10 Best Domestic Beers

Beer is one of the world’s first and most popular alcoholic beverages. What started as an accident has now become a worldwide phenomenon of culture and indulgence. With its distinct flare and flavor, beer is a perfect match for most meals and events; from a steak at your favorite restaurant to your backyard BBQ–beer is a drink for any occasion.  All featured candidates of best domestic beer will be appraised according to the following criteria alcohol by volume (abv), geographic location, and style.

10. Dogfish Head Palo Santo, American Brown Ale

Dark resin aged in wood from Paraguay, this beer holds true to its name of “holy tree”; barrels that are usually used to make wine have now been converted into brewing this remarkable beer. Delivered to you is a rich, whiskey-like complexity that delights the senses and entertains piquancy in every palate. When served with spicy foods like chorizo and cajun cuisine, this beer becomes a full-bodied experience. This 12% ABV beer is easily a champion of brown ales. Artfully crafted in Delaware, don’t miss out on this best domestic beer.

best dogfish head palo santo american domestic beer

9. Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout, American Stout

Outstanding for its rich creaminess, the Kalamazoo Stout is like a porter but more profound, featuring a nice balance of coffee and roasted malt with an anise finish. A six pack of this 6% ABV stout is in season year-round. Best when served with rich or sweet foods such as caramelized meats, smoked oysters, and French brie. For a tasty dessert pairing, try it with a chocolate souffle. Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout is a creamy beverage, low in bitterness and mild in sweetness and is produced in Michigan by Bell’s Brewery.

best bells kalamazoo stout american stout domestic beer

8. He’Brew Hop Manna India Pale Ale, American IPA

Reaching for a bottle of Hop Manna on a hot summer day might be the cure for what ails you. Featuring a slightly spicy aroma, this hops-forward beer consists of light floral and pine with bright citrusy malts. This brassy 6.8% ABV beer can be yours if you order it online, complete with tropical expressions. Pairs best with salty and fried foods, like fried chicken, tacos, or steak. Hop Manna, your new favorite medium-bodied beer brewed in New York by He’Brew.

best hebrew hop manna india pale ale domestic beer

7. Bell’s Amber Ale, American Amber/Red Ale

When it comes to the vast portfolio of amber ales, this one is the apex of them all. Hinting toasted herbal malts and sweet caramel notes, this best domestic beer stands as a reminder of vanilla and apples. It is delectable on its own but is uncommonly adaptable with food. Cuisine like jambalaya and burgers are exquisite when paired with this ale. This beer is at 5.8% ABV and lends itself to delicious desserts like banana pound cake. From Michigan, Bell’s Brewery has a clean and bright beer that is sure to delight.

best bells amber ale american amber domestic beer

6. Lagunitas Daytime Ale, American IPA

Based out of the West Coast, this best domestic beer is the namesake of IPA because of its signature caramel description and crispness. With flavors of citrus bringing together orange and pineapple, this well-balanced ale is at its finest when served with flavorful dishes like buffalo wings or even a kale salad with a citrus vinaigrette. Best served in the bottle, this beer costs around $15 – $20 for a six-pack at 4.65% ABV. The Lagunitas Daytime Ale is a wonderfully light and thirst-quenching IPA brewed in California.

best lagunitas daytime ale domestic beer

5. Sixpoint Sweet Action, Cream Ale

Best suited for winter weather, Sweet Action provides oodles of luscious undertones. Sparked by a hybrid of malt and hops sanctioned with sweet citrus notes and balanced pine, this beer will leave you simply delighted. Leaving a lovely caramel essence, this 5.2% ABV beer pairs well with light food. Tough to beat for its simplicity as far as domestic beers go, this one is best paired with a salad or custard tart. All the way from New York, Sixpoint Sweet Action is a sweet treat.

best sixpoint sweet action cream domestic beer

4. Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny, Farmhouse Ale

Exceptional beers seem rare, but Evil Twin knows best when it comes to concocting a fine ale. This brew goes to a new level, combining subtle flavors like banana, clove, and fresh-cut grass. With a Saison like this, savor a meal of roasted chicken and garlic herbs–you can even go as far as pairing it with shellfish and saffron. For any refreshment that calls for a delicate and creamy beverage, this will go nicely. Relatively affordable, this 7% ABV beer will satisfy any connoisseur. You’ll find Evil Twin and this easy-drinking brew in Connecticut.

best evil twin ryan and the beaster bunny farmhouse ale domestic beer

3. Deschutes Black Butte Porter, American Porter

Roasted chocolate and coffee are what this best domestic beer is all about, bringing together complementary notes of tangerine and leafy hops. When it comes to a first-rate porter, this beer outshines them all in class and drinkability. Great when served with steamed clams or a chocolate chip walnut cookie. Deschutes’ creamy black porter will not only entice you with its flavor, but the price is also unmissable. Located in Oregon, this beer aims to please and triumphs.

best Deschutes Black Butte domestic beer

2. Maine Beer Company Peeper Ale, American Pale Ale

Light in taste, yet somehow not sacrificing complexity, this domestic beer has all the most flavorful notes. Considering its hops-forward body and zesty pepperiness, it also articulates more subtle mango and lemon flavors. One of the more expensive beers on this list, it has a 5.5% ABV. Lunchtime is the best time to enjoy this ale with perhaps a piece of grilled meat complete with apple pie. Crafted in Maine, this Peeper Ale is something you’ll always want on hand in the fridge.

best maine beer company domestic beer peeper ale

1. Coney Island Overpass IPA, American IPA

Especially hops-forward, Overpass is the best domestic beer for those who enjoy the sharp bitterness of a signature IPA. Pitched with pepper and pine, it has a hint of tropical fruit at the end of every sip. Meeting with foods is an easy choice on this one–pick your favorite dish with caramelized onions or any meal spiced with tamarind and you will be good to go. This 6.2% ABV beer has all the right sapidity for any event or party. Coney Island Overpass IPA, all the way from New York bringing delight far and wide.

best coney island overpass american IPA domestic beer

While beer is thought of as easy to find and easier to consume, there are many ways that beer is one of the most complex beverages in the world. If this list of the best domestic beers is missing something or if you just love beer, remember to comment below. Cheers!

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