Best Rose Wine to Enjoy On a Summer Day

There is nothing better than a delicious glass of wine on a summer evening. The best option is a sweet, light rose wine that is not as heavy as a red wine, packing less alcohol and fewer calories. The varieties of rose wines are endless, as there are many rose wine brands dedicated to producing this type of beverage.

Rose wines are known as Rosado in Portuguese and Spanish, while in Italy they are called Rosato. The question many people ask “what is rose wine?” has a straightforward answer. Wine rose is a variety of wines that gets its pink color from the skin of the grapes, and their shade is not strong enough to qualify as red wines.

They come in an array of colors from light pink to vivid purple, and there are sparkling rose wine varieties, as well as dry rose wines and sweet rose wine brands. A good rose wine should have a light aroma and delicate flavor, being the best option for many cocktails, wine lemonades and also for summery, fruity Sangria. Choose your favorite Rose and experiment with it, as there are many cheap rose wines to try and include in your cocktail recipe!

Pleasure Party Pink Moscato Rose

Pleasure Party Pink Moscato rose wine is produced in California, and it is marketed towards women. It is sweet, fresh and shiny pink with fruity aromas that mix perfectly with the classic tangy acidity. Flavors of baked apples, oranges and limes make this wine one of the best rose wines to pair with cheeses and desserts. At only $10 per bottle, this pastel red rose wine is a real bargain that will get your next party started.  You can order your own on Amazon and discover the aromas of a true American rose.

Pleasure Party California Pink Moscato Rose Wine

Chillhouse Paso Robles Rose

An American dry rose wine produced in Paso Robles, California, this fresh, deep pink wine is ideal for Sangria. Mixing hints of watermelon, strawberry, lemon and fresh melon, the Paso Robles rose also has a finishing flowery note of hibiscus. Dry and crisp, this rose wine is among the best rose wines produced in the United States. With a slightly atypical color for a rose, this gourmet wine is a treat for both experts and passionate wine lovers who are looking for a refreshing, summery drink. Order your own on Amazon for only $16.

Chillhouse Paso Robles Rose Wine

Chateau Barbeyrolle “Petale de Rose”

Among the best known French rose wine varieties, the Rose Petal wine is a delight for any beginner or professional. Original from the famous Provence region which is regarded as one of the best rose wine producers in the world, Chateau Barbeyrolle “Petale de Rose” is a classic French rose that will make you fall in love with this “vin rosé”.  This 2011 rose has a fruity taste that complements the characteristic dryness of French wines, being perfect with appetizers and cheese. You can find it on Amazon, and buy it for $27.99 per bottle.

Chateau Barbeyrolle "Petale de Rose" Cotes de Provence Rosé


You can never go wrong with an Italian rose wine! This sparkling rose is the perfect choice for any summer evening celebration or dinner. Light, fruity and really low on calories (no added sugars), SKYLTBAR rose is an elegant, silky and high-quality wine everyone will love. It pairs perfectly with a variety of foods, such as seafood, prosciutto or white fish, and it increases the taste of any cheese variety. Go for this wine if you want to impress your friends who will never guess you paid under $23 per bottle. Available on Amazon.


Chateau de Sours AC Bordeaux Rose

One of the best French rose wines and among the best in the world, this Bordeaux variety is the proof of the high standards the French maintain when it comes to manufacturing wine. A delicious dry rose wine that mixes summer fruits, hints of citrus, strawberries, and even bubblegum, Chateau de Sours is guaranteed to become your favorite. Delicate, fresh and savory, this light-bodies wine is ideal to enjoy straight from a tall rose wine glass, or as a summer cocktail mixed with lemon juice and mint leaves. You can order your own on Amazon, for a price of $18.

Chateau de Sours AC Bordeaux Rose

Über Den Mond Rosé Sekt Semi-dry

Our list of the best rose wines could not be complete without this rich, savory and premium German wine. This semi-dry variety encourages wine pairings with light meat, fish or seafood, being ideal for any kind of wine lover. Among the many rose wine types the Uber Den Mond Rose stands out because of its unique taste resulted from fresh fruit aromas and characteristic acidity. Did we forget to mention its amazing price? You can buy your own bottle for under $16 on Amazon!

Über Den Mond Rosé Sekt

Terra Blanca Arch Terrace Red Mountain Rosé

This Washington rose wine variety is recognized for the high-quality wines they produce and sold. Raspberries, strawberries, peach and rose petals all mix to crate the amazing bouquet of the premium Terra Blanca Arch Terrace Red Mountain rose. Ideal with cheeses and fresh fruit, this wine can also be served with dessert to increase the taste of your favorite sweets. Available on Amazon for $25 per bottle.

Terra Blanca Arch Terrace Red Mountain Rosé

Parducci Small Lot Blend Mendocino County Rose

Another California rose that is appreciated by both wine experts and amateur wine aficionados, the Mendocino County rose is an ideal choice for any summer evening party. Fruity, light and fresh, this delicious and rich rose mixes vanilla flavor with watermelon and strawberry. Ideal for any special occasion, this award-winning rose never disappoints. You can order your own from Amazon for only $15.

Parducci Small Lot Blend Mendocino County Rose

Wilson Creek California Sparkling Rose

The Wilson Creek California Sparkling Rose has a unique taste, mixing classic rose flavors with unusual after notes of rich almonds. The wine opens with a burst of bubbly delight and the taste of melons and strawberries, only to finish on delicate almond notes. Ideal as a dessert or appetizer, this delicious wine will make you discover the richness of rose wines. Available on Amazon for $18.99.

Wilson Creek California Sparkling Rose Wine

Apart from being curious about how rose wine is made (no, it’s not a combination between red and white wines, the pastel pink color comes from the grape skins), people want to know about an important issue.

The other important aspect people often ask about is how many calories are there in rose wine? For a serving which generally means 120 ml glass, a rose wine packs around 83 calories, less than the calories in a same size glass of red wine. It is important to keep in mind that rose wines have to be chilled in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving, but not more than that as they will lose their bouquet.

Remember to choose a rose the next time you are thinking about enjoying a delicious summer wine. We are sure you will be impressed by our list of the best rose wine varieties available on Amazon.

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