helps to bring both the buttery and nutty aspects of the flavor to the forefront. We recommend pairing Garroxta with a light, citrus-infused Chardonnay.

Gourmet555 Garrotxa

9. Chatelain Camembert Cheese

You can pair nice wheel of Camembert cheese quite well with Chardonnay thanks to the buttery texture of the cheese. While we certainly recommend an authentic French Camembert, the beauty of this pairing is in its versatility. Even U.S.-made Camembert from various manufacturers make a fine companion to a nice bottle of Chardonnay. To really complement one another, we recommend choosing a Chardonnay that is also very light and has a smooth and creamy texture to match the cheese.

Chatelain Camembert

8. Shropshire Blue Cheese

There are quite a few cheeses in the blue subgroup that pair well with certain Chardonnays but for now, we’ll start with Shropshire Blue. This blue cheese tends to have a delicate balance of both sweet and salty in its flavor repertoire. In addition, the best Shropshire has a rather doughy, fudgy texture that is quite unique in the cheese world. If you have a bold and buttery bottle of Chardonnay, this is one of the best cheeses to pair with it.

Shropshire Blue

7. Fontina Val d’Aosta Cheese

Note that while you might find more popular Fontina on the market, we don’t necessarily recommend them over d’Aosta. That’s because simple Fontina cheeses (without d’Aosta attached) are typically quite bland and can even be rubbery. For the best cheese with Chardonnay pairing, we recommend that you stick with Fontina d’Aosta cheese.
This cheese is great with nearly any bottle of Chardonnay because it as a very floral-like flavor and aroma, and a good Chardonnay can bring out the fruitiness hiding inside this cheese, too.

Fontina Val

6. Emmi Tete de Moine

Tete de Moine is clearly for the cheese enthusiast that doesn’t mind a strong-tasting cheese with a powerful aroma to match. That being said, the smell of this cheese is not as pungent as some other cheeses in the washed rind category. It’s a cheese made from raw cow’s milk and features a semi-hard texture. You should slice this one thinly, particularly if you want to pair it with a bottle of Chardonnay. While you might be apprehensive at first, this cheese is both bold and fruity, so it can be paired with either bold or light Chardonnay types equally well.

Emmi Tete

5. Tillamook Vintage Extra-Sharp Cheddar

Did someone give you the gift of a particularly big and bold Chardonnay and now you’re not quite sure what to pair with it? A nice, extra-sharp Cheddar cheese like this one from Tillamook will provide the balance that you need. Any Chardonnay that has a particularly oak-like taste will meet a good match in the equally bold and complex flavors of this specially prepared sharp cheese. For heavily oaked Chardonnays, this is truly one of the best cheeses to meet your needs.

Tillamook Vintage

4. Gourmet Food Triple Creme Cheese

There are a variety of triple creme cheeses that provide perfect companions to a nice Chardonnay. For this entry, we’ve chosen a Cambozola cheese, as it is not pungent or crumbly like some other cheeses. Instead, it has a semi-soft texture and of course the necessary degree of creamy smoothness to go with it. Chardonnays that are in between light and bold, otherwise known as moderately oaked Chardonnays, are the best ones to pair with triple creme cheese.

Triple Creme Cheese

3. Cypress Grove Purple Haze Chevre

This goat cheese is one of the more unique cheeses available, with its very sweet flavor. While many cheeses are sweet, Purple Haze’s high-quality flavor comes from the blend of lavender and fennel that is infused throughout the body of the cheese. This particular cheese pairs well with any Chardonnay that is also sweet or light and unoaked. This product is shipped in a reusable container for your convenience and to maintain the unique flavor of the cheese at the highest quality level.

Cypress Grove Purple

2. igourmet Maytag Blue

Another blue cheese, but this time made from raw, unpasteurized cow’s milk. We’ve chosen this one for our list because the production process for unpasteurized blue cheese lends itself to pairing with heavy, oakier Chardonnays. If you favor lavishly oaked Chardonnay but want a cheese that won’t exaggerate the flavors in your drink, this might be the perfect cheese for you.

igourmet Maytag

1. igourmet Blue Stilton

Our final entry is a nice Blue Stilton cheese from makers Tuxford and Tebbutt. Blue Stilton typical has a semi-soft texture quality to it combined with a very mild flavor. While that flavor might be too mild or even subtle for some cheese enthusiasts, it happens to make Blue Stilton one of the best cheeses to pair with any light, crisp Chardonnay.

igourmet Stilton

Ultimately, what cheese you choose for you snack depends on what type of Chardonnay you like or have on hand. That allows for a great degree of versatility, but it can also be somewhat confusing. That’s why our list provides several options for cheese that encompass all types of Chardonnay. That way, you’re sure to find some cheese that pairs best with the Chardonnay of your choice.

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