11 Best White Wines for Cooking Amazing Dishes

If you are going to prepare an amazing dish, you should know your white wines! Different dry white wines have different qualities, so we’re here to help you discover the best white wine for cooking amazing dishes your family and friends will appreciate. The main trick to remember is that you should never cook with wine you wouldn’t like to drink, so don’t sacrifice quality.

We have a list of 11 good white wines that work amazingly well as ingredients when cooking chicken, fish and seafood, risotto, pasta, and desserts, and not only as dry white wine for drinking. Read through our list of 11 best white wines to cook with and you will know how to mix and match your wines to create brilliant, flavored recipes. Remember that the best type of white wine for cooking is the one that matches the specific dish you are preparing, so get ready to discover our secret for memorable dishes. Also, remember that just like red wine, white wine has many amazing health benefits!

Best Dry White Wine for Cooking Chicken

2015 Black Oak California Chardonnay White Wine

If you are searching for an amazing dry white wine to include in your chicken recipe, the Black Oak California Chardonnay from 2015 is your best choice. With a golden color and wonderful fruity aromas of peaches and tropical fruits, this white wine will transform a classic chicken dish into an unforgettable experience. It has a silky and smooth taste that will enrich any chicken dish, adding a subtle note of fruity freshness, and making it a solid choice for the best white wine for cooking chicken.

Black Oak California Chardonnay White

Best White Wine for Cooking Fish & Seafood

2013 ONEHOPE California Sauvignon Blanc

For a delicious fish or seafood recipe, you can never go wrong with the California Sauvignon Blanc, produced by ONEHOPE. It has a pale, golden shade and its grassy undertones compliment the best fish, especially salmon based recipes. With its flavors of pink grapefruit, this refreshing wine will make an ideal ingredient for low-fat fish, as well as oysters and seashells. What a delicious option for the best white wine for cooking seafood!

ONEHOPE California Sauvignon Blanc

Best White Wine for Cooking Shrimp Scampi

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc 2017

You don’t need a lot of wine for your scampi recipe. Probably 2-3 tablespoons of white wine will suffice to prepare a delicious scampi sauce. That’s why we recommend that you always use a quality white wine when cooking. Sauvignon Blanc is definitely the best white wine for cooking shrimp scampi. This Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc is very refreshing, with notes of lime, grapefruit, and pineapple. It is perfect for both drinking and preparing scampi sauce!

best white wine for cooking

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Best White Wine for Cooking Risotto

Dark Horse California Sauvignon Blanc

A good risotto can be turned into an exceptional side dish if you use a dry white wine, cooking a richly flavored meal. The Dark Horse California Sauvignon Blanc comes with citrus and melon flavors, and a long, fresh finish note that will turn your classic risotto into a memorable treat. Use it when preparing rice dishes and its crisp taste will add to the earthy taste of your rice. Due to its medium viscosity, this Sauvignon Blanc will add texture, as well as flavor to your recipe. It is one of our favorite choices for the best dry white wine for cooking!

Dark Horse California Sauvignon Blanc

Best White Wine for Cooking Pasta

Barefoot Cellars California Grigio Wine

The best white wine for cooking pasta is the Barefoot Cellars California Grigio Wine. This best white wine for Italian cooking is both fruity and floral, and it will add vibrancy to any pasta dish. It combines the delicate apple flavor with a stingy touch of lemon and tropical aromas, making it a great choice for pesto pasta, as well as other pasta based dishes. The California Grigio wine is one of the best white wines for cooking as it adds multiple layers of flavor to your final product.

Barefoot Cellars California Pinot Grigio Wine

Best Dry White Wine for Fondue

NV Georgetown Vineyards American Moscato Wine

An award-winning wine that will certainly become your favorite, the American Moscato wine comes with a rich history. Produced in a traditional style, on the hills of Ohio, this melon flavored wine paired perfectly with cheese products, making it ideal for cooking fondue. It has a light sweetness that will only add value to the acid taste of your fondue, and it will also transform your dish into a creamy, perfectly textured delight.

Georgetown Vineyards American Moscato Wine

Best Dry White Wine for Sangria

2014 Miranda Lambert Kerosene Pinot Grigio

Another Pinot Grigio, the Miranda Lambert Kerosene from 2014, is your go-to wine for Sangria. If you want to prepare the delicious Mediterranean classic drink for a summer party, choose this light and pleasingly soft wine that makes an ideal pair with fresh fruit. This sweet white wine has a delicate pear and apple aroma that will turn your homemade Sangria into the best you’ve ever tasted. The sweetness and the crisp finish of the wine will increase the delicious aroma of the fruit, which makes for the best Sangria.

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Miranda Lambert Kerosene Pinot Grigio

Best White Wine for Desserts

NV Vina Sympatica White California Sparkling Wine

Who thought wine is only good for cooking main dishes was completely wrong. Your favorite dessert recipes can be enhanced by some of the best wines for cooking available on the market. If you are preparing a fresh dessert to enjoy on a summer day, choose the Vina Sympatica White California Sparkling wine. Your decision will be appreciated by all your guests. The floral aroma mixed with fruity, pear and apple undertones is the best way to turn your dessert into a mouth-watering masterpiece. Add this white cooking wine to your vanilla creams or Italian desserts and enjoy the deeply flavored result!

Vina Sympatica White California Sparkling Wine

Best White Wine for Sauces and Dressings

2015 Portlandia Willamette Valley Pinot Gris

You can add wine to your sauces and salad dressings as well. So don’t restrain from using it when you are preparing your favorite gravy. The dry Pinot Gris is crisp, acid and citrusy, which makes it an ideal solution for your dressings. Forget about vinegar and replace it with this wine. It will provide a smooth finish and a tropical flavor that will linger on your palate for a few minutes after your dinner is over.

Portlandia Willamette Valley Pinot Gris

Best White Wine for Cooking Turkey

CAM Collection 2013 Monterey County Chardonnay

With this rich and creamy Chardonnay, your classic Thanksgiving turkey will taste even better. Its crisp and refreshing notes flavor the turkey and concentrate all the goodness onto the crisping skin. The pineapple notes complement perfectly the roasted turkey while the round texture will persist into a long, elegant aftertaste. This white wine comes from the Cameron Hughes Winery and is available online for an affordable price.

CAM 2013 Monterey County Chardonnay

Best White Wine for Cheese

2012 Cameron Hughes Columbia Valley Riesling/Chenin Blanc

Cheese loves fruit. Salt loves sweet. The contrast principle applies wonderfully to wine and cheese pairings.  That’s why this fruity, super yummy wine goes perfectly with salty cheeses. The salt in the cheese heightens the kiss of sugar of the Chenin blanc. If you want to host a cheese and wine party, you can apply the complement principle too, and combine the richness of this Cameron Hughes with creamy cheeses. You can order this easy-to-drink wine online and be sure that all your friends will love it.

Cameron Hughes 2012 Reisleing Wine


If you are planning to cook a memorable meal and want to turn a traditional recipe into an amazing dish, use one of our best white wine for cooking recommendations. You can include dry white wine in any recipe. Starting from chicken and fish dishes, all the way to vegetable sides and even desserts. There is almost no dish that a delicious white cooking wine can’t compliment, so explore your options and choose what fits best.

All our selections of white wines that are ideal for cooking, and are available at retailers online. You can get impressive discounts if you order more bottles, so be sure to check out the offers. The best white wine for cooking your favorite dish is certainly among our top picks. So, find your favorite white wine and start cooking! If you’ve tried other products, please share below a good white wine for cooking and enrich our top!

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