10 Best Dark Chocolate Bars

Dark chocolate is an excellent choice of dessert or snack for a variety of reasons. It provides a ton of antioxidants that our bodies can use as well as a few other health perks. And certainly, being downright delicious makes it a big hit with casual and enthusiastic chocolate lovers alike.
It’s hard to go wrong with any dark chocolate but there are still some options that are better than others. We’ll provide you with our picks for the best dark chocolate creations based on their overall tastes and textures, including any unique flavor twists. We’ll also factor in the value of each one.

10. Alter Eco Deep Dark Sea Salt Chocolate

Alter Eco provides high-quality organic food products made to exacting standards for those who like their chocolate as natural as possible. In this case, we have a dark chocolate bar with a minimum seventy percent cocoa for a very rich and intense flavor and nice texture. What we like about this one in addition to its organic ingredients sourced from far-flung Ecuador is that it adds a bit of sea salt for an extra-savory crunch. The price is a little high than average but nothing out of the ordinary for an organic product with premium ingredients.

Alter Eco Dark Salt Chocolate

9. Ritual Ecuador 85% Chocolate Bar

Ritual chocolate is relatively new on the candy scene but is quickly becoming a favorite among chocolate consumers. It’s a U.S.-based company, but it sources premium, high-quality ingredients from Ecuador. In this way, they’re able to bring you an exotic dark chocolate that still has the same rich, familiar core that you know and love, with some subtle differences in the textures of the chocolate. The price is relatively high, but many users compared similar dark chocolate bars in the “non-craft” category and found the simplicity of the Ritual bar to be one of the best dark chocolate bars in its category.

Ritual Dark Chocolate

8. Not Your Sugar Mamas Lavender Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

The packaging for this dark chocolate combines simplicity and fun though the taste is the real showstopper with this chocolate bar. With seventy-five percent cocoa content, it is a serviceable mid-range dark chocolate bar, but the addition of special lavender sea salt is what really enhances the flavor and pushes this bar over the edge. The subtle hints at the edges of the dark chocolate create a great merging of tastes and textures for a unique dark chocolate experience. Some will find the price a bit high but again, it’s expected with handmade organic products such as this.

Sugar Mamas Dark Chocolate

7. Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Bar

At fifty percent cocoa content, this is a nice option for those who enjoy a less intense dark chocolate with a milder flavor and texture. It still offers plenty of what is great about dark chocolate and the large nibs are perfect for getting a chocolate fix without eating the whole bar at once. Consumers like the smooth textures and the caramelized flavors in each bite of this dark chocolate. The price for these bars is also very good considering the size of the bars and no added costs for shipping.

Godiva Dark Chocolate

6. Guajillo & Chipotle Chili Super Dark Chocolate Bar

Variety truly is the spice of life and you can add some literal spice to your next dark chocolate experience with this bar. Featuring a unique blend of chocolate and chipotle chili spices, you’ll get the intense and smooth flavors of dark chocolate mixed with the spicy tones of a nice pepper. The infusion of spices produces a nice heat that comes on slow and is not overpowering while the peppers themselves further add to dark chocolate’s many health benefits. The overall price for this bar is pleasantly average, too.

Guajillo Chili Dark Chocolate

5. Pascha Choc Cacao

This bar offers eighty-five percent cacao for some of the strongest and most intense dark chocolate flavors available. In addition, it’s certified as free from gluten and additives and is vegan free, making it a great option for anyone who loves dark chocolate but has dietary restrictions. We even like the price here, which is much more affordable than some other similarly organic dark chocolate products. Note, though, that the product is perishable and might not last as long as some other chocolates on the market.

Pascha Dark Chocolate

4. Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate

Green & Black’s comes in very attractive packaging at an equally attractive price. You’ll get ten bars of high-quality organic dark chocolate for less than a dollar per ounce; a deal that is difficult to beat. The chocolate itself really shines with an intense and smooth flavor that is offset by sweet hints of Madagascan vanilla, making for a truly unique dark chocolate experience.

Green and Black Dark Chocolate

3. Equal Exchange Organic Extreme Dark Chocolate Bar

If you aren’t into just dark chocolate, you’re free to indulge in this extreme dark chocolate instead. Made with exotic yet homegrown ingredients from both Peru and the Dominican Republic, this chocolate tastes great while still being safe for a vegan diet and certified as free-trade dark chocolate to boot. It is slightly higher per ounce than some other dark chocolates but well worth it to many consumers and you’ll get twelve bars of premium dark chocolate in each order.

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate

2. Ghirardelli Chocolate Midnight Reverie Intense Dark Bar

This bar is the perfect choice for those who enjoy their dark chocolate at the most intense levels. It features eighty-six percent pure cocoa and features a velvety-smooth texture despite the bold flavors. Best of all, most consumers say that just one square from time to time is enough for even those who adore dark chocolate, further increasing the value and longevity of this bar. You’ll get six bars of this premium dark chocolate at an excellent price point.

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

1. Lindt 90% Cocoa Supreme Dark Chocolate Excellence

If your dark chocolate tastes run to the very dark side, you can’t go wrong with this Excellence bar from Lindt. It features as staggering ninety percent cocoa content to satisfy even the most discerning dark chocolate enthusiast. Consumers are particularly fond of the rich textures and intense flavors. There is nothing added and no subtlety here, just one of the best dark chocolate bars around and a truly unique chocolate experience. You get twelve bars at less than one dollar per ounce so there’s also incredible value here.

Lindt Dark Chocolate

With such bold, intense flavors and smooth textures, dark chocolate can satisfy any palate and some can even convince those who aren’t big fans to join the dark side of chocolate. Most dark chocolate is good chocolate but there are still some out there that are better than the rest. We’ve found the best dark chocolate bars around and we’re sure you’ll love each one.

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