10 Best Merlot Wines

Merlot is widely considered a classic dry red wine. A quality Merlot has a soft taste with a smooth aftertaste and sits right in the middle of the road when it comes to body, meaning that it pairs well with most foods. This flexibility in food pairings makes Merlot an invaluable addition to your wine collection, and we are here to help you select the best merlot wine available online.

To find each Merlot wine, we visited the Best Seller list on Amazon and the Most Popular list on Total Wine and selected based on the price range, taste and food pairings, and, of course, what the reviewers themselves had to say. Below are our selections for the top 10 best Merlot wines.

10. Black Oak Big Time Merlot Red Wine

best black oak merlot red wine
Our first choice of best Merlot wine comes from Black Oak. Black Oak is so well-liked that the most popular option on Amazon is to buy it in bulk. This smooth Merlot tastes primarily of cocoa and blueberry with fruity notes of plum, black cherry, and red licorice. The smooth taste goes well on its own, but it also pairs well with pasta and red meats. You can find a 12 pack of Black Oak Merlot online for an affordable price.

9. Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Forty Licks Merlot 

best rolling stones 50th anniversary forty licks merlot wine
This Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Merlot is perhaps the most fun selection for all of our hard rock fans. It carries aromas reminiscent of classic rock such as leather, tobacco, and black cherry while the standout flavors are vanilla and cinnamon. The suggesting pairings for this Merlot are roasted chicken, smoked chili, or grilled beef. This Merlot is available as a 3-pack for around $50.

8. Naked Winery “Naked” Columbia Valley Merlot

Naked Winery is one of the more whimsical wineries—as the label claims, they aim to lower the national divorce rate by encouraging spouses to share a glass of wine each night. This oaky Merlot delivers on that whimsical promise with an emphasis on smooth, fruity flavors such as black cherry, red plum, and currants. This one is an ideal pairing for a romantic night in with your significant other.  You can order this Merlot online.

7. Miranda Lambert Country Road Merlot

best Miranda Lambert Country Road merlot wine
Much like the country singer herself, this Country Road Merlot is smooth yet full of personality. The berry flavors and velvety texture of this intense wine pair well with equally intense pasta sauces and dark chocolates.

You can find Miranda Lambert’s Merlot for sale online. Shipping varies by state.

6. Cloud Break Merlot

best cloud break merlot wine

Our next choice of best Merlot wine is by Cloud Break. This Merlot has a silky texture and contains all of the flavor palates that you expect from a fruity merlot such as cherry, plum, and blackberry. These ripe flavors stand out on their own but also pair well with cheeses and pasta.

Total Wines sells this Merlot per bottle with the option to combine into a Mix 6 combo. You can choose to have this wine shipped directly to you or pick it up in a store near you.

5. Bogle Merlot

best bogle merlot wine

A fuller-bodied Merlot, Bogle manages to stand out on its own as one of the best Merlot wine brands. Reviewers describe it as being a great quality wine, especially for the price. The standout aroma is plum, while the primary taste is cherry. This wine is a treat when enjoyed on its own, but its makers also suggest pairing it with white cheddar, Margherita pizza, or pâté.

You can find this Merlot on Total Wines and you have the option to have it shipped to your home or pick it up in store.

4. Low Hanging Fruit Merlot

best Low Hanging Fruit merlot wine

Just because it says Low Hanging Fruit doesn’t mean it tastes like it comes from the bottom of the barrel! This oaky Merlot has a smooth taste from start to finish with notes of berries, cherry, and vanilla. Low Hanging Fruit is no frills but tasty and pairs with hearty flavors like red meat and pasta.

This Merlot is available from Total Wine. You can order one or more bottles or you can have this wine as part of a Mix 6 combo with the option to ship or pick up in store.

3. Blackstone Merlot California

best blackstone merlot california wine

Another good wine with a lower price tag comes from Blackstone. The smooth flavor carries the familiar flavors of blackberry, plum, and vanilla, but what makes it truly unique are the touches of raspberry and French bread. This versatile wine pairs well with hearty flavors such as steak and lasagna as well as with lighter fare such as salmon.

This Merlot is available at Total Wines for under $10.

2. Double Dog Dare Merlot

best double dog dare merlot wine

The Double Dog Dare Merlot has a somewhat sweeter palate due to the sweet cherry flavor, but that slight sweetness is balanced out by a velvety texture and well-rounded flavor. You can enjoy this medium Merlot on its own or with any one of your favorite meals.

You can purchase Double Dog Dare Merlot at Total Wine as a single bottle or as part of a Mix 6 combo.

1. Pacific Peak Merlot

best Pacific Peak merlot wine

The final best Merlot wine on our list of top 10 Merlots comes from Pacific Peak. The cheap price tag can seem suspicious at first, but this wine actually holds its own on our list. The fresh dark cherry flavor primes your palate while the cassis and pepper come as a little surprise at the end. This Merlot pairs best with your favorite steak or pasta dish.

Pacific Peak Merlot is available online so you can order a bottle to share at your next dinner party.

These were our picks for top 10 Merlot wine. Which one is your favorite out of the ones we selected? Do you have a suggestion for best Merlot wine that didn’t make it on our list? If you have any suggestions or comments, we would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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