Best Mexican Beer You Should Try

If you go almost anywhere in the world, there isn’t a place where people don’t love beer. It’s become one of the most popular drinks in the world for a reason. What’s strange is that some people who drink beer say that they do it for other reasons than the taste. Interesting. A country like Germany is famous for beer while Ireland is famous for whiskey. It’s not often that you associate beer with Mexico. We all know and love the famous Mexican tequila that is appreciated all over the world, but did you know that there are some great Mexican beers to choose from? We have compiled a list of the best Mexican beer you should definitely try if you want to explore the taste of Mexico. Why only stick to tequila when there are plenty of available, delicious options of top Mexican beers to discover?

The best tasting Mexican beer varieties are as diverse as you would expect, there are Mexican dark beer manufacturers, as well as light Mexican beer producers who create unique beverages you will certainly enjoy. We strongly advise you to try these amazing assortments of best Mexican beers on your next trip to Mexico or by ordering them at home. Here are the 8 the best tasting Mexican beer varieties you should try before you claim yourself to be a beer lover.

Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo best Mexican Beer

This dark Mexican beer is a smooth and rich beverage that is considered to be the “cream of beers” in Mexico. Produced by Modelo, Negra is one of the original beers created by the famous manufacturer, and it used to be served exclusively on draft. Today you can buy it anywhere in the world in bottles, so go ahead and enjoy this popular Mexican beer. It is similar to Munich-Dunkel, which means “dark” and it has a strong, lasting flavor that you will definitely enjoy.


Bohemia best Mexican Beer

This light Mexican beer is a richly flavored lager that comes from one of Mexico’s oldest brands. Bohemia has won plenty of awards both locally and internationally and is currently regarded as one of the best beers in the world. Our list of Mexican beers to try would not be complete without this delicate, dense beer that will impress any beer lover. Clear and flavored, Bohemia is available in a dark version called Bohemia Obscura.

The world famous Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc is one of the top Mexican beer brands, and they constantly deliver quality and tradition when it comes to beer. Enjoy Bohemia if you want to experience the real taste of one of the best-selling beers in Mexico!

Dos Equis Ambar

Dos Equis Ambar best mexican beer

Dos Equis is a Mexican light beer that was originally produced in 1897 by a German brewery and sold under the name of Siglo XX. Dos Equis was originally created as a Vienna-style beer, with a dark color and rich taste, and is currently on the list of the best-selling Mexican Beers. Another award winner and international hit, Dos Equis Ambar is a high-quality product from one of the main breweries in Mexico.

Mixing tradition and the intense taste of Mexico, Dos Equis Ambar is a beer that will pair perfectly with spicy dishes, being among the best beer with Mexican food options you could try.

Carta Blanca

Carta Blanca best Mexican Beer

Another contestant for the title of the best Mexican beer, Carta Blanca is a pilsner beer produced by one of the oldest, most prestigious beer brands in the country. The quality and special taste of Carta Blanca have earned the brand a few international awards and an ever-growing popularity both in Mexico and around the world.

The best Mexican beers list could not be complete without this classic pilsner beer everyone should try!


Pacifico Best Mexican Beer

The best Mexican beer to try before you head to the tequila aisle is the Pacifico! Light, refreshing and flavored, this pilsner beer was originally manufactured in the Mazatlan area. Pacifico is now Modelo’s main brand of beer, and it has been successfully exported and sold in the US since the ‘80s. A deliciously fresh variety that is greatly appreciated around the world, Pacifico packs delicious taste, refreshing flavor and a great color in an irresistible bottle of high-quality beer.

Mexican beers come in a great variety, and you have plenty of options to choose from, so next time you want to experience a new taste, go for the Pacifico, and you won’t ever look back.


Victoria best Mexican Beer

Another Vienna-Pilsner type of beer, Victoria is one of the most reputed and appreciated Mexican beers. Brewed with care and special techniques in the Modelo breweries of Mexico, it has a special amber color that results from a mix between a light pilsner and a stronger, darker variety. Incredibly tasty and full of flavor, Victoria is one of the unmissable, best Mexican beer options you should have already tried.

If you want to discover the strong, spicy taste of Mexico, choose Victoria and you will certainly become a fan of Mexican beer.

Corona Familiar

Corona Familiar best Mexican Beer

One of the most popular Mexican beers available, Corona Familiar, is a tasty and fresh version of the classic Corona Extra. Created to meet the requirements of any beer lover, Corona Familiar is a deliciously refreshing drink that is widely appreciated all around the world. The dark-colored bottle protects the beer’s flavor and taste. It is also easy to store for longer periods of time.

If you are looking for the best Mexican beer brands and varieties, you shouldn’t skip Corona Familiar, as it is one of the most popular and appreciated beers ever to come out of Mexico.

Sol Cero Limon y Sal 

Sol Cero Limon y Sal

Sol Cero Limon y Sal is a non-alcoholic beer that anyone can enjoy. Designed for those who enjoy their beer in the traditional Mexican way, with a pinch of salt and a drop of lime juice, this beer comes already mixed with all the ingredients required. To experience the taste of this great beer, you just need to pop the bottle cap and enjoy a delicious non-alcoholic beer that has all the taste and flavor of your favorite alcoholic variety.

Sol Cero Limon y Sal mixes the fresh taste of lime with the strong lingering taste of salt, in order to create a delicious beer that you will undoubtedly love.

Who would’ve thought that Mexico had several high-quality beer since they seem to focus most of their marketing efforts on tequila? Well, they do. Although Corona has done well around the world, Mexico has several other brands that could potentially do just as well if they get a marketing boost.

Our list of the best Mexican beer varieties you should try has covered both light and dark beers, as well as non-alcoholic beverages you can enjoy. We have included all types of Mexican beer in our extensive top dedicated to delicious Mexican beer, so you can easily find the best variety of beer for you. Browse through our list and you will discover that Mexico has produced much more than the famous tequila, and there are plenty of options of delicious Mexican beers to enjoy!

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these beers. How did they taste and how do they fare against other top brands in the world? We’d love to hear from you.

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