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10 Best Gouda Cheeses for Amazing Cheese Platters & Dishes

Gouda cheese is among the tastiest, most nutritious types of cheese available on the market. A delight for all gourmands, you can use Gouda in a variety of amazing recipes. From mac and cheese to pizza and mouthwatering platters that mix classic or even grilled cheese with fresh fruits and nuts. Gouda cheese comes in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can choose from smoked, aged or classic assortments.

The characteristic Gouda cheese taste is often described as buttery and nutty, with a hint of sweetness uncommon to other cheeses. Below you will find a great selection of the best Gouda cheese you should definitely try! We base our list on flavor, production process and uniqueness, to bring you only the best Gouda cheese.

10. Smoked Gouda Cheese

This Smoked Gouda Cheese is produced in Holland from cow’s milk and exported all over the world. The semi-sharp, firm Gouda gets its pleasant darker exterior color from the smoking process, while the interior remains pale yellow. Textured and flavored, Smoked Gouda is a great choice to include in your next fondue or pasta recipe. For the most amazing result, pair it with a bottle of Bordeaux wine and serve it as is or after you’ve sliced it up and grilled it for a minute on each side.

Naturally Smoked Gouda Cheese

9. Beemster X.O. 26-Month Extra Aged Gouda

A more intense version of Gouda Cheese, this Beemster product ages for 26 months, a process which increases its nuttiness and spiciness. Firm, dark yellow, almost orange in color, the Extra Aged Gouda is unlike any other cheese you’ve tasted before. Use it as a substitute for parmesan and grate it over your favorite pasta dish, pizza or even chicken or pepper soup for a brand new experience. Due to its firm texture and strong aroma, this cheese is not ideal for melting, but perfect as an appetizer.

igourmet Beemster X.O. 26-Month Extra Aged Gouda - Pound Cut

8. Dofino Gouda Round

This American Gouda Cheese produced in Wisconsin will impress you with its softness and delicate taste. Both sweet and spicy, you can melt, grill and even roast the Dofino Gouda to enrich your favorite dish. It is so versatile that you can add it to your scalloped potatoes, morning toast or use it to create a delicious and healthy spread or dip to pour over pasta. Have we mentioned that this sweet and gentle Gouda can become the main ingredient for desserts as well? Order it online and discover its amazing flavor!

Dofino Gouda Round

7. igourmet Dutch Gouda

The igourmet Dutch Gouda is among the most appreciated Dutch Cheeses in the world and for good reason. The Dutch Gouda cheese is the original product, and this creamy delight will surely impress any cheese lover. Soft, buttery and perfectly yellow in color, you can use the Dutch Gouda cheese in virtually any dish. Experiment with this gourmet product and include a generous amount of Gouda cheese in your next roasted vegetable recipe, fondue or dip recipe, and especially on an elegant and filling cheese platter. A great pairing for any semi-dry or dry wine, Dutch Gouda is your go-to cheese for any barbecue party!

igourmet Dutch Gouda

6. Beemster Classic Aged Gouda

This Classic Aged Gouda from Beemster is another gourmet item that will satisfy even the pickiest cheese lovers out there. Their Classic Aged Gouda is matured for 18 months until it reaches its peak of taste, flavor, and texture. Firm and dark yellowish, this type of Gouda mixes intense flavors with a sweet finish. Shred it over hot veggies or pasta, or serve it directly on a plate of appetizers and see it disappear in a matter of seconds!

Beemster Classic Aged Gouda

5. HolanDeli Coconut Gouda Cheese

Not safe to consume during pregnancy as it is made from fresh milk, this semi-soft and sweet ball of Gouda cheese is a hand-made delight. This amazing, natural HolanDeli Coconut Gouda can make the perfect gift for a food lover, as it is a gourmet item. Buttery and rich, you can serve it with crackers, fresh fruit or veggies, as well as melt it on omelets or among the ingredients for your next fondue or cheese sauce. The health benefits of this high-quality product are endless, and its coconut taste makes for an interesting treat. Where can you buy this Gouda? Find it online for a good price per pre-sliced pound.

4. Frico Classic Dutch Red Wax Mild Gouda

The country of origin for the well-known Gouda cheese is Holland, and the Dutch still produce and eat the best types of Gouda. Luckily, you can order this imported Classic Dutch Red Wax Mild Gouda wheel online and it can be delivered to your home. Enjoy the pleasure of cooking with a gourmet ingredient. Subtle and smooth, this cheese is ideal for a variety of dishes from macaroni and cheese to the most amazing sauces. Be careful not to freeze the product for too long, as it will affect its nutritional value and qualities.

Frico Classic Dutch Red Wax Mild Gouda Cheese

3. Extra Aged Farm Gouda Cheese

A great pairing for Merlot or Napa wine, this extra-aged Gouda cheese from Denmark makes a delicious product to choose. It is semi-sharp and extremely firm which makes it ideal for a variety of uses. Serve it directly on a cheese platter with fruits or veggies, or grate it over your favorite hot dish. Add a glass of high-quality wine and you are ready for a memorable dinner or brunch. This well-balanced Gouda cheese has a stronger flavor that produces a complex and refined taste.

Extra Aged Farm Gouda Cheese

2. Dutch Mill Smoked Gouda

Though not hand-made and produced in a modern, computerized dairy plant in Holland, this cheese is still smoked in old brick ovens. The best part of this cheese is the brown rind, which is not only edible but adds a nice smoky flavor. A perfect choice for picnics, parties or just as a snack, it is available natural or with flavors. Dutch Mill’s Smoked Gouda does not melt as well as other Goudas, but it goes great in sandwiches or as part of a mixed Gouda cheese sauce.

1. igourmet Ewephoria Aged Sheeps Milk Gouda

This incredible product has been aged for nine months, but it maintains a sweet and nutty flavor. It tastes like butterscotch and caramel candy and goes well with fruit, especially grapes. Ewephoria Aged Sheeps Milk Gouda is a great choice to enjoy with Sherry or Porter wine. And it doesn’t lose its taste even after months, under the right preservation conditions. Although a bit pricey, try it and you won’t regret it!

Final Word

Gouda cheese is one of the best types of cheese to melt, grate or cook, being sweet and spicy at the same time. It is generally produced from cow’s milk and sometimes from goat or sheep’s milk. There is a variety of smoked, aged and classic Goudas to try. So order your favorite from our list! Afterward, enjoy it with a sip of the best Cabernet Sauvignon wine for a perfect night in.

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