10 Best Wine Glasses

The glass in which you serve wine is almost, if not equally, as important as the wine itself. Form follows function; whether a wine glass has a long stem, no stem at all, or a short stem is for a specific reason. Furthermore, the thickness and weight of the glass, the shape of the bowl, and the shape of the stem also impact the way you enjoy wine. A better understanding of these seemingly mundane features results in one of the best wine glasses selections. All of the following best wine glasses rank due to their quality, price, function, and aesthetic appeal.

10. Stemless Wine Glasses by Lumiera

This elegant, tumbler-style wine glass is perfect for everyday wine lovers who enjoy reds, whites, and everything in between. Lumiera’s glasses fit perfectly in the hand, and the unconventional lack of a stem gives them a modern feel. The wide size of the bowl and tapered lip ensure that the aroma of the wine will be captured and enhanced. This model makes not only one of the best stemless wine glasses, but also a great corporate or wedding gift!

Lumiera Glass Stemless Wine Glasses

9. EraVino Crystal Wine Glasses

EraVino’s classic crystal wine glasses have a wide bowl, so that aromas can better circulate throughout the glass. These glasses are well-suited for red wines such as Cabernet Savuignon, but also for white wines. Made of lightweight crystal, these delicate glasses are free of lead, and are a delightful option for both seasoned wine connoisseurs and casual enjoyers of wine. If  you are looking for the best stemless wine glasses, this model from EraVino might become your favorite choice.

EraVino Crystal Wine Glasses

8. Elixir Glassware Wine Glass

The boxy shape of the bowl, and the wide mouth give these glasses a striking, unconventional appearance. The design of the glasses proves to be an efficient solution for wines which require much oxidation. Further, these unorthodox glasses feature a lengthy stem, which helps keep wine cool from body temperature. Elixir Glassware’s unique goblet-shaped wine glasses can make a wonderful corporate, Christmas, or wedding gift. They may be the best glasses for wine suited for a decor that matches them in modernity.

Opulent Wine Glass

7. Bormioli Rocco Electra Glasses

Blending the conventional with the novel, the body of Bormioli’s Electra Wine Glass has a sharply angled, but functionally sized-bowl. Made of Bormioli’s recently developed, lead-free Star Glass, the Electra glasses are clear and resistant. These glasses are guaranteed to have superior resistance to use and to be dishwasher safe. As such, they are the best wine glasses for red wine, white wine, and every day use. They are available in sets of 6, in large and medium sizes.

Bormioli Rocco Electra Glasses

6. Arc International Luminarc Grand Noblesse Flute

Featuring a narrow bowl and a sturdy stem, Arc International’s flutes are an economical choice for the enjoyment of white wines. The tall, narrow shape of the bowl and the length of the stem reduce surface area, and preserves the chill and delicate taste of light wines. Luminarc’s glass flutes are not only timeless, but durable enough to withstand the test of time. Available in sets of 6 flutes, these might be the best wine glasses for champagne.

Arc International Luminarc Grand Noblesse Flute

5. Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

For those in need of something a bit more durable than glass and crystal, Modern Innovations offers a tumbler-style collection of glasses of stainless steel. With a polished satin finish, these might be the best stemless wine glasses for serving cold wine. These sleek metal glasses are also an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer their wine on the go. They are available in sets of 4 eighteen ounce glasses.

Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

4.Riedel O Pinot Nebbiolo Stemless Wine Glass

The bowl size of Riedel’s stemless goblet extends widely, but tapers to a narrow rim. This fishbowl style lends itself well to wines that require little oxidation. Therefore, you can use these glasses for either white or red wines. The “O” style is constructed from non-leaded crystal, and possess a thin rims to emphasize the bold flavors of the wine. Dishwasher safe, they are the best wine glasses for Pinot and Nebbiolo. 

Riedel O Pinot Nebbiolo Stemless Wine Glass

3.Luminarc Stemless Glass Tumblers

For wine lovers who love the stemless style of red wine glasses, yet favor champagne or sparkling white wines, Luminarc offers a tumbler style wine glass which is exclusively for light wines. These tumblers have a slender, tapered body, which works to keep light wines chilled and fragrant. These luxuriously casual glasses are dishwasher safe, and available in 12 pcs sets.

Luminarc Stemless Glass Tumblers

2. Schott Zweisel Tritan Crystal Glass

The Tritan by Schott Zweisel is a modern take on the classic white wine glass. Made of lead-free crystal, this refined glass also resists chips, scrapes, and scratches. The elongated, tapered bowl directs the aromas and tastes of crisp Pinot Grigios or sweet Rieslings more easily towards the opening. Made in Germany, these tall glasses are dishwasher safe, and available in sets of of six of these strong, elegant glasses. The size and graceful shape make them one of the best red wine glasses available on the market.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass

1. Riedel Swirl Red Wine Glass

The ergonomic aspect of the stemless tumbler style takes on a twist with Riedel’s red wine glasses. The eye-catching grooves in the center of the bowl does not only lend a sensual air to these sturdy tumblers, it also enhances the enjoyment of any red wines consumed with these glasses. The tapered center catches oxygen, and directs it towards to wine in order to expedite the oxidation process. Another great pick if you are looking for the best red wine glasses!

Riedel Swirl Red Wine Glasses


Each of the 10 best wine glasses have distinguishing qualities, which make them perfect for a particular purpose, be it drinking white wine or red wine, enjoying wine on the go, formally, or casually. Next time you want to purchase elegant wine glassware, consider the products on our list! Do you have a favorite you think is missing from this list of best wine glasses? Let us know!

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4 responses to “10 Best Wine Glasses”

  1. Angie Willis says:

    Of all the 10 best wine glasses mentioned here, I think the stainless steel stemless glasses are the best. They look sharp and they’re a great idea (as mentioned) for the outdoors or when people are on their third or fourth bottle of wine. Anyone know whether these are dishwasher safe?

    • Freddy Diaz says:

      Hello Angie,

      Thank you for your feedback. All the glasses here are completely dishwasher safe, except the products no. 8 and 1. So, we recommend handwashing for 8. Elixir Glassware Wine Glass, and 1. Riedel Swirl Red Wine Glass.

  2. Mason Rogers says:

    Another fun and fact-filled tutorial AND a review of the 10 best wine glasses. Why would someone go with one design over another? Well, as you so elegantly explain, some of these glasses are built for different types of wine and help with things such as enjoying the aroma and keeping wine cool from body heat. Thank you for explaining this as normally I’d just say, “That looks pretty. I’ll buy that.” Instead, I can find a pretty wine glass that meets my needs for a certain wine-drinking occasions.

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