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Best Ginger Beers for Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is a refreshing cocktail that mixes high-quality vodka, ginger beer and a drop of lime. The result is a delicious, silky drink. But what is the best ginger beer for Moscow Mule? Well, there are various options you can choose from depending on your taste and preference. You can include any of these ten delicious ginger beers in your Moscow Mule recipe.

Browse through our list to discover the best ginger beer brands for Moscow Mule you can find on the market.

Reed’S Ginger Beer Extra Ginger Brew

The Reed’s Ginger Beer Extra Ginger Brew is a high-quality, freshly brewed product. It is made of fresh ingredients such as spices, fruit juices, and ginger root. Use this non-alcoholic drink as your main Moscow Mule ingredient if you want to experience the taste of vodka, without mixing alcohols. A great solution for a headache-free Moscow Mule, Reed’s Ginger Beer adds a delicious flavor to your cocktail. The product is available on Amazon, and it comes in a 6×4 pack for $36.03, shipping not included.

Reed'S Ginger Beer Extra Ginger Brew

Stoli Ginger Beer Moscow Mule Non-alcoholic Beverage

The Stoli Ginger Beer was designed especially for this cocktail, making it the best ginger beer for Moscow Mule. This non-alcoholic product comes with full flavor. It is produced using natural cane sugar, not corn syrup that can damage the taste of the beer. Manufactured by the vodka producer Stolichnaya, the Stoli Ginger Beer Moscow Mule has all the recommendations to be your go-to cocktail ginger beer. Ypu can order the 4-can pack  on Amazon for $15.70. Shipping is free on orders over $49.

Stoli Ginger Beer Moscow Mule Non-alcoholic Beverage

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Non-alcoholic Beverage

The Bundaberg Ginger Beer comes from Australia, and it has an amazing, refined taste. This non-alcoholic product ranks among the best ginger beer brands for Moscow Mule. Bundaberg undergoes a specific aging process and double distillation before it gets to be sold to the customers. The Australian Bundaberg offers a refined, smooth taste with a stingy hint of ginger. You can order it on Amazon, where a 12-pack 375ml costs $41.75, and shipping is free.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Non-alcoholic Beverage

Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Gosling’s have come up with a ginger beer dedicated to creating great cocktails, such as Dark’n Stormy.  You can add Gosling’s Ginger beer into your Moscow Mule recipe as well. It brings a refreshing zip of ginger that will enhance the taste of the product. Mix it with high-quality vodka and you will experience the taste of the best ginger beer for Moscow Mule. A pack of 24 cans is $31.00, free shipping, on Amazon.

Gosling's Ginger Beer

Cock & Bull Ginger Beer

Another delicious ginger beer that can be added to your Moscow Mule cocktail, the Cock & Bull product will deliver a strong, lingering taste of ginger. This traditional English approach to creating ginger beer mixes the best ingredients with just enough spice, making it a great choice for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails alike. You can find a pack of four bottles on Amazon at a price of $21.99, and you can order this product from one of the best ginger ale brand names on the market. Shipping is free.

Cock & Bull Ginger Beer

Fever-Tree Naturally Light Ginger Beer

Fever Tree ginger beer is one of the best ginger beer for Moscow Mule, as the brand produces premium drinks with exclusively natural ingredients.  Probably just as famous as the Q Ginger Beer, the Fever-Tree Naturally Light Ginger Beer has no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors and it is brewed with real, natural ginger root. Top quality ingredients, mixed with years of experience in the field, make the Fever-Tree product one of the best choices for ginger beers to use in you delicious Moscow Mule. The product is available on Amazon at $23.46 a pack of 8 16.9-Ounce Glass Bottles. Shipping is free on orders over $49.

Fever-Tree Naturally Light Ginger Beer

Barr’s Originals Soft Drink, Ginger Beer

Barr’s Original Soft Drink, Ginger Beer is a classic recipe brought into the twenty-second century. The Scottish company only use natural ingredients and pack every can of ginger beer with perfect taste, color and acidity. A great choice for any cocktail, especially Moscow Mule, the Barr’s Originals Ginger Beer will impress you with its delicate, fresh taste. Amazon offers this product at a price of $33.97 a pack of  24  cans.

Barrs Originals Soft Drink, Ginger Beer

Crabbie’s Ginger Beer

Crabbie’s is one of the best alcoholic ginger beer brands on the market right now. They create only high-quality beverages with natural ingredients. Crabbie’s Traditional Cloudy Ginger beer brings together the spicy taste of ginger and the strength of alcohol. This mix makes it the best alcoholic ginger beers available right now. If you want to add an extra layer of alcohol to your Moscow Mule, go for this delicious, natural product. You can get this product on Amazon in packs of 4 bottles at $35.25 + $14.99 shipping. Alternatively, you can order just 1 bottle (700ml) for $8.99 + $8.49 shipping.

Crabbie's Traditional Cloudy Ginger Beer

Fentimans Ginger Beer

The best product in the Fentimans lineup, this botanically brewed Ginger Beer is made with 100% all-natural ingredients. The premium Chinese ginger root, choice juniper, and yarrow extract combine to create that unique “tickle & burn” experience. With a 5% alcohol content, the Fentimans Ginger Beer will give a spicy and hot taste to the Moscow Mule. The product is available on Amazon at a price of $18.63 & free shipping a 4PK (4, 9.3 FL Bottles).

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

Bold and authentic, Old Jamaica is very popular and generally considered to be what a ginger beer should be. It is made with fiery Jamaican root ginger. Yet its fieriness is underlined by a strong sweetness. Very bubbly and refreshing, it is ideal for a cocktail like the Moscow Mule! You can order the Old Jamaica Ginger Beer on Amazon. A 330ml (24 Pack) is $37.34 and free shipping is available on orders over $49.

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

If you are getting ready to impress your friends with a refreshing, homemade cocktail served on the rocks on a summer evening, the Moscow Mule is a great choice. The mix between the strong taste of vodka and the refreshing flavor of the ginger beer is the ideal combination for a warm, relaxing day. Go with non-alcoholic ginger ales if you want to reduce the strength of the drink, or choose the alcoholic options if you feel ready for a brand new layer of alcohol.

What is the best ginger beer for Moscow Mule? We have selected the 10 best options, so all you have to do now is try them and decide for yourself which one you like best. All the products we included on our list of best ginger beer for Moscow Mule can be found, reviewed and ordered on Amazon, which means your perfect Moscow Mule is just a click away.

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