10 Best Riesling Wines on the Market

Riesling wines are an increasingly popular choice among wine lovers. This dynamic, easy type of wine can be paired with a variety of dishes to increase the tasting experience. The best Riesling wine brands on the market offer variety, and quality at relatively affordable prices. There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to the best Riesling wines.

The most famous Riesling grape regions are located in AlsaceGermanyCalifornia and Washington. They all come with a great diversity of top Riesling wine varieties. Rieslings produced in Germany tend to have a lower alcohol level and a sweeter taste, while those produced in the French region Alsace are usually among the best dry Riesling wine varieties. The American Rieslings are produced in Monterey County, and Napa Valley. They range from dry to medium dry, being characterized by rich aromas of fresh fruits.

We have included all types of Rieslings on our list of the best Riesling wines to try. Read through our list and then head on to your local wine shop or look up your favorite product on Amazon.

10. Naked Winery “Tease” Oregon Riesling

Naked Winery "Tease" Oregon Riesling
This 2014 Naked Winery Riesling is among the best sweet Riesling wine American products and it comes at a great price. A bottle of “Tease” will cost you around $20 and you will get to experience the sweetness of this wine that mixes fruity aromas such as lemon, apricot, and melon with Brazilian spices to create an exquisite taste. Naked Winery “Tease” is a good Riesling to try if you want to share it with friends and pair it with seafood or cheeses.

Naked Winery is among the best sweet Riesling wine brands, and “Tease” is the clear indicator that affordability and quality can go together well. You can order this great Riesling wine on Amazon for $20.

9. Van Volxem Riesling

Van Volxem Riesling
If you are searching for the best German Riesling wine, but also want to find the best Riesling wine under 20 dollars, we have your answer right here. At only $12, this 2008 wine is a bargain you can’t miss. Available on Amazon and in specialized wine shops, the Van Volxem Riesling is a fresh, summer wine that will perfectly compliment your salad and cheese dishes.

Serve it at room temperature and enjoy the mild acidity of this dry wine that will not go unnoticed.

8. King Frosch Riesling Auslese

King Frosch Riesling Auslese
Another best-seller, this affordable product is one of the best German Riesling wines on the market, and you will be impressed by its qualities. A special, dry Riesling from 2011, the King Frosch should be cooled down before serving. It’s an original take on the classic Riesling wine and it mixes balanced flavors and a great color that will transform you into a Riesling fan in no time!

King Frosch can also qualify as the best cheap Riesling wine, delivering great value for its amazing price. You can find it on Amazon at $12.95 a 750 ml bottle, or at your local wine shop.

7. NV Ste Chapelle Soft Huckleberry

NV Ste Chapelle Soft Huckleberry
If you are looking for the best sweet Riesling wine brands, look no further! Choose the Ste Chapelle Special Harvest Riesling if you want to enjoy a mix of delicious fruit notes and crisp acidity. The sweetness of the peaches and apricots are a perfect match with angel food cake, making this Riesling one of the best dessert wines available. NV Ste Chapelle Soft Huckleberry Riesling is available on Amazon for $11.99.

6. Carl Von Schubert Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Riesling

Carl Von Schubert Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Riesling Auslese
If you are asking yourself what is a good Riesling wine, you can’t go wrong with the German Carl Von Schubert variety. This fairly expensive dry wine is a premium product that will please specialists and amateur wine lovers alike. Produced with specialized techniques and using high-quality grapes, this Riesling is a delicate, well-balanced wine that you will never forget.

Mixing acidity and fruity flavors, Carl Von Schubert Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Riesling is one of the best Riesling wine products you could find. A 2001 Carl Von Schubert sells on Amazon for $95.00.

5. Washington Hills Riesling, Washington

Washington Hills Riesling
Another American wine that comes at an incredible $8.99 per bottle on Amazon, the Washington Hills Riesling is an easy, fresh wine anyone can enjoy. You don’t have to be a wine specialist to fall in love with the variety of aromas from peach and honey that are incredibly balanced and pleasant. This off dry wine is a great pair for spicy dishes and cheeses, so add it to your shopping cart and enjoy it at dinner or at your next party. You will love this best Riesling wine option available online!

