10 Best Dark Chocolate

While assembling a list of best dark chocolate, it’s hard to choose just a few. Dark chocolate is available in a variety of flavors and intensities. Sometimes considered a healthier alternative to milk chocolate, dark chocolate has higher levels of antioxidants and less sugar. The percentage of cacao indicates of how dark the chocolate is; the higher the percentage, the darker the chocolate. If you’re new to dark chocolate, consider starting at 50% to 70% to adjust to its more bitter flavor. Dark chocolate also pairs well with a variety of wines. All bars aiming for the title of best dark chocolate are assessed based on flavor profile and percentage cacao.

10. Endangered Species Panther Dark Chocolate

Starting this list of the best dark chocolate is a deep, rich chocolate bar from Endangered Species. The Endangered Species brand supports fair trade cocoa from family farms and a portion of their profits go to support endangered species and their habitats. Selling between $30-$40 for a pack of 12, these intense bars pack lots of chocolate flavor for a great price.

Panther Dark

9. Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate

The first of a few organic chocolate bars on our list, Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate is another great choice for those who love a strong cocoa flavor. Hand-selected, ethically-sourced, certified organic cacao beans mean you’ll get great chocolate you can feel good about! This bar is well-balanced, with a hint of organic vanilla to soften it. This bar retails for $5-$10 per bar, but it’s worth it for this delicious, intense hit of cocoa.

Green and Black

8. Ghirardelli Intense Dark Midnight Reverie

A great bar from a well-known brand, Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark Midnight Reverie is a strong contender on this list of best dark chocolate. It has a full-bodied flavor, with just a hint of dried plums and dark cherries. Available in bars ($15-$20 for six) or squares ($15-20 for four 12-ounce bags), consider using this intense chocolate to make s’mores, a classic campfire treat, a bit more indulgent.

Ghiradelli Intense

7. Moser Roth German Dark Chocolate

Making chocolate since 1902, Moser Roth’s German Dark Chocolate deserves a spot on the list of best dark chocolate. With a woodsy, coffee scent and flavor reminiscent of cashews or pistachios, this unique bar would be a great end to a wonderful meal. The package for this chocolate bar may seem large, at 4.4 ounces (most chocolate bars are around 3.5 ounces), but the package actually contains five individually wrapped smaller bars. This dark chocolate retails at $20-$30 for a pack of six.

Moser Roth

6. Scharffen Berger Extra Dark Chocolate

Another well-known chocolate brand, Scharffen Berger Extra Dark Chocolate is a great addition to the list of best dark chocolate. At 82% cacao, this bar has notes of dried figs and a hint of black pepper, adding a lovely spice note. Pick up this chocolate for $20-$30 for a pack of six and enjoy it with your favorite cabernet sauvignon.

Scharffen Berger

5. Chocolove Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate

No list of best dark chocolate is complete without bars that include delicious additions of flavor, and this bar is just that. Chocolove’s Cherries and Almonds in Dark Chocolate is full of chewy sweet dried cherries and crunchy almonds; a perfect compliment to the dark chocolate encasing them. Selling at $30-$40 for a pack of twelve, be sure to share this with someone special, as each wrapper includes a classic romantic poem.

Chocolove Cherries

4. Theo Dark Chocolate with Salted Almonds

Sometimes, nothing is more satisfying than a bit of something salty and sweet. Theo Dark Chocolate with Salted Almonds is the perfect way to indulge your craving. This organic, fair trade bar is flecked with almonds and just the right amount of salt to compliment the sweetness of the dark chocolate. Between $5 and $10 a bar, this one is on the high end of our price range, but is well worth the indulgence.

Theo Dark

3. Vivani Dark Chocolate with Orange

This Vivani bar is an excellent homage to the classic combination of dark chocolate and orange. Another organic bar to make our list, this bar is a winner because of the bright, not overly sweet orange flavor threaded throughout. This bar retails at $60-$70 for a pack of ten. And you’ll want to stock up; these bars are too delicious to last very long!

Vivani Dark

2. Vosges Haut-Chocolat Smoke and Stout Caramel Bar

The most unique flavor combination to make our list is the Vosges Smoke and Stout Caramel Bar. Known for its unique flavor combinations in its chocolate bars, Vosges takes the classic combination of chocolate and caramel to a whole new level. This bar mixes dark chocolate stout and Alderwood smoked salt with a soft caramel, all encased in a deep, dark chocolate. Retailing at $5-$10 per bar, be sure to share this with friends who can appreciate this unique flavor, or are looking to try a whole new kind of chocolate bar.

Vosges Haut

1. Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate

Wrapping up our list of best dark chocolate is the bar from Pascha Organic. Peruvian cocoa beans are combined with sugar and vanilla to create this intense bar. At $5-$10 each, these bars are organic, fair trade, vegan, paleo certified, and nut-free. Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate is a great bar to share with friends, or enjoy an indulgent bite all by yourself.

Pascha Organic


While it was hard to choose just ten, this list provides an introduction to some of the best dark chocolate available. What is your favorite dark chocolate from this list? If we didn’t list your favorite, tell us about it! We’d love an excuse to eat more chocolate.

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