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The 10 Best Mascarpone Cheese for Unforgettable Desserts Everyone Will Adore

Mascarpone cheese is among the best-known Italian dairy products, and it has taken the world by storm. This fresh, creamy and light cheese became an important part of loads of dessert recipes, such as cheesecake, refreshing filling or frosting for pies, but above all, the world-famous tiramisu.Using mascarpone cheese to prepare amazing desserts is not the only way to enjoy this soft cheese, you can also add it to your pasta and chicken dishes, as well as to a lighter but very savory version of macaroni and cheese.

If you want to make the best dishes and mascarpone cheese recipes to impress your friends, but don’t know where to get this Italian delight, we are here to help. Below you will find the most popular and high-quality mascarpone cheese brands and their products, so take a look at our selection!

10. Nonno Nanni Mascarpone

On the mascarpone vs cream cheese debate, we are definitely on the side of mascarpone. Slightly sweeter and lower in sodium content, mascarpone is a relatively low-fat substitute for regular cream. Nonno Nanni produces a luxurious, rich and velvety delight that can successfully be added to your coffee, favorite cake frosting and, of course, your next tiramisu recipe. Produced in Italy with only natural ingredients and respecting the traditional Italian way of preparing it, this Mascarpone cheese is easily available online.

Nonno Nanni Mascarpone

9. Mascarpone Zerto

This mascarpone cream cheese is soft, refreshing and ideal for a variety of dishes. In case you wanted to know how mascarpone cheese is made, Zerto explains that the process includes draining the moisture out of heavy cream and then adding a small quantity of citric acid. Their resulting product is a smooth, delicate and fresh cheese. Which you can use to create your next cheesecake or fruit tart. The freshness of mascarpone Zerto also pairs perfectly with fruits such as strawberries, cherries, berries and forest fruits.

Mascarpone, Zerto 17.6 Oz.

8. Mascarpone Polenghi

When you want to experiment and prepare desserts with mascarpone cheese or even pasta with mascarpone, you need the real deal! Mascarpone Polenghi is imported from Italy, and it is produced respecting the country’s tradition of cheese making. Recommended as a filling for cakes, this product can be successfully incorporated into rich sauces, soups, ravioli or cannoli for a deliciously refreshing dish. With a slightly sweet taste and soft texture, Mascarpone Polenghi will add both nutritional value and an extra layer of texture to your baked dishes, without packing too many calories. Similar to ricotta cheese, mascarpone is also a great replacement in homemade dishes, dips, salads or even meat recipes.

Mascarpone Polenghi

7. Galbani Mascarpone Cheese

This gourmet item is ideal for a late, light dinner. As well as for your next rich, layered and coffee packed mascarpone cheese tiramisu. Located in the US, the Galbani Mascarpone cheese brand respects the traditional ways of old-time homemade mascarpone cheese to deliver a delicious product. Similar to whipped cream in texture, Galbani Mascarpone is much richer and has a delicate sweetness. Which makes it ideal for serving with vanilla ladyfingers, for a quick, easy and delicious dessert. You can find this product in your local grocery store, or online if you want to order it without leaving your home.

Galbani Mascarpone Cheese

6. Mascarpone by Vermont Creamery

This is another American product that can easily substitute the original Italian version. This Mascarpone is ideal for desserts, soups and all kinds of dips and frostings. Instead of using sugary ingredients, you can cook your own dessert frosting by mixing mascarpone with vanilla extract and leaving it to freeze for an hour. The Vermont Creamery product is ideal for both desserts and main courses. Are you asking yourself where can I buy mascarpone cheese? The answer is simple, either head out to your local grocery shop that sells dairy products or search online.

Mascarpone by Vermont Creamery

5. Epiu Italian Mascarpone

If you want to know what is mascarpone cheese, the traditional Epiu Mascarpone is your stellar answer. Created to be included in the most delicious and flavored tiramisu recipes, this delightful product will help anyone who is making desserts at home. It actually does taste sweeter than our other recommendations. So the Italian Mascarpone cheese from Epiu is not recommended for soups or any meat dishes. Try it in your next dessert recipe and you will see how much it improves the traditional taste.

Epiu Italian Mascarpone

4. BelGioioso Mascarpone Cheese

This Italian sweet cheese is perfect for any dessert, not only for the classic tiramisu. Experiment with BelGioiso Mascarpone cheese and include it in your next cheesecake recipe for an original twist on your traditional dessert. Pair it with fresh fruit and serve it as a dip if you are looking for a healthier snack, low in calories and fats. If you don’t know where to find mascarpone cheese, just browse through any online shop to find and order this delicious product.

BelGioioso Mascarpone Cheese

3. Galbani Mascarpone Fresca Italian Style Cream Cheese

Galbani Mascarpone Fresca is a soft, rich and balanced option that can be a great ingredient for coffee and refreshing summer cakes. Both sweet and savory, this thick cream-like mascarpone will quickly become your family’s favorite. Its ingredients include pasteurized cream and milk which will improve your dishes. Your pasta recipes will never be the same if you cook your own homemade, creamy white sauce to dip them in at the end of the baking process. You can easily find Galbani Mascarpone Fresca at specialized shops or online.

Galbani Mascarpone Fresca Italian Style Cream Cheese

2. Gelmini Cinque Stelle Mascarpone

Another great Italian mascarpone from the Lombardy region, Gelmini’s Cinque Stelle Mascarpone is an ultra-rich dairy product. Of course, it is perfect for putting in the cheese, liqueur and coffee-soaked ladyfingers mixture of tiramisu. But it is even better for mixing into a savory spread with mustard, herbs, and anchovies. You can also mix it with gorgonzola to create a rich, creamy pasta sauce. Not using rennet, it is safe to use in vegetarian dishes as well.

Gelmini Cinque Stelle Mascarpone

1. Cello Thick and Smooth Mascarpone Cheese

Cello’s Thick and Smooth Mascarpone Cheese is an award-winning cheese. Made with cow’s milk and sweet cream, this delicious cheese has a sweet taste and smooth, creamy texture. Some would also describe the texture as being buttery, while at the same time firm. Cello’s Mascarpone has won the appraisal American Cheese Society and is a silver medalist of the 2014 World Cheese Awards. You can enjoy it as a mascarpone cheese frosting in tiramisu. Or as a sweet mascarpone cheese topping over most types of fruit. And the best part? Being rindless and not using rennet in its process, it is also a great vegetarian option.

Cello Thick and Smooth Mascarpone Cheese


We hope our list of the most delicious mascarpone cheese on the market will help you discover the best product for you. You can easily find and order your favorite Mascarpone option online, or at specialized grocery shops, so start cooking! But, since mascarpone cheese is slightly sweet, you should keep in mind to pair it a good sweet wine when serving to friends and family.

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