10 Best Chocolate Truffles

Truffles have long been a popular dessert item at all the best parties. But with so many on the market today, it’s hard for consumers to know what to choose. There are several flavors and styles available now that might even go unnoticed. We’re here to help you with the best chocolate truffles on the market, ranked via criteria such as taste, price, and consumer experiences.

10. Godiva Chocolatier Wrapped Milk Chocolate Truffles

These truffles from Godiva have a rich and creamy taste that is ideal among premium truffles but can be had at a great value. Each truffle is wrapped individually to seal in the freshness and keep the truffles that way so that you may eat them at your leisure. There are some added benefits to purchasing from Godiva as well as their special shipping practices are meant to monitor current temperatures in your area. The manufacturer then ships the chocolate according to the weather to better ensure maximum quality upon arrival. Also, these truffles are available at a decent price, containing twenty-four truffles per bag.

Godiva Chocolatier

9. Lindt Gourmet Truffles Gift Box

The Lindt brand of chocolates is well-known for having some of the tastiest and most decadent products, and this excellent gift box is certainly not an exception. Once again, the truffles are individually wrapped to seal in the taste and as a bonus the foil corresponds to the flavor of the truffle within. These gourmet truffles are very smooth and creamy with a center that will almost melt in your mouth.
The one downside is the rather high price that may be prohibitive to some consumers.

Lindt Gourmet Truffles

8. Philadelphia Candies Dark Chocolate French Mint Truffles

Note that these truffles are also available in the regular milk chocolate variety, each with a hint of mint. Each one is sealed individually to ensure both quality taste and maximum freshness with each bite. Another premium truffle, these chocolates also have a smooth and creamy center with that melt in your mouth quality that is a mark of good truffles.
We especially like that during the summer months, the manufacturer provides temp-controlled packaging so that each batch arrives on your doorstep in good condition. The taste and texture are smooth and creamy and the mint remains subtle so as not to overpower the chocolate here. The price is about average for truffles of this weight and quality.

Philadelphia Candies Dark Chocolate

7. Ferrero Rocher Gift Box

This set of truffles provides a wide variety of flavors all within one neatly wrapped package. Each truffle contains a hazelnut that is surrounded by a smooth, creamy center wrapped in a crisp wafer and rich milk chocolate. Rarely, some consumers found these to be overpriced. However, given a number of flavors and the item weight, we find these to be very reasonably priced truffles.

Ferrero Rocher

6. Premium Chocolatiers Chocolate Truffle Collection

As the name suggests, this box of truffles is perfect for consumers who have nut allergies or need a gluten-free option. They’re also listed as a vegan-friendly alternative to other truffles on the market. The flavors are rich and intense without overwhelming the senses, ensuring that you can enjoy each bite. There is a wide variety of flavors from which to choose, which is a nice bonus.
The price is somewhat high, however they are using specialized ingredients here to make the truffles taste good while being friendly to so many consumer types.

Premium Chocolatiers Chocolate

5. Alter Eco Organic Black Truffles

This jar of truffles isn’t simply eco-friendly, it’s also made with a minimum of fifty-three percent cocoa for a strong and rich chocolate taste. That taste is not marred by any artificial flavoring or harmful additives, just pure and natural ingredients all around.
In the past, some consumers have complained that truffles with natural ingredients are not as flavorful as they’d like. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Alter Eco truffles as many consumers are very happy with the rich flavors their truffles provide.
The price for these truffles may be a little prohibitive for some, but we find it fairly reasonable considering the work put into this product.

Alter Eco Organic

4. Harry and David Milk Chocolate Truffles

Harry and David are well-known for quality gift baskets, many of which include their truffles as a standard part of the tower. It’s easy to see why, as these truffles offer a smooth and creamy taste that is rich and strong without being cloying in any way.
Although not necessarily a downside, the outer shells of these truffles are a bit harder than many others. Some consumers like this as it helps them to savor the truffle for a longer period.
The price is rather steep for truffles that do not offer any special ingredients or production processes, though they are of very high quality.

Harry and David Milk Chocolate

3. Dilettante Assorted Chocolate TruffleCremes

This jar of truffles is a great choice for the chocolate enthusiast that wants to sample a nice variety of truffles in both milk and dark chocolates. We especially like that the manufacturer has added other, less traditional flavors such as peppermint and blood orange truffles. These jars come with freezer packs to keep the heat at bay and ensure that you receive your truffles in good condition.
In very rare cases, some batches arrived melted due to excessive heat when shipping.
We find the price of these jars to be very reasonable as they are bulk items that give you plenty of truffles in each batch.

Dilettante Assorted Chocolate

2. Lindt LINDOR Dark Chocolate Truffles

It’s not all that surprising that we were able to find another Lindt product for this list, given their reputation for high quality chocolate and their popularity. These truffles offer consumers a smooth shell of dark chocolate with a rich, creamy filling also made of dark chocolate. The truffles are even recommended for baking in addition to being great dessert treats, making them very versatile.
To add to the excellence, you get sixty truffles in each order at a great price.

Lindt LINDOR Dark Chocolate

1. Chocmod Truffettes de France Natural Truffles

Authentic French truffles with a deliciously smooth and creamy taste and texture, these are definitely some of the best chocolate truffles out there.
We particularly like the incredible value that you get here. Not only are the truffles high quality items, they are very affordable as well. You’ll receive two one-pound bags and a total of one hundred truffles in each box, all for one low price. This is an excellent dessert product at an excellent bargain.

Chocmod Truffettes

Truffles are among the most popular treats for holidays, gift-giving, or just indulging in some premium quality chocolate on your own. We hope that with our list of the best chocolate truffles everyone is able to find some flavors and styles that appeal to them. We’re sure that a delicious truffle at a price you’ll love is waiting for you on our list.

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