10 Best Chocolate Bars

This list probably isn’t your first foray into chocolate, but you might be looking to branch out in the chocolate world. It can be a bit daunting at first as there are a plethora of choices out there. There’s domestic and international chocolate of all kinds, from light to dark. In addition, there are many specialty blends that combine high-quality chocolate with other things such as fruit or nuts. If you’re wondering how to find the best chocolate bars in this sea of candy variety, we’ve compiled our list of favorites based on their tastes and textures with an eye toward the many flavors.

10. Hershey’s

There are a variety of Hershey’s bars available but we’ll stick to just their milk chocolate blend. It’s extremely popular and arguably one of the best chocolate bars on the market today. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane or you just love the taste of a nearly perfect milk chocolate recipe, Hershey’s has something for you. The only reason it doesn’t rank higher for us is that in a list of the best chocolate bars, it can be seen as nothing special compared to something more exotic.


9. Cadbury Milk Chocolate

Cadbury is probably just as well-known as Hershey’s, particularly across the pond. It’s no surprise, as their special blend of chocolate provides some of the richest and smoothest chocolate flavors you’ll find anywhere in the world. The founder of Cadbury practically invented the emulsification process for making modern chocolate bars. But it, too, ranks at this level because many chocolate enthusiasts are looking for something new these days.


8. Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar

Chocolate enthusiasts the world over consistently cite Swiss chocolate as one of the best kinds of chocolate. Toblerone is no exception to this, with its very rich and smooth texture that is pretty unique to the bar. Many consumers like that it is very rich and decadent chocolate at an affordable price. What’s more, the shape of the bar is almost as important as the taste. Over the years the company has changed the size and spacing of the popular triangular bites, with very mixed results.


7. Michel Cluizel Chocolate Bar

This bar from Michel Cluizel earns its place because it provides a good balance of high-quality flavors yet somehow isn’t boring, either. The bar combines a variety of notes to give you a great blend of smooth textures. As the bar dissolves in your mouth you’ll get cocoa, fruity notes, and a nutty flavor to wrap it up. Blending these things in an appealing way is difficult, but this bar seems to have done it well. We recommend this bar with around seventy percent cocoa for the most balanced experience.

Newmans Own Organics Dark Choc

6. Larabar Crunch Bar

Sometimes the best chocolate has a few nice extras thrown in, which is the case with this product from Larabar. In addition to having a nice crunch combined with smooth and rich chocolate, they’re quite healthy too. The bars are made from high-quality ingredients and are free from gluten and other additives. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone who wants a healthy chocolate bar or has certain dietary restrictions. We really like the way all the aspects of this bar come together, but some consumers claim their bars were chewier than they were crunchy, which is a sticking point if crunchy is part of the inherent appeal.


5. Simply Lite Low Carb Milk Chocolate

We like the Simply Lite bar because although it is lower in both carbs and cocoa content, it still manages to pack nearly forty percent cocoa into each bar. This does give it a somewhat bitter taste, particularly when compared to other regular chocolate bars. Having said that, many consumers love the bars for their lower carb counts and some say they don’t even notice a particular lack of sweetness, making Simply Light a good option for health without sacrificing the chocolate taste.

Simply Lite

4. Hershey’s mr. Goodbar Chocolate Bar

Mr. Goodbar gets high marks thanks to the way it blends chocolate and peanuts together. Many companies and bars have done this, but consumers continually return to Mr. Goodbar for the rich smoothness of the Hershey’s chocolate recipe that blends with the salty crunch of their peanuts. They are not exotic artisan bars but they still contain high-quality ingredients with only two hundred fifty calories per bar. Consumers don’t have much to say in the way of negativity for this bar. In rare cases, some users received fewer bars than they should have, but still found the taste to be excellent.

Hersheys Mr Goodbar

3. Piccadily Violet Crumble

Violet crumble deserves a spot not only for its taste and popularity but its uniqueness. It’s one of the few popular bars that gives you rich and creamy milk chocolate with nougat, but wrapped in a crisp wafer of honeycomb. This creates a unique blend of smooth and crunchy that is somehow different from a bar that simply uses nuts to add the crunch. Consumers seem to love these bars and have few negative things to say about them though in some cases shipments seemed to arrive expired.


2. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Cabernet Bar

A Cabernet bar like this one from Ghirardelli really shines thanks to its versatility. It’s a chocolate bar that will please chocolate loves and wine lovers alike and not simply because chocolate and wine go together. This bar is infused with blackberries and grape notes that any wine drinkers will find very pleasing to the palate. Dark chocolate lovers, too, will appreciate the fruity blends that mix well with the high-quality intense chocolate here. Best of all, the notes of wine do not overwhelm the chocolate, only enhance its natural flavors.

Ghirardelli Cabernet

1. Lindt Milk Chocolate

Lindt’s classic recipe for milk chocolate easily makes it one of the best chocolate bars you can buy. It features high-quality milk chocolate that is very smooth in texture and rich in chocolate. Best of all, it does all of this without being too intense, just pleasantly mild. An infusion of hazelnuts tops things off for some added salt to go with the sweetness, making this a very well-balanced chocolate bar.

Lindt Milk


Whether you want to find the best dark, milk, or healthy chocolate bar, we’ve provided some options for you. There are hundreds of chocolate bars out there, each with varying pros and cons. Finding the greatest ones should not be a chore. We invite you to use our helpful list to find the best chocolate bars out there with a great mix of flavors and textures.

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