10 Best Root Beers for Your Favorite Root Beer Float

Root beer is a drink that evokes memories. A certain taste, a nostalgic smell, and an overall feeling of being refreshed by a cold, frothy beverage. There are so many brands of root beer available that it can be difficult to decipher which is actually the best root beer. Taste-testing hundreds isn’t feasible, and is now completely unnecessary. This list has the information needed to find the outright best. Root beer should be reasonably priced, should taste like root beer, and most importantly – the best root beer should be delicious.

10. Dog n Suds Root Beer

Weighing in at number ten on the list of best root beers is Dog n Suds Root Beer. Dog n Suds was created in the Midwest and originated in the sixties and has a creamy vanilla flavor that will please any picky palate. This vintage root beer is created with pure cane sugar and its reviews are overwhelmingly favorable. Herbal undertones, with a little bit of bite, this root beer may not top the list but it has a solid place at number ten. When on the hunt for a taste of Americana, Dog n Suds is a truly great choice.

Dog n Suds Root Beer

9. Zevia all natural soda, ginger root beer

There are not very many flavorful all natural sodas, but Zevia not only holds its own as an all-natural option but comes in at number nine on the list of best root beers. Zevia is created with no artificial sweeteners, it is vegan, kosher, gluten-free and best of all – zero calories. Sweetened with Stevia, this is the best option for people looking to find a healthier alternative to soda. The reviews state that it tastes like regular root beer, and it can be enjoyed without worrying about gluten, animal byproducts and unhealthy sweeteners. Zevia is a fantastic healthy alternative for those who want to enjoy a nice cold root beer without worry.

Zevia Ginger Root Beer

8. Blue Sky Cane Sugar Soda

Our number 8 best root beer, the Blue Sky Cane Sugar Soda is a true flashback to the 80s. Naturally sweetened with Truvia, this all natural root beer is kosher certified and is a healthier alternative to generic soda. Furthermore, it is available with a subscription for a discounted price on amazon, is reasonably priced and has frustration free packaging. Blue Sky Cane Sugar Soda (root beer) comes well rated and ready to enjoy on the hot summer days that are right around the corner.

Blue Sky Cane Sugar Root Beer

7. Berghoff Chicago Famous Root Beer

Berghoff Chicago Famous Root Beer is a prohibition era classic, with a smooth finish. Sweetened with cane sugar, Berghoff has a rich, creamy, sweet flavor and a lengthy history of satisfying root beer lovers. During the prohibition, Berghoff requested a draft style soda known as “Bergo” that had a similar taste to root beer. When prohibition finally ended, Berghoff kept this tradition afloat by creating Berghoff Chicago Famous Root Beer. Every bottle is a piece of 20th century history, and it does not disappoint. The only complaint about this root beer seems to be that people enjoy it so much that it doesn’t last long in their households.

Berghoff Famous Root Beer

6. Indian Wells Brewing Co. Death Valley Root Beer

Indian Wells Brewing Co. Death Valley Root Beer is created by the Indian Wells Brewing company based in Inyokern, California. This root beer is hand crafted with the use of pure cane sugar, and Artesian Spring water from the Indian Wells Spring. The flavor has a refreshing blend of all the flavors one would come to expect in a root beer: licorice, ginger, wintergreen, vanilla, birch root, and sarsaparilla. Indian Wells Brewing Co. Death Valley Root Beer comes in glass bottles and is a fantastically refreshing choice of root beer.

Indian Wells Brewing Co. Death Valley Root Beer

5. Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer

Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer is a perfect blend of all the best root beer flavors. With sassafras, wintergreen oil, real cane sugar sweetener, anise, and vanilla, all of these delectable root beer flavors come together to form a creamy and sweet root beer. Reviews are overwhelmingly favorable and although you cannot easily find this root beer in stores, Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer fans are more than willing to pay to have it shipped. The only complaint? That it doesn’t come in keg form.

Capt'n Eli's Root Beer

4. Boylan’s Original Birch Beer

Our number 4 best root beer, the Boylan’s Original Birch Beer is a caffeine-free, kosher pareve soda alternative. This root beer is made with pure cane sugar, and has a twist-off crown. Boylan’s Original Birch Beer is the flagship product of the Boylan Bottling Company, and has been for over 100 years because it has a minty, sharp nostalgic taste with a “bite” not soon forgotten. Originally brewed in New York in 1891, this root beer is a classic that will take you back to childhood root beer floats – it’s a taste that can’t be forgotten!

Boylan's 12 oz. Original Birch Beer

3. Virgil’s Natural Micro Brew Root Beer

A little more on the expensive side, but definitely worth the cost, Virgil’s Natural Micro Brew Root Beer pops in at number three. Reviewed as both rich and creamy, this root beer fully and successfully executes the vanilla and licorice flavor that some look for in a root beer. This root beer comes with the option to purchase in 5-liter kegs, so Virgil’s Natural Micro Brew Root Beer fans can stock up to save on shipping and handling. Packaged in recyclable glass bottles, Virgil’s does not contain preservatives, or caffeine and is completely gluten free.

Virgil's Natural Micro Brew Root Beer

2. Hire’s Root Beer

Hire’s Root Beer is a very rare soda. It’s for the true root beer enthusiast! Only available in limited quantities, Hire’s is a caffeinated root beer that has 135 years of experience. This allowed for the perfection the root beer recipe. This root beer only comes in at second because it’s addicting but hard to find.

Hire's Root Beer

1. Best Root Beer – Mug Root Beer

Mug Root Beer is the most popular and best root beer choice for a reason. It has a rich foam, that nostalgic root beer aroma, and is caffeine free which makes it easier to drink several at a time without worry. Well stocked in the amazon pantry which reduces shipping costs, mug is a sweet and easily accessible root beer option and the overall best.

Mug Root Beer Cans

Root beer is a nostalgic and refreshing beverage that brings its fans back to their childhood. While the top ten list has many promising contenders, Mug Root Beer is a clear choice for best root beer because it hits all the high notes. It is easy to purchase, not extremely expensive, has a great taste, and has the best reviews.

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