10 Best Feta Cheeses

Feta cheese is a great addition to any cheese plate or simply as a snack by itself or spread on crackers. It’s notable not only for its typically tangy flavor but its wide array of aromas as well. It’s this variety of aromas and flavors that allows the Feta to be so versatile in the kitchen which is one of its strong points. But the popularity of Feta also means it is fairly ubiquitous and it can be hard to choose the right cheese. In this article we present our picks for best Feta cheeses based on taste, texture, and value.

10. Greek Feta Cheese Dodoni Deli Fresh

Dodoni may not be the most well-known brand, but it is quite famous in Europe and other regions of the world with good reason. This product is made with in Greece with authentic sheep’s milk and is free of the various hormones and other additives you’ll sometimes find in cheese. It’s packed in brine for an extra strong flavor as well. Like many artisanal Fetas, this one has a high-quality smooth texture.
The price is quite high but, this is truly a high-grade imported Feta cheese.

Greek Feta Cheese

9.Ulker White Feta Cheese

There isn’t a lot of manufacturers information about this cheese, but most users enjoy the salty and briny taste and crumbly texture of this one. We do note that for some consumers this Feta was a little drier than most, though this could be a plus for some, as Feta is often made with varying degrees of moisture to increase its versatility.
Consumers should receive approximately one pound of Feta for the price and with free shipping we find it quite reasonable.

White Feta Cheese

8. Castella Bulgarian Feta Cheese

This Feta from Bulgaria is incredibly rich and creamy in both taste and texture. We like it as it provides yet more variety in the Feta cheese category, being hailed as even saltier and creamy than other Fetas on the market. This is a bold claim, as this cheese type is already known for its taste and texture, but this is a good option for those who just can’t find a Feta cheese that is strong and aromatic enough for their tastes.

Bulgarian Feta Cheese

7. Epiros Original Feta Packed in Brine

We like Epiros for its rich and strong taste and pleasant aromas. This Feta has a distinctive smooth and creamy texture that will make it perfect for any snack or topping at your next gathering. It’s an ideal cheese for a nice Greek salad or supplemented with olive oil. Epiros is an award-winning Feta brand so we’re confident you’ll love it too. The price plus shipping is about average for a little under a pound of this great cheese.

Feta Packed in Brine

6. Pinar White Feta Cheese

Here we have another prime Feta cheese from Bulgaria. The manufacturing process is somewhat different in this region, so much of the Feta produced here will not have the distinct aftertaste that is typical of most Fetas. This feature may be a boon to some consumers who prefer a nice feta without the aftertaste but want one with the typically smooth and creamy texture. This cheese is reasonably priced and shipping is free.

White Feta Cheese

5. igourmet Bulgarian Feta

This Feta is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. It ships in a reusable cooler to ensure maximum freshness and taste when it arrives at your door. It is very rich and smooth in taste and has a nice, crumbly texture as well. The cheese is priced very well but shipping may be high for some consumers, considering the weight of the product.

Bulgarian Feta

4. Ifantis Feta Cheese

This Feta is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk and goat milk and packed in brine to ensure maximum Feta freshness upon arrival. The brine packaging also helps to enhance the naturally strong and salty flavors and aromas of this Feta. Consumers seem to love the richly smooth textures that practically melt on the tongue. A lot of taste and texture to love here and at a reasonable price too.

Bulgarian Feta

3. Gourmet555 Feta Mt. Vikos Barrel Aged Sheep Cheese

This high-quality Feta from Vikos is make from pure sheep’s milk. It may seem strange to describe any Feta flavor as intensely “sheepy,” but that is exactly how many consumers of this great cheese describe it in a positive way. This Feta has a very crumbly and creamy texture that most cheese lovers should appreciate. It also seamlessly blends a milky sweet and sharply sour taste for a nice contrast. The cheese price is reasonable here though some consumers may find shipping costs to be somewhat high overall.

Barrel Aged Sheep Cheese

2. Sheep’s Milk White Cheese Made in Bulgaria

Unlike some of our other recommendations, this one happens to come from Bulgaria. But it too is made with real sheep’s milk and can easily hold its own with any of the other products from France or Greece. This Feta has a strongly salty taste and aroma but combines that with the smooth and creamy texture that fans of Feta have come to enjoy. It is priced about average and as a bonus, shipping is free, and very quick considering it ships from Bulgaria.

Cheese Made in Bulgaria

1. Valbreso French Feta Cheese

This cheese from Valbreso is easily one of the best Feta cheeses available on the market. Many consumers find it to be particularly fresh and light in taste when compared to some other Fetas they’ve tried, which may be a big plus for some. We like that it has a rich and moist texture but also maintains a good balance between tangy and creamy. And with a reasonable price and free shipping, this Feta is practically a work of art.

French Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a popular choice for many occasions and a great topping or snack all on its own. But the sheer variety of Fetas out there, not to mention the different manufacturing processes that can produce very different flavors, can make it difficult to settle on just one. However, we’re confident that our list of best Feta cheeses narrows that down, and does so in such a way that any choice from this list will be a big hit at your next party.

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