10 Best Gruyere Cheese Options

So, what is Gruyere cheese? Gruyere Cheese (pronounced GREW-YER) is a gourmet cheese originally produced in Switzerland that can be easily included in a variety of delicious recipes. With a hard yellow exterior and lightly colored interior, this cheese is among the most popular choices for mac and cheese, quiche, fondue and even grilled sandwiches.

You can also bake and roast delicious scalloped potatoes with Gruyere cheese, as well as add it to your favorite sauce to enhance its taste and flavor. Not all Gruyere cheeses are like. Depending on how and where the cheese was matured, they can have different degrees of spiciness, hardness, and flavor. There are also Gruyere cheese substitutes that come close the certain varieties of Gruyere cheese.

How to Pick the Best Gruyere Cheese

In our list of choices the best Gruyere cheese to use when cooking, we have also included a few Gruyere cheese substitutes, but with a less intense flavor. Ideal for people who prefer a milder taste, these Gruyere cheese alternatives can easily compete with the regular Gruyere.

We have also included certain Gruyere options which are safe for pregnant women. Gruyere is usually made of unpasteurized milk, and thus it is not recommended during pregnancy. Certain Gruyere cheeses are made from pasteurized milk. However, we would still advise you to exercise caution when consuming this specialty cheese.

10. Cave-Aged Gruyere

This Swiss Cave-Aged Gruyere is produced using the traditional cheese-making techniques that have made the region famous. Slightly sweet, it is the best Gruyere cheese for a variety of dishes, such as Gruyere grilled cheese sandwich recipes, Gruyere cheese sauce and of course, the famous Gruyere cheese fondue.

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9. Gruyere de Comte

This product is softer than smoked Gruyere or aged alternatives, which makes it ideal for Gruyere mac and cheese and Gruyere cheese quiche. With a softer interior and a more delicate taste, Gruyere de Comte is also the best Gruyere cheese that can be served as an appetizer or starter paired with crackers and a glass of French red wine such as a Bordeaux type wine.

The best Gruyere cheese recipes make the best of this flavored, sometimes heavy kind of cheese, by using it baked or shredded. Strictly speaking, Gruyere de Comte is a Comte cheese, rather than a Gruyere. However, Comte cheese is a perfect alternative to Gruyere.

Gruyere de Comte

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8. Roth Kase Grand Cru Reserve Gruyere

Roth Kase Grand Cru Reserve Gruyere is a Gruyere with an incredible flavor. It can easily be served on its own. This Roth Kase Grand cheese is a classic product crafted according to Swiss tradition and aged for up to 8 months. This long, slow aging process is what gives it that distinctive Gruyere taste. The flavor of this particular cheese mixes earthy, nutty and fruity aromas.

Roth Kase Grand Cru Reserve Gruyere Wheel Cheese

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7. igourmet Gruyere AOP

This product is ideal as Gruyere cheese fondue, soufflé, and savory cheese puffs. Obtained from whole cow’s milk and respecting a long maturation process, igourmet Gruyere AOP has the classic, stingy Gruyere cheese taste that everybody loves and appreciates. This Gruyere cheese alternative can be purchased online.

igourmet Le Gruyere AOP Antique Langruti 1862

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6. Austrian Alps Gruyere

This special type of Gruyere produced in the Austrian Alps has a delicate nutty and spicy aroma, being great for your mac and cheese with Gruyere recipes. Full flavored and deliciously aromatic when melted, grated or baked, this best Gruyere cheese can easily be added to your next scalloped potatoes with gruyere cheese recipe and even gruyere cheese soufflé dish.

It is a Gruyere cheese pasteurized version. This particular Gruyere is made from pasteurized milk, and thus it is one of the safe Gruyere options.

igourmet Austrian Alps Gruyere

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5. Comte Gruyere

Another great choice for gruyere recipes is a gourmet product that was aged for over 6 months. Among the best Gruyere, Comte is a great solution for all recipes with Gruyere cheese. A hard, dried cheese that you can grate and add to your salad or favorite pasta dish, Comte Gruyere doesn’t have as many calories as the softer, fatty versions.

If you like strong tastes and firm texture, Comte is your best replacement product that is not so high in calories and fats. Since this particular Comte Gruyere has a more distinctive Gruyere taste, it works best to flavor dishes, rather than as a basis.

Cheese Comte Gruyere (4 Lbs) Aged 6 Months Rivoire Jacquemin from France

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4. Wisconsin Gruyere Cheese

What is Gruyere cheese made in America? Well, the Wisconsin Gruyere is a great Gruyere alternative ideal for scallop potatoes with Gruyere cheese, fondue dip for nachos, that is comparable to the Swiss version.

Wisconsin Gruyere is softer than Swiss Gruyere, and thus better suited for melting or cooking. Its flavor is not as strong, because it is cured for only 4 months. Thus, it blends well with other flavors.

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Wisconsin Cheese - Gruyere Cheese

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3. Piave DOP Mezzano Gruyere

An Italian Gruyere with its origin in the Belluno Provence, the Piave is a Gruyere substitute. Produced from pasteurized milk, this Gruyere is safe to consume during pregnancy. The small Italian manufacturer uses traditional methods to produce this delicious specialty that anyone can enjoy. Ideally paired with a wine that has low acidity, the Piave Gruyere can be served shredded or grilled for an enhanced taste.

igourmet Piave DOP Mezzano Aged 6 Months

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2. Comte Cheese

Comte cheese is the best substitute for Gruyere cheese as it packs great taste and a lower calorie level. You can use Comte as a Gruyere cheese substitute in any of your regular mac and cheese, fondue, dip or soufflé recipes and you will be impressed by the flavor.

Semi-sharp, tangy and bold, Comte is a cheese similar to Gruyere that is produced in France. Enjoy it with a glass of Alsace wine and you will be amazed by its rich flavor. Comte is regarded not only part of the substitutions to Gruyere on the market, but a delicious cheese in its own right.

Comte Cheese

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1. Gruyere Gourmet-Food

This matured gourmet Gruyere is produced following the traditional Swiss technique and using raw milk. It has a hard texture and a strong flavor that make it ideal for appetizers or being served shredded over your favorite pasta, polenta or potato dish. This Gruyere is available online, and you can order it from Amazon.

Gruyere by Gourmet-Food

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Have you tried any of the Gruyere varieties listed here? Do you have a Gruyere cheese substitute you would like to include on this list? Or do you want to share your choice for the best Gruyere cheese? Let us know!

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Thank you for the detailed information. I’m buying it for a friend and don’t have a clue 🙂

    • Selena Bates says:

      Hi, Sylvia!

      Thank you for the feedback. For someone who is not a total cheese freak (as we are), we’d recommend the Comte variety as it pairs perfectly with a good wine. Which one did you choose in the end?

      Have a great day!

  2. Nigel Edwards says:

    I love scalloped potatoes but most of the time they’re missing something. This article on gruyere cheese and the best gruyere cheeses available has me thinking I may have found the missing link for my scalloped potatoes. Thanks for including the cheese substitutes like Comte too so everyone can enjoy the flavor.

  3. Meghan W. says:

    Hey Top Reviews! I love cheese and I had fun reading this list of the 10 best gruyere cheeses. I was wondering, what are the benefits of cave-aged cheese?

    • Selena Bates says:

      Hi Meghan,

      Cave-aged cheese is beneficial for health because it is high in probiotics, vitamin K2, and has a higher concentration of calcium, zinc, phosphorus and other essential nutrients. It also reduces the risk of dental cavities and is recommended to people who are intolerant to lactose. And, what’s more, cave-aged cheese is so delicious!

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