10 Best Wines For Dark Chocolate

Pairing a good wine with chocolate is as natural as pairing cheese and wine. If you’re looking for the best wines to go with your dark chocolate cravings, you can’t simply choose any wine. Both wine and dark chocolate will often vie for the same space on your taste buds, thus canceling each other out. To make things easier for you, check out our handy list of the best wines for dark chocolateDark chocolate can’t share palate space with dry wines, so we’ll look at wines based on their sweetness primarily, but we’ll also take a look at other factors such as aromas or taste infusions that may complement dark chocolate well, depending on the wine.

10. Catherman’s Port

Port is an excellent choice of wine to go with most any dark chocolate, thanks primarily to its overall sweet flavor. As such, we’re likely to offer you at least a couple of amazing ports on this list.
The particular type from Catherman’s features extra fortification from neutral grapes. These grapes are added to the original recipe to slow fermentation, allowing extra sugar to crystallize and thus further enhance the sweet flavor of the port. It’s a ripe and full-bodied port that offers chocolatey aromas that pair well with any dark chocolate.


9. Solera Cream Sherry

Sherry is often thought of as the prime pick for a good dessert wine. With its often very sweet flavor and texture as well as a wide variety of aromatic hints, it isn’t hard to see why. This particular version of sherry offers you plenty of high-quality sweetness along with some great aromas of butterscotch and pecan. As dark chocolate often lends itself to the inclusion of nuts, this sherry offers a perfect complement to the confectionary.

Solera Cream

8. Sholom Kosher Red Wine

This wine is a kosher option for those who may need one for their dark chocolate pairings. It’s a red wine, with an intense fruity taste that hits the taste buds almost immediately. This bold and vibrant is sweet and offers faint hints of cherry in its smooth aftertaste. It’s a particularly good red wine to pair with dark chocolate truffles, but should be more than serviceable no matter the type or brand of dark chocolate you or your guests prefer.

Sholom Kosher

7. Castoro Cellars Paso Robles Estate White Zinfandel Wine

A popular wine particularly in the summer, White Zinfandel is another wine that can complement dark chocolate very nicely. This particular wine is sweet enough not to fight with any dark chocolate and the contains a plethora of flavors that include cherries, watermelon and a variety of berries. Amazingly, they all blend well together without being too overpowering, providing nice variety along with the bitterness that is typical of dark chocolate.
Note however that this wine is not as sweet as some others on our list, so don’t choose dark chocolates that are too intense.

Castoro Cellars Paso Robles

6. 2015 Alamos Argentina Malbec Red Wine

Malbec is a red wine that is often called “port-styled” in nature. Malbec makes a great choice for pairing with dark chocolate primarily because it usually has the necessary intensity to balance the overall bitterness of even fairly strong dark chocolate. This version has subtle plum hints along with touches of dark cherries. Both of these fruits are often found in dark chocolate dishes themselves, so you know it’ll pair well with your dark chocolate.

2015 Alamos Argentina Malbec

5. Sonoma Portworks DECO port

Another port, this one is made with a unique blend that gives it a hint of dark chocolate. As such, the port and the chocolate should complement one another well without fighting for space on your palate. This port offers your taste buds a smooth and silky texture that won’t overpower you, leaving you free to enjoy the rich, bold flavors of whatever dark chocolate you might choose.

Sonoma Portworks

4. Hidden Legend Wild Elderberry Honey Mead

This wild elderberry brew is indeed mead, but it has “port-like” qualities that make it sweet and tangy and perfect for sipping with your favorite dark chocolate. We recommend serving this one slightly chilled or in a cold glass for the optimum taste to complement your dark chocolate. The hints of elderberry in this mead provide an excellent contrast to the bitterness of most high-quality dark chocolates.

Hidden Legend Wild Elderberry

3. Quady Vya Sweet Vermouth blend – Red

If you need something to go nicely with dark chocolate, you’ll never go wrong with a good sweet Vermouth. It is of course sweet but also very fruity to contrast the overall bitter taste of darker chocolates. In addition, this Vermouth has hints of cinnamon infused within it, which really set off the strong tastes of dark chocolate with higher than normal percentages of cacao. This is the perfect choice for very pure dark chocolate candies.

Quady Vya Sweet Vermouth

2. Georgetown Vineyards American Blackberry Wine

This wine is fruity and sweet and as the name suggests, adds hints of blackberries here and there. However, it’s also light enough that it pairs well with a variety of dessert dishes, including your favorite dark chocolate. The intensity and bitterness of the chocolate will find balance in the lighter, subtler flavors of the wine, and each will work to draw the other into the open.

Georgetown Vineyards

1. Mission Mountain Winery Cocoa Vin Port

The aptly named Cocoa Vin Port wine is perhaps one of the best wines to pair with dark chocolate of almost any variety and intensity. It’s a wine that features a rich and chocolatey aroma and flavor. You might think that this is just too much chocolate to go with dark chocolate candies, but the flavoring is subtle enough that it actually complements them quite well.

Mission Mountain Winery

The strength and bitterness of dark chocolate is always something you can enjoy on its own. But this strong taste is further enhanced with the addition of the proper wine to complement or contrast it. Choosing a wine that you know will not drown out the richness of the chocolate—and vice versa—is key. We’re sure that our list provides you with some of the best wines to go with any dark chocolate.

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