10 Best Light Beers that Taste Great

Drinking beer can be great, but after a while it can seem to settle along the waistline. Thankfully, light beer was invented. Now, you can slim down and still throw back a cold one while watching the game. The only thing left to do now is decide which is the best light beer. This is a list of the best light beers we could find on the market. They are ranked by calorie content, price, and quality. Depending on your state’s laws you may be able to order these beers from the links below, but if not you might be able to simply add them to your cart and pick them up at your local store.

10. Kraftig Light

Our number 10 best light beer has 109 calories and 4.2% ABV. It pours a copper yellow with a foamy white head that dissipates quickly, and smells grainy with a hint of corn. There’s a light sweetness in flavor that’s then balanced with a touch of bitterness on the finish. Kraftig is light-bodied with heavy carbonation. A 12 pack of 12oz cans sell for $13.99 on Total Wine.

Kraftig Light Beer

9. Labatt Blue Light

Labatt Blue Light is the next best light beer on our list with an ABV of 4%. This one is a low-calorie version of the best-selling Canadian brand Labatt Blue, with only 108 calories. It’s described as crisp, clean and delicately balanced. Its aromas are of fruit, hops and bread. This light-bodied beer is slightly sweet and fruity. Overall, it’s a good casual beer that is incredibly smooth. One 12 pack of 11oz bottles sell for $9.49 on Total Wine.

Labatt Blue Light

8. Keystone Light

Keystone light has 104 calories and 4.2% ABV. This is our 8th best light beer. It pours a pale light amber hue with an off-white foam head that quickly dissipates. This one has heavy carbonation, and it doesn’t have much of an aroma. It tastes like your typical beer, which may be exactly what you need for your next all-night party. The main flavors of Keystone Light are grains and corn. Overall, it is a crisp, balanced and light-bodied beer. A case of 30 12oz cans sells for $13.99 on Total Wine.

Keystone Light

7. Coors Light

Number seven on our list of the ten best light beers is Coors Light. This American light beer has an ABV of 4.2% and only 102 calories. It is described as crisp, balanced and light-bodied. It has flavors of mild hop and malt, with an aroma to match. Some complain of a lack of flavor in Coors light, mainly due to its light flavors. However, it still has a very smooth and fresh finish. A 6 pack of 16oz cans sell for $6.49 on Total Wine.

Coors Light

6. Corona Light

Corona Light is a Mexican beer with only 99 calories and 4.1% ABV. It pours a pale yellow with little carbonation and a small head. The taste lacks a bit in flavor, but its main flavors are corn, grain and a hint of citrus. We recommend you to drink this best light beer with lime for added flavor. It has an interesting aroma that is mainly grainy. Overall, this light-bodied beer is described as crisp and balanced. This one is another great casual beer that would nicely compliment a day in the sun. A pack of 18 12oz bottles sells for $18.99 on Total Wine.

Corona Light

5. Yuengling Light Lager

Our number five best light beer is an American light beer that has been described as crisp, smooth, grainy and light-bodied. This 3.2% ABV beer pours a rich amber hue with a frothy off-white head and has 99 calories. Yuengling Light Lager smells of caramel malt, fruit, and grain. It has strong main flavors of caramel malt with mild hops paired with a medium amount of carbonation that ends on a peppery finish. One 12 pack of 12oz bottles sells for $9.99 on Total Wine.

Yuengling Light Lager

4. Miller Lite

Our next best light beer is another American light beer. Miller Lite has an ABV of 4.17% and 96 calories. This light-bodied beer is described as crisp and balanced with aromas of corn accompanied with floral undertones. It pours a golden yellow with a foamy white head, and tastes like bread and biscuit with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Overall, it is both creamy and crisp with a dry finish. One pack of 9 16oz cans sells for $8.99 on Total Wine.

Miller Lite

3. Amstel Light

With only 95 calories and an ABV of 3.5%, Amstel Light is the number one imported light beer from the Netherlands. It pours a light yellow with visibly heavy carbonation. This is a light and crisp beer that will quench your thirst on a hot day. Amstel Light is our favorite best light beer. While it’s not the most complex beer out there, it does have light flavors of malt, corn and sweetness. This one smells like it tastes, with the addition of a grassy hop aroma. Total Wine sells a 12 pack of 12oz bottles for $12.49.

Amstel Light

2. Kirin Light

Kirin Light has 95 calories and 3.3% ABV. Its aroma is mainly that of corn, and it pours a light straw golden hue with a fizzy white head. This light beer has the slight flavor of sweet malt and corny grain, followed by a wheat heavy aftertaste that dissipates quickly. Overall, Kirin Light is described as crisp, refreshing and well-balanced. A 6 pack of 12oz bottles sell for $6.99 on Total Wine.

Kirin Light

1. Best Light Beer – Mahr’s Leicht

The best light beer on our list is Mahr’s Leicht. It has the least number of calories with only 84 per serving. This may have to do with it also having the least amount of alcohol by volume on this list, with just 2.8%. Because of its low alcohol content, some say that this beer is a little watery in flavor. However, this German beer pours a beautifully clear yellow hue with a thick foamy head, in addition to giving off aromas of yeast and bread. The main flavors are like the smell, tasting of bready malt with a slight sweetness. With a moderate amount of carbonation, Mahr’s Leicht is described as light-bodied, crisp and balanced. One 500ml bottle sells on Total Wine for $5.99.

Mahr’s Leicht


The next time you’re struggling between staying on your diet and enjoying a cold beer, perhaps reach for a light beer instead. Hopefully this list can be your guide when you shop for your next favorite one. Non-alcoholic beers are also light and tasteful. Let us know in the comments below what you think of any of the light beers mentioned in the list, or feel free to share any ones that we may have missed.

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4 responses to “10 Best Light Beers that Taste Great”

  1. Jack Loomis says:

    Man, light beer has come light years since back in the day. As someone who used to drink lots of beer, I can tell you it really fattens you up (hence the term “beer gut”). The problem was that most light beer tasted like carbonated water. That’s changed over the last two decades and the best light beers often pack as much flavor as the regular beers. I’m a Labatt’s Light and Amstel Light fan, but there look like there are plenty to choose from on this list.

  2. Sam Roper says:

    I stopped drinking beer because it was killing my waistline. Went from having six-pack abs to having six-pack flab. Tried drinking light beer but it tasted like carbonated water. People tell me light beer has improved so I’m considering one or two of your best light beers that taste great. I enjoy beer for the flavor, but the calories are a nightmare. Hopefully I can find the best light beer with a great taste and low calories.

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