4. Pacific Rim Columbia Valley Dry Riesling

Pacific Rim Columbia Valley Dry Riesling
An ideal pair for European and Asian cuisine, this American dry Riesling is a great choice for any family dinner, being one of the best Riesling wine options. Serve it along seafood or cold meats and you will discover a remarkable taste that increases the flavor of the food. This complex and versatile wine mixes citrus and jasmine flavors with a crisp and dry after taste that will linger on your palate.

You can enjoy the great Pacific Rim Columbia Valley Dry Riesling every time you want to explore the balanced taste of one of the most popular Riesling wines on the market. You can order a 6 pack on Amazon for $72 ($12 / bottle).

3. NV Candy Babee California Riesling White Wine

Candy Babee California Riesling Wine

The floral notes blend magnificently with the citrus fruit flavors, to create this playful Riesling. Wine connoisseurs will recognize the complex, unbelievable mix of fruity flavors, that go from orange to apples, and from pears to apricots and super sweet peaches. The sugary notes are exceptionally balanced by a soft acidity and a lightly bitter grapefruit final hint.  This might be not only the best Riesling wine, but also the funniest one! To take full advantage of this great Riesling, pair it with hot and spicy dishes! You can find on Amazon, where it sells for $15.00 a bottle.

2. 2013 Purple Star Ancient Lakes Riesling

Purple Star Ancient Lakes Riesling

The Ancient Lakes winery is particularly famous for their quality Riesling wines, which stand out for their aromatics and minerality. This great Riesling from Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley blends notes of apricot and peaches with flavors of honey and stone fruits. Natural acidity balances the final touch. It pairs perfectly with pork chops or spicy Asian food. Purple Star Riesling from Ancient Lakes has high scores and top reviews from both critics and customers. With a price tag of $12.00 on Amazon, this could be not only the best Riesling wine, but also the least expensive one from Ancient Lakes.

1. Westport Winery “Peaches on the Beaches” Riesling & Peach wine blend

Westport Winery Peaches on the Beaches Riesling

Our best Riesling wine pick is a premium product from Westport Winery. With a delicious fruity bouquet, this Riesling is described as decadent and sensual, like a hot day at the beach. It is made of Riesling grapes and peaches, and has an alcohol volume of 11%. Its luscious notes will pair perfectly with fruits and cheeses. This unique Riesling is available on Amazon for $27.00. What is more, purchasing a wine from Westport Winery will benefit local charities.

Every time you are looking for a good Riesling wine to enjoy, browse through out list and find the best product that will complement your dish and impress your friends. Choose from the German, French or American Rieslings and discover your favorite brand of Riesling wine. All the best Riesling wine producers on the market are included in our extensive list, so all you need to do is prepare your shopping list and hit the wine stores or the Amazon wine section.

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  1. W R Williams says:

    How is it possible to review Riesling & ignore those from New World, particularly Rieslings from Australia’s Clare Valley?!
    W R Williuams

  2. Hillary K. says:

    I had Riesling years ago at a dinner party and loved it. Since then, I’ve been looking for something as good (sadly, I forgot the name of the Riesling and lost touch with the hostess). These 10 best Riesling wines on the market give me something to work with. Thanks for your reviews. I’m so glad I found your site with its various food and drink reviews.

    • Hello Hillary!

      All the Rieslings in our top are delicious, so you can try any of them. Do you remember what that Riesling you liked was like? Sweet, dry, fruity? Maybe we can help and recommend you something similar.

  3. Marvelous Marty says:

    Glad Today’s Top Reviews decided to work their magic in finding the 10 best Riesling wines because I love me some Riesling. This was a real eye-opener because I had no idea Oregon or Washington were known for their wines. Who knows, I may save some money and head to the Northwest for a wine tour, sparing the expense of California.

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