10 Go-To Pinot Noir Wine Brands

A ruby red, dense and delicately flavored wine, the Pinot is among the most popular wines in the world. People love its richness and fresh aromas, as well as the diversity of products you can find under the name of dark Pinot. There are a variety of Pinot Noir brands you should try, from the popular ONEHOPE Edna Valley Reserve Pinot Noir, Smoking Loon Pinot Noir, or Parducci Blend Noir, to the less known French Chatel-Buis Cote Chalonnaise Pinot Noir.

Below, we list the 10 go-to Pinot Noir wines you should definitely try, according to taste and texture. Inexpensive or pricey, Noirs are so diverse that any drinker can find their favorite dry or sweet Pinot Noir brands.

10. Chehalem Ridgecrest Vineyards Pinot Noir

A good Oregon wine, produced in Willamette Valley by a family of wine lovers, this Noir has a relatively small price per bottle. This medium red, youthful wine gets its smoky taste from the aging process; 10 months of settling in French Oak barrels. It mixes fruit aromas of cherry and cranberry with strong earth flavors, being a balanced combination of sweetness and acidity. The best pairing for the Chehalem Ridgecrest Pinot Noir is fat red meat and grilled dishes.

Chehalem Ridgecrest Vineyards pinot noir

9. MacMurray Pinot Noir

MacMurray Noir is produced on the Central Coast of California from a selection of vines, and it benefits from the famous California sun. This wine from 2014 has a set of tasting notes that mix fruity aromas such as raspberry and pomegranate with a variety of spices, and the result is a soft, smooth Pinot Noir. This deep ruby wine is not among the most affordable, but it is one of the best varieties in the world.

MacMurray Estate Vineyards Pinot Noir

8. Portlandia Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

The Portlandia Willamette Valley Noir is not a cheap option, but it is a great choice for any wine lover. With an excellent rating, the Portlandia region wine pairs perfectly with lighter meat dishes, wild mushrooms, and parmesan cheese.

Portlandia Willamette Valley pinot noir

7. Smoking Loon Pinot Noir

The Smoking Loon has a brick red color and a selection of characteristic fruits and flowers Pinot Noir aromas. Produced in Chile and bottled in Napa Valley, this velvety, rich wine is soft and balanced. This product packs refreshing sweetness and soft acidity. Ideal with foods such as fish, risotto, and pizza, Smoking Loon mixes a great Pinot Noir taste and texture. You can buy this good dark and rich Pinot for only a few bucks.

Smoking Loon pinot noir

6. 2013 Barrel Sample Pinot Noir

This 2013 dark Pinot is a vintage dark red wine that has amazing ratings. Ideally paired with creamy mushroom sauce, steak with grilled veggies or figs, the Barrel Sample Pinot Noir wine is among the best American wines. The Napa County Pinot Noir is fairly expensive with a high price per bottle as it is a high-quality wine. Choose this cherry-cinnamon flavored, ruby-red Pinot and enjoy a few glasses with your friends and family.

2013 barrel sample pinot noir

5. Parducci Blend Noir Mendocino County

Regarded as a cheap alternative to the usually expensive California wines, this Pinot wine comes from a family-owned winery dedicated to high-quality products. The Parducci Pinot Noir has a rich taste of fruit and berries and an unusual hint of cedar towards the finish. It can be enjoyed along with red meat, grilled fish or soft pork.

Parducci blend pinot noir

4. Moniker Estates Mendocino County Pinot Noir

Costing a bit more, the Moniker Noir is a delicious wine harvested in 2014. Dark-hued and rich in flavors, a glass of Moniker variety packs both calories and taste. Due to its rich earth flavors and fruity finish notes, this wine pairs well with desserts, main dishes, and sides as well. You can use this luxury product for unusual food pairings, being one of the best Noirs you could find on the market.

Moniker Estates Mendocino County Pinot Noir

3. ONEHOPE Edna Valley Reserve Pinot Noir

One Hope Edna wine comes from a winery located in California, which constantly donates to the research on heart diseases. Their product is rich and savory, with notes of ripe cherries, cola and vanilla. Dry yet fruity, but also creamy, this Edna Valley Pinot improves with time. Tasting its best next to chicken or veal, this all-American variety will certainly become your favorite.

ONEHOPE Edna Valley Reserve Pinot Noir

2. Chatel-Buis Cote Chalonnaise Pinot Noir

This French Noir comes from the Bourgogne region, famous for its wineries and selected grapes. Dedicated to high-quality wines that mix taste, flavor, and texture, this winery has produced a variety of Noir that will become your favorite. A classic French product that mixes cherry, strawberry, and blackcurrant, the Chalonnaise wine is perfectly paired with pasta or pizza.

Chatel-Buis Cote Chalonnaise Pinot Noir

1. Willamette Valley Vineyards Whole Cluster Pinot Noir

This versatile Noir can be served with sushi, barbecue dishes and even as a dessert. The Whole Cluster Noir is an award-winning wine that mixes fruity aromas with light tannins. Add it to your shopping list and bring it along to your next summer party for your friends and family to enjoy! You will have to pay only a few dollars per bottle for this delicious Whole Cluster Noir wine.

Willamette Valley Vineyards pinot noir

Final Word

All wine lovers in the world can find the best Pinot Noir to pair with their favorite dish. There are cheap, affordable, as well as expensive options available, you just need to taste them and discover your favorite. Remember that a high-quality wine should not cost a fortune, but it should pack, taste, flavor, and texture in a delicious, well-balanced mix. If your budget is tighter and Pinot isn’t your thing, try some of the best cheap red wines.

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