10 Best Wine for Sangria Choices

With a wide selection of wines available, it’s difficult to decide what the best wine for sangria is. While this delicious Spanish fruity blend is often made with red wine, white wines can be used as well. However, in both cases, the best wine for sangria should be on the off-dry to dry side. While the wine you use should retain a rich fruity note and balanced acidity, it should also sport softer tannins.

Here are our top ten best wines for sangria based on the composition of the wine and geographical location. Keep in mind that for this wine-based Spanish libation, the most summery tasting wines are key.

10. 2015 CHiLENSiS Reserva D.O. Valle del Maule Chile Malbec

While Malbec is typically a sweet red wine on the fortified side, this Chile pick has the right off-dry taste. The fruity notes unfurl raspberry, black currant, and plum. Nevertheless, the soft vanilla and caramel notes bind the taste in a playful way. This is a great pick for the best wine for sangria category.

CHiLENSiS Reserva Malbec Wine

9. 2013 Les Dauphins Cotes du Rhone Red

Les Dauphins Cotes du Rhone Red is a versatile red wine. You will love a glass on its own, as well as in the Sangria blend. While it is a fresh and full-bodied fruity wine, it also has a long, smooth finish. Mixed in your favorite sangria recipe, the balanced acidity, and supple tannins will certainly enrich it. Spices, red berries, and black currant define this elegant wine from the Rhone Valley, France.

Les Dauphins Cotes du Rhone Red

8. 2012 Dancing Coyote Lodi California Tempranillo

As it is a Tempranillo wine, Dancing Coyote’s is one of the best choices for best wine for sangria. Typically, Tempranillo is a Spanish varietal with a lush texture. This variety from San Joaquin County, California, doesn’t make an exception to the rule as its color is a beautiful shining ruby. Moreover, the plum, currants, and slightly spicy notes will leave you wanting more. It has soft tannins and lacks the heavily oaked flavor, which is the best combination for an incredible sangria.

Dancing Coyote Lodi California Tempranillo

7. 2014 Miranda Lambert Kerosene Pinot Grigio

Miranda Lambert’s Kerosene is our best wine for sangria in the white wines category. With its off-dry to dry characteristic note, this is the ideal pick for a fresh summery white wine sangria. While it has a light mouthfeel, this wine from Columbia Valley, Washington, also packs enticing pear and apple notes. Moreover, a fruity-forward wine like this is just the right amount of sweet for a flavored sangria.

6. 2014 Miranda Lambert Electric Pink White Zinfandel

This is a rose wine addition to the best wine for sangria list, hailing from Sulphur Springs, California. If you are undecided whether to choose a red or white wine for your favorite Spanish wine blend, try this rose under the Miranda Lambert label. The playful brilliant pink color of the body reveals the fresh berry aromas. While it is soft and subtle, it also has a brilliantly long finish with a refreshing note.

Red 55 Winery Electric Pink

5. 2009 Metate Hill Vineyards Calaveras County Garnacha

Garnacha or Grenache in Spanish may be one of the best wine for sangria ever. Typically grown in Spain, in the Priorato and Navarra regions, Garnacha is light and fruity. While the Metate Hill Vineyards Calaveras County Garnacha retains these characteristics, the strawberry aromas further enrich the wine. Stellar red wine sangria? Yes, please.

Metate Hill Vineyards Garnacha

4. 2011 Casalegrande Italy Barbera-Bonarda

While it has a balanced acidity and supple tannins, this rich red wine packs a full red berries flavor. Hailing from the Emilia-Romagna region, in Italy, Bonarda is another selection that qualifies as the best wine for sangria. Even if Casalegrande’s wine mixes Bonarda with Barbera, it remains a full-bodied, fruity-forward, warm yet crisp choice.

Casalegrande Italy Barbera-Bonarda

3. 2015 Dry Creek Vineyard Heritage Vines Zinfandel

Beautifully balanced, the Heritage Vines Zinfandel is more than one good pick in the best wine for sangria category. Choose it to enjoy a glass of red wine with a complex character, typical of Sonoma County, California. While the fruity notes of cranberries and raspberries steal the show, the pepper and chocolate overtones are also delightful. If you’re looking for a silky smooth wine with a gripping finish, this is one of the best choices.

Dry Creek Vineyard Heritage Vines Zinfandel

2. 2014 Guarino Estate Vineyards Nero d’Avola

A deep red wine variety typically grown and produced in Sicily, Italy, Nero d’Avola is ideal for a summery red sangria. Choose this particular wine if you wish to imbue your sangria recipe with a rich fruity red wine that opens lightly and boasts soft tannins. This variety of Nero d’Avola has a jammy flavor that will give your sangria an extra level of taste.

1. 2011 Obsidian Wines Tempranillo

Another Tempranillo on the best wine for sangria list, this Southern Oregon option packs a wonderful bouquet of spiced red fruits. The most expensive item on our list and the best, it’s delicate and well-balanced, with just the right level of acidity for a delicious sangria. Keep in mind that Tempranillo is typically ripe with black cherry and blackberries notes.

Obsidian Wines Tempranillo

While the Obsidian Wines Tempranillo is the best wine for sangria in our opinion, keep in mind this list if you want to have a different tasting sangria each time. Although most of the wines featured here are delicious reds, you can also use white or rose wines for this summery Spanish blend with a joyful fruit mix. Don’t forget! A light dessert is what goes best with sangria, so use the best mascarpone cheese to make a truly wonderful recipe. How do you feel about our picks? Let us know what is your go-to wine for sangria.

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4 responses to “10 Best Wine for Sangria Choices”

  1. Tyler Gagne says:

    So glad to read this. I’m going to print this and give this to my friends who don’t know how to mix a good sangria. Like any good drink, there is a certain blend to strive for, that’s why it’s called mixology. On a brighter note, I’ve found the best wines for Sangria are often some of the best wines in general. I’ve discovered some new wines to check out thanks to you guys. Thank you!

  2. Brenda Ricketts says:

    Thanks for the hard work I know your crew puts into reviewing items and putting together blogs such as the 10 best wines for Sangria. Are fruity wines best for Sangria?

    • Freddy Diaz says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Yes, fruity wines are best for Sangria. We recommend you choose a full-bodied, fruity wine, with balanced acidity and soft tannins. Let us know what you chose in the end. Thank you for your feedback!

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