7 Best Roquefort Cheeses

Roquefort is an ancient cheese belonging to the subgroup of blue (or bleu) cheeses. It’s one of the more popular blue cheeses out there and, in fact, many cheese enthusiasts grew up eating Roquefort without knowing there were other blue cheese options out there.

Whether you’re a cheese aficionado or are simply looking for a good Roquefort to go on those crackers or with the latest bottle of wine, we’re here to help.
We’ve compiled a list of the best Roquefort cheeses based on aspects of taste, texture, and value compared to the market as a whole.

7. Sheep Roquefort Societe

This Roquefort is ideal for blue cheese enthusiasts who are looking for a distinctive, sharper flavor than some other Roqueforts on the market. It will ship within two days to ensure maximum freshness and quality once it arrives at your door. It has the typical crumbly texture that comes with a quality Roquefort cheese, and the price is good for the pound of cheese you get, though shipping may be prohibitive for some consumers.

6. Roquefort by Gourmet Food

We like this particular Roquefort because although the price is high, buyers get a lot of high-quality Roquefort for their money. It should last a long time, and features the best ingredients including whole, raw sheep’s milk to give it a bold and tangy flavor that is sure to please all of the cheese lovers at your next party or gathering. The body is slightly moist and the deep blue veins enhance the overall flavor of the cheese.


5. Roquefort Papillon

Another great Roquefort that offers a large amount of high-quality cheese with a bold and sharp flavor. This one is definitely an artisan Roquefort and the high cost and shipping prices may be prohibitive to the casual cheese consumer. In very rare instances, consumers felt this cheese was too moist, and the odor was strong enough to be rather pungent. This may have been due to the aging process of that particular block as these cheeses are aged a minimum of four months prior to shipping.

Roquefort Papillon

4. Roquefort by Chantal Plasse

This is a large three-pound chunk of Roquefort with a very dense texture that is still crumbly like any prime Roquefort. The taste is both buttery and intense and is sure to provide your palate with a burst of flavor in each bite.
However, this is truly a premium product and priced high for the Roquefort enthusiast market. As such, we only recommend it for those who are truly serious about the best Roquefort cheeses.

 Roquefort by Chantal

3. Blue Cheese Assortment

This excellent sampler provides cheese lovers with a variety of blue cheeses including some of the best Roquefort on the market. It’s another product that is ideal for those wishing to get a taste of Roquefort in particular and blue cheese in general without spending a lot.
Having said all of that, some users report getting inaccurate samplers if the company is running low on a particular cheese, with no prior notification of the switch.

Blue Cheese

2. French Saint Agur Cheese

This large block is a extra creamy cow’s milk Roquefort that is light and smooth and comes in a size that will last a long time. The price is high for some consumers but it’s one of the single largest blocks of Roquefort we’ve seen available in some time. It effortlessly combines a crumbly texture with a smooth butteriness for maximum flavor.

French Saint Agur Cheese

1. Papillon Roquefort Black Label A.O.C Blue Cheese

Here we have a Roquefort that is truly deserving of both its black label status and our number one spot for best Roquefort cheese. This product is made to exacting AOC standards and sports a mild taste and a smooth texture. The cheese will melt in your mouth almost instantly, the mark of a quality Roquefort. The price is somewhat higher than comparable Roqueforts in this weight class, but with no added shipping costs, we find it to be a very reasonable purchase.

Papillon Roquefort Black Label

Shopping for a good Roquefort online can be challenging for some users. One must navigate through a variety of “Roquefort-adjacent” blue cheese products in order to get to the real thing.
We’ve taken the hassle and guesswork out of this for you by providing you our best Roquefort cheeses so that you can be sure you’re ordering a quality product.

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  1. CC says:

    To correct a lot of mistakes here, there are ONLY seven producers of Roquefort. Pappilon, Garbriel Coullet, Carles, Fromageries Occitanes, Vernières, and Combe.

    St Agur is NOT a Roquefort. Chantel Plasse are not a Roquefort Manufactuerers.

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