10 Best Red Wines With Chocolate

Red wine is a fairly popular choice of drink to pair with your favorite chocolates. However, the choice isn’t necessarily as simple as selecting your favorite wine and going with it. Red wines are typically fuller in body than their white cousins and tend to have a higher tannin count as well. Chocolate also contains tannins, so this combination may be a bit jarring for some. That said, a full-bodied red can coat the palate and help to balance the tannin count in both wine and chocolate. We’ll take you through what we consider to be the best red wines with chocolate.

10. Parducci Wine Cellars Classic 3 Bottle Red Wine Mixed Pack

This three-pack of red wines is a great choice for anyone determined to pair a nice red wine with some of their favorite chocolate. You’ll receive a bottle each of Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Not only does this give you plenty of red wine—and variety—to start pairing with your chocolate right away, it provides you with different flavor options as well. Between all three styles, you’ll have flavors ranging from plum and vanilla to dark cherries and strawberries, with textures to match.

Parducci Cellars

9. Stella Rosa Red

The strong yet delightful taste of raspberries ripened in the sun is the first thing most consumers notice when sipping this wine. There are also hints of plum and strawberries laced throughout the wine to enhance the already flavorful, fruity experience. It’s a full-bodied red wine that most drinkers consider to be quite sweet, so we’d recommend pairing it with a chocolate that is, at most, semisweet in taste.

Stella Rosa

8. 2016 Black Oak California Merlot Red Wine

Whether you’re choosing a red wine to pair with chocolate, dinner or simply want to enjoy it on its own, presentation is an important factor. This Merlot from Black Oak has a delightful garnet hue that makes it look both deep and inviting. It’s a particularly warm wine with fruity layers of blueberries and cocoa in both the flavor and aromas. This wine also features some plum enhancements that are reminiscent of a fresh, homemade jam. The wine finishes up with hints of licorice and a smooth texture that stays with you after each sip.

Black Oak

7. 2015 Carnivor California Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

If you’re looking for a bold, big Cabernet with a lot of rich flavors to go with your chocolate, this red from Carnivor is what you need. It features a deep and rich color, somewhat darker than most other reds out there. The aromas of toasty oak and deep red cherry will be immediately apparent to you, and blackberries mixed with mocha coffee provide a unique blend of flavors for your palate. What really sets this wine apart in terms of a chocolate partner is the silky finish, perfect for complementing the smoothness of your favorite chocolate.

Carnivor California

6. Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Non-alcoholic Red Wine

If you like the taste of red wine with your favorite chocolate but need something non-alcoholic, this option is for you. You’ll receive two bottles of non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon from Ariel Winery, aged in oak barrels. Although it contains less than one percent of alcohol by volume, it is still a full-bodied and full-flavored red experience. It’s fermented just like traditional red wines with the alcohol removed later via filtration. This wine seamlessly blends blackberries, blueberries and even a touch of chocolate together for a fruity and tasty non-alcoholic pairing to your chocolate.


5. NV Duplin Wine Cellars Carolina Red Blend

This is a real “get up and go” option for those looking to have a nice red with their favorite chocolates. Most consumers are very satisfied with the flavor, saying that it bursts out of the bottle right from the first sip. Thanks to the inclusion of a variety of Muscadines, the wine has a very strong, fruity flavor that finishes with a smooth texture. Given the intensity of this wine, we recommend that you serve it at a cold temperature for best results, even if you’re just pairing it with some chocolate.

NV Duplin Cellars

4. NV Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards Red Cat

If you want to pair some red wine with chocolate and prefer the taste of Sangria, this wine might be just the ticket. This wine from Hazlitt Vineyards starts off with some very sweet notes that are reminiscent of the taste of a Sangria wine. After this, it blends seamlessly into a tangy, almost tart taste that makes it ideal for blending with a variety of chocolates. Given the sweet and tart flavors, we recommend pairing it with a chocolate that is not too sweet, such as a dark or bittersweet bar.

NV Hazltit Vineyards

3. NV Duplin Wine Cellars Hatteras Red Carolina Red Blend

When it comes to pairing red wine with chocolate, we particularly like the way this red blends together. Most consumers describe it as a very fruity wine, which often provides a nice contrast to chocolate, particularly darker chocolates that are often bitter. However, the rich, fruity taste doesn’t overpower the senses, instead leading to a very smooth texture and a lasting finish that really stays on the palate. The wine’s lingering effect make it a good choice for pairing with chocolate.

NV Duplin Hatteras Wine Cellars

2. 2015 Apothic California Inferno

This red wine is also a great choice for pairing with chocolate. It’s notable for having been aged no less than two months in barrels of whiskey, unlike many other wines out there. This specialized process gives the wine a rich, fruity taste that combines red berries with darker fruits. The fruit flavors blend together in a pleasant mix, with neither overpowering the other. This wine is topped off by subtle hints of maple and a small variety of spices for a smooth and clean finish after every sip.

Apothic Inferno

1. Game Of Thrones 2015 Red Blend

We were pleasantly surprised by both the taste and popularity of this red wine. Far from being gimmicky, it is one of the best red wines to pair with some of your favorite chocolate. A variety of intense flavors such as cherry and blackberry blend well together for a flavor that is rich without being overpowering. Hints of vanilla and spices help to enhance the flavor and the chewy tannins of this wine can make the perfect complement to various chocolates. Subtle notes of leather will help to balance the sweetness of most chocolates.

Game Of Thrones


Red wine can be a good choice for the bold chocoholic, provided you do it correctly. It’s best to stick to a darker or more bitter chocolate but certain reds can pair well with milder chocolate too. We recommend that you start by selecting the wine flavors you already enjoy from our list of the best red wines with chocolate for the best results.

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