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10 Best Ricotta Cheeses

Ricotta cheese is a popular choice on many favorite dishes, or simply plain with a spoon. It’s actually made from the cast-offs of other cheeses—usually Parmesan—by adding an acid and doing some straining to create a new type of cheese from the old one. Given its popularity, there are a lot of types and brands of Ricotta from which you can choose. We’re here to cut down on the confusion so you can get right to cooking or entertaining with some of the best Ricotta cheeses out there. As with most cheese types, taste, texture and overall value are the primary criteria we’ll use here.

10. PastaCheese Ricotta Di Bufala

You’ve likely tried cheeses made from the milk of various animals at some point in time. Here we offer some authentic Ricotta cheese made with milk from buffaloes, to add some variety. Don’t let the rather exotic nature of this cheese put you off though. It has all the rich and creamy taste of any good Ricotta. In addition, its smooth and somewhat grainy texture is exactly what most people love in their Ricotta. It’s a great cheese, but it does have a rather high price, not counting shipping costs.

PastaCheese Ricotta

9. Zerto Ricotta Salata Cheese

Not as exotic as our previous entry, this Ricotta will please consumers who prefer their cheese made from sheep’s milk instead. This particular iteration of Ricotta has a pleasantly mild flavor, best for those who want something that is neither bland nor too strong. A pound of this stuff is hand-cut to order with a very smooth and creamy texture with just a hint of graininess to it. The cheese is priced well but the shipping may be prohibitively expensive for some.

Zerto Ricotta Salata Cheese

8. igourmet Myzithra

Like many other cheeses from top manufacturers, this Ricotta-family Myzithra comes to you in a reusable coole to keep freshness in and spoiling out. It features the same great qualities you’ll find in any cheese called Ricotta, including a mild yet somewhat salty flavor and a relatively smooth and creamy texture with just a hint of a grain to it. This cheese is a great topping if you’re grilling out, but is right at home on a nice cheese plate, too. The price combined with the shipping costs are about average for a cheese of this weight.

igourmet Myzithra

7. Vanita Ricotta Salata Cheese for Grating

This Ricotta might be ideal for grating but it can certainly suffice in any other capacity you might need, too. It has a smooth and milky taste that some of the best Ricottas often have, and a dry and crumbly texture that lends itself to cooking. The grains also appear to be somewhat small and fine, which will further enhance the flavor. This cheese is priced about average, but some consumers may find shipping costs rather high.

Vanita Ricotta Salata Cheese

6. Impastata Ricotta by PastaCheese

Impastata Ricotta is no different than traditional Ricotta as far as composition is concerned. This PastaCheese Impastata Ricotta is made from the same high-quality milk used in their classic Ricotta cheese. The difference is in the texture. Impastata Ricotta roughly translates to “mixed Ricotta.” The procedure applied to the Ricotta cheese after production makes it smoother and creamier than non-impastata Ricotta. It is ideal for Ricotta recipes, such as cannoli fillings.

Impastata Ricotta

5. Mitica Ricotta Salata

A semi-soft Ricotta, this Mitica Ricotta Salata has a very pleasent crumbly texture which makes it great for salads or grating. It’s not as good for Ricotta recipes that require very smooth textures, however. On the plus side, it’s not as salty as other Ricotta cheeses, hwich makes it nice for incorporating in recipes, since it easier to control the saltiness levels.

Mitica Ricotta Salata

4. Gourmet555 Mizithra Cheese

When you see “Mizithra” (or Myzithra) you can go ahead ang think Ricotta-style cheese. That’s because the processes used and overall intent for this cheese are very similar, it is simply a Greek product. This one is made from sheep’s milk and brings out a pleasantly mild. The smooth texture pairs well with various fruits or toast at breakfast, or simply as the ideal snack. Best of all, you can get a pound of this cheese for a good price with shipping included.

Gourmet555 Mizithra

3. Ricotta Di Pecora by PastaCheese

Fresh Ricotta is brilliant when used as is. Of course, it goes well with Ricotta recipes as well. This fresh cheese ships straight from Italy, so you know you’ll be getting that authentic Ricotta taste delivered straight to your home. The only downside is that you have to use it almost immedialy after you receive. Unlike drier cheeses, fresh Ricotta does not refrigerate well.

Ricotta Di Pecora

2. Krinos Greek Myzithra

This Ricotta-style Greek cheese has a slightly dry and crumbly texture that makes it suitable for grating. However, the full block can be cut to portions that fit your needs for anything from complementing your morning toast to simply being the strong and salty cheese you want for your next snack. The list price includes free shipping, so we find that this cheese has high value as well.

Krinos Greek Myzithra

1. igourmet Ricotta Salata

We bring you another Ricotta made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. This cheese ships in a reusable frozen container to maintain freshness throughout the journey, bringing it to your door as though it just left the shop. It is actually a slight variation on traditional Ricotta, with a smooth and creamy texture and a very sweet and nutty taste. The shipping costs are slightly higher than we’d like but the cost of the product is very reasonable. It’s definitely one of the best Ricotta cheeses you’re likely to find.

igourmet Ricotta

Whether you want a rich and creamy cheese for your cooking needs or just to enjoy late at night on some crackers, Ricotta is a popular choice. Its overall versatility means that it pairs well with a number of other food items for the perfect party, and it’s an ideal way to start your day right at breakfast. Use our list of best Ricotta cheeses to find something in the Ricotta family that is right for you.

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