10 Best Cheeses With Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a popular red wine for parties or just for enjoying in quiet solitude at home. Pairing it with some nice cheese ups the enjoyment factor as well. While various cheeses go well with it, it’s important to find some that will bring allow the food and drink to bring out the best in each other. Pinot Noir is versatile but goes best with sheep’s milk cheeses although that is certainly not the only type. We’ll go through popular cheeses by taste and texture and list the best cheeses with Pinot Noir pairings.

10. Rivoire Jacquemin Cheese Comte Gruyere Aged 6 Months

Gruyere cheese is well-known in Switzerland, but France produces a somewhat less famous though still excellent version of their own. This Gruyere is made from cow’s milk and we like it because it gives you the same great taste you may be used to with Swiss Gruyere, but with a more mild tone and a bit less kick. The result is a cheese that pairs well with typically light- or medium-bodied wines that make up the spectrum of Pinot Noir. Given the mildness of this Gruyere, you can try it with a Pinot Noir that is a bit stronger than usual.

Cheese Comte Gruyere

9. Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese Mad in Oregon

Cheddar cheese is an excellent choice for pairing with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. And the Tillamook Medium Cheddar is arguable one of the absolute best American cheeses you can find. The cheese helps to bring out the flavors of the wine without either one overpowering the other. However, we do recommend that you stick with a medium cheddar such as this one or a cheddar of the light variety. A sharp or extra sharp cheddar may prove to have flavors that are too bold, thus masking the light fruity tones of the Pinot Noir of your choice.

Cheese Made in Oregon

8. Saint Andre Cheese

Saint Andre cheese is another great choice for pairing with most Pinot Noirs, particularly those that are considered light-bodied, as the cheese is apt to be very rich and buttery, providing a nice complement to the tones of the Pinot Noir. Given the versatility of this wine, you may wish to try various berry flavors, as you’ll find that several of them go well with the strong and smooth taste of Saint Andre’s cheese.

Saint Andre

7. igourmet Old Amsterdam

This Dutch cheese is something a bit different and perhaps unusual for a Pinot Noir coupling, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Indeed, Old Amsterdam is marketed as a sort of hybrid Parmesan and Gouda cheese, one of the few that may work well with Pinot Noir. The wine is already particularly apt to bring out the best in an ordinary Gouda cheese, and the addition of a Parmesan component will add yet another class of mild and smooth flavors and textures to coat the palate. This handcrafted mixture of cheeses should bind well with the fruity tones of Pinot Noir.

Old Amsterdam

6. iGourmet Caerphilly

Lancashire cheese is often cited by cheese and wine enthusiasts as one of the best pairings for white wines, but it goes well with any light or fruity wines both red and white, including Pinot Noir. This is in part thanks to its buttery taste and smooth consistency.
Caerphilly cheese is essentially the Welsh equivalent of Lancashire cheese and with it you’ll get that same rich, buttery taste that will bring out the fruity notes of your favorite Pinot Noir.


5. igourmet Dutch Edam

No one does Edam cheese quite like the Dutch, and this particular product makes an excellent companion to a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. It features a very understated, mellow tone combined with a saltiness that really lingers on the tongue. The typically fruity tones of Pinot Noir work very well to cleanse your palate after you’ve enjoyed some of this cheese, and they complement the differences in one another very nicely. With its usual salty flavor this cheese is best served sliced as is rather than with salty crackers and the like.

Dutch Edam

4. Epoisses de Burgundy Cheese

Epoisses may seem at first to be a slightly odd choice of cheese to pair with Pinot Noir, given its fairly strong aromas. Some would doubtless describe Epoisses as pungent, but it is precisely this attribute that makes it a great choice. It has a rich texture and an almost decadent, creamy center, and the light and fruity, sometimes grassy aromas of Pinot Noir will help to mask the odors of the cheese so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. This particular cheese pairs well with champagne as well.

Burgundy Cheese

3. Dutch Mill Smoked Gouda

It makes sense that various Goudas would move near the top of a list of best cheeses for Pinot Noir, given that it is one of the most popular cheeses to pair with this wine. This particular Gouda is smoked for a slightly more intense, bolder flavor than some other Goudas out there. However, it still gives you the same rich and creamy texture coupled with the mild, nutty flavors you expect to find in a good Gouda. This cheese is a perfect choice for stronger, medium-bodied Pinot Noirs.

Smoked Gouda

2. igourmet Manchego Reserve

This Manchego combines the best of both worlds as far as cheese that goes with Pinot Noir is concerned. It’s both a Gouda and is made from sheep’s milk, which as you’ll recall is for many people the ideal milk type for cheeses that go with Pinot Noir. In addition, this one is aged for over one year to provide it with a strong and robust flavor that only comes with great age. This flavor perfectly complements the subtler fruity tones of a nice Pinot Noir.

Manchego Reserve

1. igourmet Ewephoria Aged Sheeps Milk Gouda

And of course, another Gouda made from sheep’s milk tops our list for best cheeses to pair with Pinot Noir. It is aged for a strong flavor, but that flavor is offset by the sweet nuttiness that is typical of Gouda. However, there are also hints of caramel and candy coatings in the cheese, making it a great option for an after-dinner dessert cheese that is washed down with some of your favorite Pinot Noir.

Ewephoria Aged Sheeps Milk Gouda


As you can see, it’s not only sheep’s milk cheeses that pair well with Pinot Noir. We’ve included a fair share of sheep’s milk cheeses but have also brought you a variety of others that will serve well with Pinot Noirs of most strengths and fruity tones. The beauty of this wine is in its versatility, which allows all the cheeses on our list to be some of the best cheeses for pairing with Pinot Noir.

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