Top 10 Shiraz Wine Varieties for Every Occasion

Shiraz wine, officially referred to by its French name Syrah, is a red, sweet, full-bodied wine variety. Originally produced in the Rhone-Alps region in France, it is currently made all over the world. Australian Shiraz wine is among the most popular at the moment, as their wines are relatively affordable.

The characteristic Shiraz wine taste includes notes of blackberry, chocolate, clove, and pepper. But, of course, it varies from product to product. The Shiraz wine has different attributes and features due to location, temperature and the type of grape used to produce it. Below, you will find a list of the best Shiraz red wine varieties available, ranked according to taste and quality.

10. Wicks Estate Adelaide Hills Shiraz

This 2013 red wine Shiraz comes from a famous winery in the Adelaide Hills of Australia. Rich dark cherry and black fruit flavors create the unique taste of this wine. Fresh and elegant, the wine is stored in French oak barrels to enrich its taste. The Wicks Estate Adelaide Hills Shiraz is among our picks for the best Shiraz wine, as it mixes fruity flavors and a full-bodied taste. This wine pairs perfectly with grilled meats and vegetables, so bring it to your next barbecue.

Wicks Estate Adelaide Hills Shiraz

9. Shingleback Black Bubbles Sparkling Shiraz

Another high-quality Australian Shiraz again, the Shingleback Black Bubbles Sparkling wine is a great choice for any dinner. The recommended Shiraz wine pairing for this product ranges from cheese platters to delicious chocolate desserts. With medium-light tannins and sweetness, this wine is ideal for any summer party or barbecue. Now that you know how to serve Shiraz wine, all you need to do is order a bottle and enjoy it with friends.

Shingleback Black Bubbles Sparkling Shiraz

8. Schild Estate Barossa Moorooroo Shiraz

This 2003 wine is a classic red Shiraz that comes from a famous Australian winery. Created to satisfy the requirements of true wine aficionados, the Moorooroo Shiraz never disappoints. Pair it with grilled vegetables and meat, or serve it as an aperitif before dinner and you will impress all your guests. Delicate fruity after notes complete this rich Shiraz, making it ideal for every occasion. Likewise, you can buy the gourmet Schild Estate Barossa Moorooroo Shiraz online.

Schild Estate Barossa Moorooroo Shiraz

7. Naked Winery Vixen Syrah

If you are looking for a more affordable Shiraz wine, the Naked Winery Vixen Syrah is your answer. For under a few dollars, you can enjoy a bottle of high-quality red wine that pairs perfectly with desserts and cheeses. If you are still wondering “Is Shiraz a red wine?” the color of this product will answer your question. Dark red and smoky with hints of blackberry and cherry, this complex wine finishes with unique notes of roasted espresso.

6. Vicente Gandia El Miracle Tempranillo/Shiraz

El Miracle is a Spanish Shiraz produced by the legendary Vicente Gandia winery established in 1885. Moreover, this remarkable product comes at a surprisingly affordable price, so you should definitely try it. Elegant and subtle, this Shiraz wine mixes a variety of aromas such as black fruit, olives, and spices. Its color is intense and dark, and its taste is well-balanced. El Miracle is a good wine for anyone who wants to experience the traditional taste of Shiraz.

Vicente Gandia El Miracle Tempranillo-Shiraz

5. Holme Estate Cellars Mount Benson Limestone Coast Shiraz

Holme Estate Cellar Mount Benson Limestone Coast Shiraz comes from South Australia, and it is a high-quality wine. Ideally served in tall glasses and paired with lamb, steak or roast beef, this Shiraz is a delicious product anyone should try. Almost purple in color and with a complex aroma of plum, blackberry, and spices, this is a favorite among wine lovers. Also rich in flavor and acidity, the Limestone Coast Shiraz is well-rounded and delicate. If you want to create your own Shiraz wine bar, don’t skip this product.

Holme Estate Cellars Mount Benson Shiraz

4. Shiraz Non-Alcohol Wine

People who don’t consume alcohol, but still want to enjoy a glass of delicious Shiraz can easily do that, too. This Shiraz Non-Alcohol wine is a great option for any party or celebration. Produced in South Africa, this non-alcoholic beverage is delicate and sweet being ideal for anyone who wants to experience the taste of Shiraz. Bring it to the next party and your friends will thank you for your choice!

Shiraz Wooded Non-Alcoholic Wine

3. Kilikanoon Killerman’s Run Shiraz

Kilikanoon Killerman’s Run Shiraz has a bright red and youthful color. Its aromas come from berry fruits, cherries, and delicate smoky oak notes. Textural and fresh, this wine contains fine-grained tannins, making it ideal for a variety of food pairings. A classic, good Shiraz wine that will impress any guests, this product pairs well with cheeses and even desserts. Its freshness and fruity aromas also work great with dark chocolate.

Kilikanoon Killerman's Run Shiraz

2. Brahms Shiraz Estate

A great South African Shiraz wine you shouldn’t miss is the Brahms Shiraz Estate from 2003. It has an impressive bouquet containing lavender, rosemary, thyme, and hints of black pepper and a mature color. The dried herbs compliment the raspberry aroma, making it ideal for any summer party. Fresh and well-balanced, we guarantee this award-winning Shiraz will become your favorite. Hence, serve it alongside lamb chops, goose or bean stew and you will experience the perfect wine food pairing.

Brahms Shiraz Estate

1. Groom Barossa Valley Shiraz Wine

Our last entry is another Australian Shiraz that mixes high-quality ingredients with the tradition of wine-making. The Groom Barossa Valley Shiraz wine is rich, well-balanced and fully flavored, being a great pair for any barbecue. Specialists recommend enjoying this wine chilled alongside your favorite beef dish to experience its full richness. Add it to your shopping cart and serve it at your next family gathering for impressive results.

Groom Barossa Valley Shiraz

Final Word

To summarize and answer all possible Shiraz-related questions, know that the Shiraz wine is a fresh, sweet red wine. As you have seen, Shiraz is produced all over the world, from Australia to South Africa, and is a top choice for wine lovers. Given these points, choose your favorite from our list and enjoy it with your friends and family. Also, enjoy it best next to a blue cheese platter or fondue. Now you know what to bring to your next summer party!

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