10 Best Cheeses With Pinot Grigio

People have been pairing cheese with wine for centuries now. As we’ve further refined the manufacturing processes of each, though, we’ve come to learn a few things about what works and what doesn’t. While your party guests will probably appreciate any wine and cheese you set out, certain cheeses complement certain wines better than others. If your wine of choice is Pinot Grigio, this list will give you our picks for best cheeses with Pinot Grigio, based on how well their tastes and textures complement or contrast with this particular wine.

10. Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Cheese

You might be surprised at the variety of different cheese types that are good companions to a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio. a good Humboldt Fog cheese is one such example and we’ve chosen this one from Cypress Grove to start the list. It has a mild taste and a fairly light and creamy texture as well. And although it is a mild cheese, it features a rather tangy and salty flavor. This combination means that it pairs very well with the fruity tastes and textures of a typical Pinot Grigio. Goat cheeses like Humboldt Fog are excellent toppings for your party appetizers too.

Humboldt Fog Cheese

9. Gourmet 555 Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere brings out the best in Pinot Grigio thanks to its versatile flavor combinations of sweet, salty and nutty, all in one complete package. Keep in mind that a Gruyere will become more flavorful as it ages, so look for one like this that is aged anywhere between three and ten months. It is also a good melting cheese, making it an ideal candidate for a nice fondue to go with your Pinot Grigio. Gruyere is another cheese that helps to bring out the full flavor potential of Pinot Grigio’s light, fruity nature.

Gruyere Cheese

8. Mozzarella Whole Milk Loaf by AlexMeat

While you probably associate Mozzarella cheese most closely with pizza that isn’t its only use. Its semi-soft textures and mild flavors are a great contrast to the drier nature of Pinot Grigio. Note that while most Mozzarella is white, it can also be a very light yellow, and it works just as well. The color changes are simply the result of the different seasons in which the cheese is produced. While you might be tempted to add some tomato slices to your Mozzarella because they go so well together, we recommend holding off on that. Tomatoes, unfortunately, do not pair well with a Pinot Grigio.

Whole Milk Loaf by AlexMeat

7. Li’l Baby Swiss Cheese from The Swiss Colony

The smooth and creamy textures of a nice Baby Swiss cheese make it another ideal pairing for Pinot Grigio. Baby Swiss is as you might’ve guessed a close relative to its larger Swiss cousin, but typically features smaller holes throughout the body of the cheese. The pleasantly mild flavor of a properly aged Baby Swiss will mix well with the clean and light tastes of a Pinot Grigio without overpowering the wine, which is what you want in a cheese appetizer. We recommend just serving Baby Swiss in slices or cubes to bring out the natural flavors of the cheese and wine combo.

Li'l Baby Swiss Cheese

6. Garrotxa Goat Cheese by Gourmet 555

Garrotxa is another goat cheese, but it pairs well with Pinot Grigio. Unlike some of our other recommendations, Garrotxa has a somewhat firmer texture and body. In addition, this cheese features a stronger and fuller earthy flavor which acts in contrast to the lighter, fruity tones of a nice Pinot Grigio. However, it still retains a hint of tanginess throughout which works in concert with the wine. Overall, Garrotxa’s versatility makes it a great choice for this wine and cheese pairing.

Garrotxa Goat Cheese

5. Roquefort by Gourmet-Food

Roquefort is a generally soft-textured cheese made from sheep’s milk and the best of it is imported from France. Once again, the key is balance here, and the mild flavors of a properly made Roquefort tend to complement Pinot Grigio’s somewhat light and fruity tones very well. And, despite its mild flavor, Roquefort is often described as a very full and rich cheese. It will give you a full range of bold flavors without overpowering your palate. Roquefort lends itself to being served as an appetizer on crackers or other small finger foods alongside your wine.


4. Gourmet 555 Smoked Gouda Cheese

Gouda is a cheese that is famous for its versatility, being one that can be paired with almost any wine. However, we recommend it for a light white wine such as Pinot Grigio over red wines, which will almost certainly overpower the cheese rather than blend with it. We find that Pinot Grigio, on the other hand, blends very well with the semi-hard texture and nutty saltiness of a good Gouda cheese. This particular one is smoked and features a semi-sharp flavor that is sure to please everyone at your next wine and cheese gathering.

Smoked Gouda Cheese

3. Alma Gourmet Il Parco Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

We like to provide readers with at least a couple of options for the same cheese type for the sake of choice and variety. Mozzarella is definitely one of those cheeses that will show up more than once thanks to the way it pairs with a good Pinot Grigio. This isn’t the only wine for which Mozzarella is good, but it does use its typically tangy flavors to bring out the fruitiness of your Pinot Grigio. While many experts say that it goes well with various fruits and veggies, we again advise caution. Don’t choose something like tomatoes or other foods that will only serve to wash out the Pinot Grigio.

Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

2. Notre Dame French Baby Brie

When it comes to Pinot Grigio, a Brie might not be the first choice on everyone’s list. However, don’t let that put you off, as Brie still has a lot going for it that make it a pretty good companion to this wine. It’s a very soft cheese that is both creamy and mildly tart simultaneously. This combination of tastes and textures means that Pinot Grigio can likely add just a hint of acidity to the Brie without taking away from the flavor experience. Brie is a good choice for most white wines and will serve you well in conjunction with a Pinot Grigio.

French Baby Brie

1. igourmet Gruyere AOC

We close our list with another Gruyere cheese. This one features the creamy texture and nutty, flavorful taste you’d expect from a Gruyere, making it one of the best cheeses for a Pinot Grigio pairing. This one is handmade with whole milk and cut to order. It’s also shipped in a reusable cooler to ensure maximum freshness and the strongest taste possible.

Gruyere AOC


As you can see, a wine like Pinot Grigio tends to pair best with cheeses that are relatively soft and mild. This pairing works to either complement the flavors of the wine or contrast with it, depending on the tartness of the cheese and what you want to achieve. Whatever your goals, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect cheese for Pinot Grigio on our list.

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